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\'See, I\'m not lying.\' Rosanna sent another message, \'Give me the contract to sign and get it over with.\'

She was truly used to this situation for her to be this cool-headed!

Not wanting to waste time as well, Felix quickly sent her a mind contract, entailing that she would pay 500 million for her life and they will not interact with each other in the game after.

After the Queen delivered it, Rosanna confirmed accepting the conditions and terms to the Queen, making the contract officially valid without signing with the UVR ID.

Glad to do business with you, sister Rosanna. Felix unclutched her neck, making her drop to the ground while coughing her lungs out.

Her purple face soon started to regain some of its natural colors.

After feeling a bit alright, she raised her head and glanced around her.

The sight that greeted her, didn\'t please her in the slightest, as corpses of her allies were lying around the area with a bullet-like wound on their foreheads.

You bastard! Why did you kill them! They are worth 50 million each!

Unfortunately for her, no one responded to her irked curse.

Landlord Bewildered, she looked behind her back and saw that Felix was already gone.

The moment he got 500 million out of her, she lost her worth in his eyes!

Rosanna, what are we going to do now

Out of nowhere, sand particles started to reform again in the shape of Bloodriod in front of Rosanna.

YOU USELESS PIG! The moment she noticed him, she started throwing all kinds of insults and curses, You f*cker led him to us and left me all alone against him! She asked while clenching her fists, How dare you appear now after he left!!

What do you want me to do He shrugged his shoulders with a careless attitude, He had your life in his hands, if I showed myself, I will just complicate it more. He added, If I attacked, I doubt you will live to see the end result of it.

You are still a useless pig. Although she knew that he was right, she would never admit it.

She stood up while dusting her dress.

Then, she approached the edge of the branch and lowered her head, gazing at the untouched Crown that was a hundred meters below her.

Who would have thought that her hiding spot was exactly above the Crown!

And who would have thought that Felix didn\'t leave far from her position but head even upward, reaching the tip of the tree!

\'5 minutes left before the 2nd transmission.\' Wholly camouflaged by leaves, Felix kept glancing at his bracelet then at the Crown.

\'I will make a move after it ends.\'

He already created a plan to snatch the Crown.

It might take a lot of guts and a hint of craziness to pull it off, but Felix was still going for it!

That being said, Felix didn\'t want to hold the Crown right now as 5 minutes was nowhere enough of a headstart to run away before his location start getting transmitted all over.

He wasn\'t worried about someone taking the Crown in this duration, as the game was still in its early phase.

The only player with a solid chance to get the Crown and actually survive while holding it was Rosanna due to her mega alliance\'s protection.

However, after Felix got rid of her army and ruined her plans, the game was reset back to the start!

Now that Landlord has gotten rid of the greatest threat, what\'s gonna be his next move! Meliodas pointed the camera at Felix as he wondered what was on the spectators\' minds.


9 minutes later...

The Golden Beam in the sky, which was displaying the Crown\'s location, only had 1 minute before it turned off.

The fights near the Crown stopped at once the moment the transmission started 4 minutes ago.

Now, not a single soul could be seen in the area as everyone went on hiding.

Too bad, in the eyes of Felix\'s, everyone\'s hiding spot was on full display.

So far, only 30 players or so were left behind from the previous 50.

They were all licking their wounds in utter silence, not have any thoughts of carrying on the battles.

After a short while...

The 2nd transmission has ended! Meliodas proclaimed out loud the moment the golden beam withdrew back to the Crown.

The spectators held their breaths in anticipation, ready to watch round two of the battles.

Unfortunately, no one made a move, as the silence in the forest remained unbroken.

It seems like the alliances have decided on a truce! Meliodas sighed in dejection, as he knew that probably no one was going to aim for the Crown until the last 30 minutes in the game.

Man this is so boring.

Meliodas switch the camera to other zones!


After hearing the spectators chanting so, Meliodas took a step further and split the screen into two halves, displaying in one the Crown and in the other, the teleportation circle of the volcanic zone.

After seeing that 50 players or so were split into multiple groups, camping the teleportation circle without fighting each other, Meliodas shook his head in disappointment.

In the end, Meliodas made the screen display only the Crown after showing the spectators that nothing much was happening.

Seconds gone by, then minutes, the players in the volcanic zone were waiting for the teleportation circle to deliver them the Crown Holder.

The spectators were waiting with bored expressions for any fight to occur.

The players near the Crown were waiting patiently for the last 30 minutes in the game to arrive to make a move.

Everyone was waiting and restraining themselves...Except for one.

It\'s showtime. Felix smirked faintly as he stood with his hands in his pockets at the very tip of the tree!

The raging wind kept blowing his clothes, yet it never managed to shake him even an inch.

Meliodas, who just gave Felix\'s small screen a side glance, had his entire attention stolen by Felix\'s confident smirk.

His senses tingled that Felix was about to do something extraordinary.

And MC\'s senses were rarely wrong!

He swiftly pinned the camera on him while saying with anticipation, Is Landlord going to make a move

The spectators all quietened down their chatter after seeing Felix on the screen, cracking his neck and knuckles.

Then, he took a deep breath through his mouth and....JUMPED!

Shellshocked and in utter disbelief, Meliodas and the spectators all had their eyes widened at the sight of him nosediving from three hundred meters or so with his fist extended in front of his head, bursting into any obstacle in his path towards the Crown!

Thin branches got broken! Giant leaves were torn apart! His fist got bloodied and clearly cracked, yet nothing managed to stop his descend!!

We will move 10 minutes earlier than th...


Rosanna, who was explaining her plan to Bloodriod next to her, suddenly stopped talking as the sound of the wind coming from above was too loud to miss.

What the f*ck! The instant she raised her head, she saw Felix bursting through a giant leaf and continuing his journey down below without sparing her a single glance.

Felix was wholly focused only on one target, and that was the floating Crown in the air!


The closer he got to the Crown, the clearer his path got from the obstacles, as the previous battles between the players almost destroyed the entire area, leaving only the stems of the trees and some large branches still standing proud.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50718063355555951 for visiting.

\'Almost there!\' Calm and collected, Felix opened his bloody fist with a bit of difficulty, and extended the other hand forward next to it, making him resemble a football player wanting to catch a ball.


Whoosh Cluck!!

Some players, who were staring at the Crown before, blinked for a split second, and the sight that welcomed them after, made them doubt their eyes!

Felix catching the Golden Crown with his hands while still descending down to the ground without stopping!

Just as the spectators wanted to cheer at Felix\'s astonishing play of snatching the Crown, they were suddenly reminded that Felix didn\'t have a single ability to slow his fall or protect him from the collision with the ground!

Confused, they saw him do a front flip in the air making his legs face the ground first.

They thought that he had a plan, but...THUUUD!

The booming sound of his body smashing into the ground, creating a massive shockwave, that hurled dust and dirt everywhere, left them at loss for words.

Everyone had their eyes glued at the cloud of brown dust, blocking their sight from seeing Felix\'s situation.

But, from the loud sound of the collision, they knew that he was definitely either dead or crippled!

Seconds went by in utter silence until the cloud of dust drifted in the air, exposing a humongous hole resembling an empty meteor crater.


Where did he go Before this question could take root in their minds, the players and spectators were suddenly reminded of the 5 seconds rule!!

As long as a player kept holding into the Crown for 5 seconds he would get teleported randomly in 500 meters radius!!!

Felix was falling for two seconds after catching the Crown and three more after landing on the ground!

Everything was calculated beforehand!

HOOLY SHIIT! Meliodas feminine voice was nowhere to be seen as he screamed in excitement like a burly man.

The play was too godly, his true gender took over the wheel!!


Meliodas excitement was shared by the entire stadium, as everyone was screaming at the top of their voices, using whatever gadget in their hands.

They didn\'t think for even a second that Felix was daring, ballsy, and f*cking nuts to actually jump from three hundred meters without having a single safety on him!

They always knew that his plans were always on the risky side, but this..this was the next stage of craziness!

Is it just me or did we really just lose the Crown under our noses Biohunter murmured with a hint of disbelief next to his allies, still not able to comprehend what had he just witnessed.

Alas, his allies behind him were just as shocked and aghast as he was.

They believed that no one was going to touch the Crown this early, and even if a player was stupid enough to attempt so, it was impossible to do it without being noticed by them.

After all, some of them had abilities related to vision, so invisibility and such were totally useless in this situation.

All of this without mentioning the fact that the Crown was floating hundreds of meters above the ground without anything near it since the branch that it was on before was completely snapped from the battles!

This meant anyone, who was retarded enough to make a move, would be spotted from miles away!

This increased the difficulty to snatch the Crown by tenfolds!!!

All of those obstacles made the players certain that a final battle was needed to decide who would hold the Crown.

Yet, all of those thoughts were thoroughly uprooted from their minds by Felix\'s unorthodox plan!

They were waiting but he was planning!


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