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So use them at your own risk. Not wanting to clarify what he meant, Meliodas pressed another button, and a Golden Crown, embodied with colorful gems was displayed on the screen.

This is your key to victory! Hold it until the game ends and you will be crowned as the champion. He looked at his bracelet and said, I need to go back to my bunnies, so be quick with your questions.

After receiving a confirmation to start the Q&A, the players started raising their hands above their heads.

They still had a lot of doubts about the rules.

You, the pretty boy, fire away your question. With an enthralled expression, Meliodas pointed his finger at a burly handsome man, making him tighten his ass cheeks at that invading gaze.

Cough, May I know the range of the small distance teleportation after we get hold of the Crown The Burly man asked while looking at his feet.

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Agitated, the burly men trembled after getting praised in such f*cked up manner.

However, he still didn\'t raise his head, as he listened to Meliodas answer, 500 meters in any direction.

So just pick up the Crown and try your best to survive the first 5 seconds.

No one else Disappointed, Meliodas asked after seeing that all of the men in the hall lowered their hands the moment they saw how the burly man was treated.

After seeing that only the girls had their hands in the air, Meliodas pouted and pointed at one randomly, making her ask, If the Crown holder used a teleportation circle and got teleported to the other, can he use the one he was teleported to again

Of course not! He clarified, The moment you get out of a teleportation circle it gets locked for 30 minutes.

Thank you.


Can you clarify the 11th rule in detail please

Every 15 minutes passes with Crown in your possession you earn an extra 1000 GP! Meliodas answered.

\'Oh\' Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise at hearing this, as he noticed that an extra 5 minutes increased from what he knew of.

However, the number of points also doubled.

So, he wasn\'t really complaining.


Are we allowed to mark positions inside the tunnel Labyrinth

Yes! This is not a puzzle game.

You can mark the entrance or the exit, or even share your position with others.

Do what you want.


May I know What\'s the name of this game\'s unique title, and how can we get it

I am too lazy to create one, so I will just use this. Meliodas pressed a button, displaying a specific time on the screen, and told them that anyone who could hold the Crown longer than the current known record, will get the title >Record Breaker!Whoosh! Whoosh!

Felix\'s clothes kept flailing by the raging wind of being at such a high altitude, but he didn\'t show any sign of fl.u.s.ter, as he kept looking at the rainy forest underneath him from the small openings of the grey clouds.

He lifted his head and saw that the 100 players were spread 50 above the rain forest and 50 above the volcanic zone.

Those who were near him all had different expressions clouding their faces as they kept looking underneath them.

Some were displaying signs of joy and relief at being placed in their best environment while some were frowning their eyes eyebrows in irritation for the opposite reason.

Turn up the lights! Meliodas shouted in pure delight as he pressed on a small screen, making the center of the two zones to release a towering beacon of colored light into space!

Immediately after seeing that everything was in place, Meliodas displayed the 30 seconds countdown on the large screen and requested from the spectators to do the count down after it reached ten seconds.

THREE! TWOO! ONEE!....BEGIN! Stirred and excited, everyone shouted with their hands raised above their heads!

\'Here we go again.\' Felix smirked while being pulled down by the gravity, making him feel like he was skydiving...Without a parachute of course!


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