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Welcome back!

The moment Olivia and the rest saw Felix, they dashed towards him with feverish looks, scaring Felix into taking a step back.

What\'s up with them! Felix wondered out loud a bit frightened by their overeagerness.

It\'s because they saw all of your reckless fights from the windows. The driver smiled wryly, Especially your wings.

The driver wasn\'t kidding, as everyone started barraging Felix with questions about the fights, but mainly about the Fuchsia Eagle Wings.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._50509609248546843 for visiting.

Before entering the bus, Felix completely removed them, thus even when he was asked to show them again, he couldn\'t do so.

Substances, just like potions were mostly temporarily and one time use.

Even though the duration was still far from reaching 15 minutes, the moment Felix ordered for the wings to disappear, the grey substance on his back faded away, leaving his back itching like a colony of ants was crawling all over him.

He always hated the aftermath of using temporarily beast\'s mutation substances, as they always leave a different kind of side effects.

Luckily, the Fuchsia Eagle Wings was a low-end product, making him feel itchy for a while before withdrawing.

Though, Felix could forget about using them again in the next three days if he didn\'t want that itching to turn into a full-blown burning effect, lasting for hours this time.

The applied area of the skin needed to recover from the substance\'s effects.

Otherwise, the side-effects would keep getting worse and worse.

This was just for a cheap product worth 20k SC.

Don\'t even mention real high-grade substances, which cost millions and above.

Those substances get used by the bloodliners only under one condition...That was having absolutely no way to escape or survive a fight.

This was also applied to potions used for battles.

There was nothing without limitations or weaknesses in the universe.

If those potions and substances had no side-effects, the universe would have descended into chaos by now, as any rich lord could amass an arsenal of those products and terrorizes everyone under him.

This always made Felix wonder...Were the Witches keeping those side-effects in their products to avoid that scenario from happening or simply because they couldn\'t remove them


15 minutes later, the bus finally made it to the camp while being accompanied by the last army Jeep.

The huge metallic gate of the camp was opened up slowly after the soldier on top of a tower gave the signal.

Unsurprisingly, the camp was heavily guarded by soldiers and built to resemble a humongous prison with its tall outer walls, which had barbed wires placed on top of them and tens of towers, each had two guards armed to the teeth on them.

Are we being sent to a camp or a prison Sarah was at loss for words at this sight.

Just like every junior on the bus, she believed that it was excessive for the camp to be built as a prison.

Even if it was for their protection, it was a bit too hard to stomach that they would be living inside a cage for the next two months.

However, the moment the bus entered the camp, those thoughts were completely removed from her mind, as she stared with a dumbstruck expression at a junior jumping 5 meters in the air each time his feet touched the ground.

His destination

The Wall!

It was clear to all that he was attempting to escape the camp by relying on his bloodline abilities!

\'Asna, wanna bet where he will get shot at\' Felix proposed in a lazy manner while watching the junior getting threatened by the soldiers to freeze or he would get shot.

Based on the crazed expression of the junior, it was apparent that he had no plans on stopping.

\'I say his left thigh.\' Asna yawned while covering her mouth, \'They won\'t kill him.

He is an asset after all.\'

\'Asset\' Felix smiled coldly and said, \'I say he will get shot in the head.\'


At the same time Felix said so, a bullet penetrated the junior\'s head, making him fall into the ground and lay motionless for a couple of seconds before a soldier went and checked on him.

\'The moment he decided to escape the camp, he stopped being an asset and turned into a deserter.\' Felix clarified while watching the soldiers carrying the junior\'s corpse in a rough manner, \'The commoners here aren\'t treated with special care since they were awakeners but instead, they receive the same treatment or even worse than a soldier recruit.\'

\'Oh Why so\' Asna asked in confusion.

Based on her take about the earthlings, she thought that awakeners and bloodliners should be treated with respect and worship by commoners.

Felix scoffed at her thoughts, \'In the government\'s eyes, they gave them the opportunity to awaken and the resources to carry on integrating.

This meant they own them!\'

Felix gave a piteous look at the four commoners on the bus, who started trembling the instant they entered the camp.

There is no free lunch in the world.

Anyone who wanted to awaken using the government\'s resources needs to sign a strict contract, entailing that their lives were in the government\'s hands for ten years before getting the right to decide whether to stay or leave.

During those ten years, the goverment could put them in the army, or send them to do civilian work based on their abilities.

Just like this, awakeners would be monitored and also productive in society.

After all, energy stones, the only way to recover lost energy, were mostly controlled by the goverment for now. 

If those awakeners were left to roam free without them, it was the same as not awakening in the first place.

The goverment had no plans to throw their resources like this.

Thus, in the upcoming ten years, every awakener, who signed the contract with them, could be deployed wherever they asked, and he could only obey the order or get executed on the basis of being a deserter.

In the eyes of the goverment, they were doing nothing wrong.

They helped the juniors awaken, gave them a bloodline, trained them, and even-handed them all the resources needed to continue treading on their bloodline path.

A small price of ten years from their life in the service of the country was completely justified.

Though, it seemed like some juniors didn\'t feel this way.

And the junior, who got shot in the face, was one of them.


30 minutes later, in a small room that had only the basic necessities of comfort, a bed, a closet, and a desk with a chair, Felix was sitting on a rough-looking carpet while leaning against the bed, which seemed broken from the middle.

Earlier, Felix broke it after throwing himself on it, completely forgetting that he weighed more than he appeared and that the camp\'s beds were ** compared to what he was used to sleeping on before.

Knock knock!

What He shouted while browsing for a new bed online.

Sir Felix, the instructor requested from all team members to wear their sports outfits and gather at the training field in 5 minutes. A soldier saluted in front of the door with a stoic expression.

Alright, I will be there.

After receiving a positive confirmation, the soldier went to knock on the room right next to Felix\'s one, which had Noah\'s name written on it.

He repeated exactly what he informed Felix and went to other rooms.

You see, when the bus stopped inside the camp, no one came to welcome the team or celebrate their arrival and all of that needless fanfare.

They were simply guided to a shabby looking residential area, making everyone doubt whether the camp was newly built from the ground up or they were just using an out of service prison.

Based on those fences, walls, towers, and especially, the conditions of Felix\'s room, the latter was more likely to be true.

After entering the residential area, they were told to choose an empty room and write their name on the door.

Since this was a public camp, existing for almost a year, all the good rooms were already taken by the commoners, who were currently still training here.

The only rooms left were ones with ** beds and a bad smell.

Nathan, Dale, Lexie, and Isabella swiftly got comfortable in their rooms, as they were living in almost the same ones in their state\'s camp.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team were not adapting well, as they were used to luxury life.

Especially the girls, as Amelia vomited in her room the moment her nose picked its nasty smell.

Sadly for her, there was no servant to clean up after her mess, as she was forced to dirty her hands by herself with a disgusted expression.

It was apparent, that they were given those 30 minutes in order to make them understand that in this camp, there were no elders, no family, no servants, and nothing resembling their luxury life from before.

They were going to live in this **hole with the commoners for two months until a team worthy of representing the country gets born!

Whether they like it or not.

\'Sigh, hopefully, they accept deliveries here.

I can\'t sleep on the floor for two months.\'

Annoyed, Felix scratched his chin while walking downstairs, planning to head towards the training field.


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