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Good Morning America, and welcome to the finals of the National Team Battle! The stream MC\'s voice resounded on possibly every screen in America, whether indoor or outdoor like the ones in downtown New York.

The entire country stopped working just to spectate the final battle.

Though, it wasn\'t just them who were tuning in as the entire world was currently watching as well.

Meanwhile, the screens were showing the two finalists teams facing each other in the arena.

They only had two meters between them as they kept staring at each other\'s eyes.

The cameraman zoomed on their faces and saw that the majority of the Hiltons were giving off nasty glares at Felix.

Even the spectators knew that something was up between those two teams.

Meanwhile, Felix had an indifferent expression as he kept bathing in those glares.

Please shake hands and go back to your side of the arena. The Host, who was standing near them requested politely.

Too bad, the moment the two teams heard the 2nd part, they turned around and walked away.

Shake hands What a joke, they were holding themselves from continuing where they left yesterday.

The elders of both families, who were sitting together in one big VIP room with Mr.

Jones, the governor, and lastly the president of the US, felt a bit embarrassed by the strange looks they were receiving from those heavyweight authoritative.

If they didn\'t almost enter that huge brawl in the parking lot, the juniors might have shaken hands like gentlemen instead of showing such bad manners before the president.

Though, no one spoke in the room or mentioned what happened, as they simply kept watching and listening to the host glorifying this battle.


Do you really not need our help Olivia asked with a worried expression.

No. Felix pointed his finger at the edge of the arena and said, Go chill for a bit, the battle will end in a jiffy.

Although he said so, none of his teammates moved from their position, except for Noah, who nodded his head and went to sit where Felix was pointing at.

Speechless, the rest of the team looked at him, not knowing if he was simply that confident in Felix\'s strength to carry out what he told them yesterday or he simply was disinterested in arguing with Felix.

Alright go away, the battle is going to start soon. Felix cracked his neck with one hand while waving the other at them.

Olivia and the rest shared eye contact for a second before sighing and following after Noah\'s lead sitting right next to him.

They didn\'t want to leave the arena, so if Felix was in a pinch, they would provide an instant backup.

Sigh, I have no idea why did he get worked up after hearing what elder Charlotte said. Sarah looked at Felix\'s back and asked, Did he told any of you

Everyone shook their heads, except for Olivia who raised her hand and said, He told me yesterday to not head outside without having bodyguards. She tilted her head, He didn\'t explain why, but he was pretty serious in his warning.

The rest all had solemn expression after hearing so.

They knew that Felix cared for Olivia and treated her as almost his little sister.

Thus, if he was worried about her safety while outside, they should also be worried about theirs.

While they were talking about matters totally unrelated to the finals, the viewers, authoritative figures, the elders, and finally the Hiltons were all looking at them with dismayed expressions, not knowing how to react to their Battle Formation.

Felix was standing all alone with his hands in his jacket\'s pockets while the rest of his team were chilling behind him and chatting freely like they were in a public garden.

Sir Robert, mind explaining to me what your grandson is up to The white-bearded Hilton Elder asked with clear intention to embarrass the Maxwells before the president.

I am also curious. The president said, smiling.

Haha, as much as I want to tell you, I don\'t want to spoil the fun. Robert laughed with drops of cold sweat covering his back.

He just like everyone in the room had absolutely no idea what Felix was up to!

Is that so. The Hilton elder merely scoffed and didn\'t mention it anymore.

The countdown was about to reach zero, marking the start of the battle.

The elder knew that there was no better slap to Robert\'s confidence than watching with his own eyes how his juniors cripple Felix or hopefully even kill him.


Unfortunately for him, the moment the battle started, the Hilton juniors didn\'t rush at Felix as he expected but stood in their positions doing nothing but glare at Felix.

\'Not coming Fine by me.\'

Nonchalant by their lack of drive, Felix walked towards them step by step with an unhurried pace. If they didn\'t come at him, he had no issues going to them.

He is really coming! Janna exclaimed in disbelief.

Told you so. Adam smiled and ordered, Activate your abilities and hold your positions.

The moment he reaches 15 meters bombarded him with everything! He reminded them, Don\'t forget to hold your breaths after he creates those bombs.


Thrilled at the idea of venting their fury at Felix, everyone activated their abilities and held them either in their hands or made them hover above their heads.

Since the Hiltons were known for having the largest number of rangers, exceeding seven, the abilities created were really a spectacular sight.

Wooden spears, Lightingballs, Water bullets, Wind blades, and many more colorful abilities.

After seeing that everyone was ready, Adam called softly, HellFire Salvo.


Abruptly, the spectators went wild after seeing again a rain of molten rocks start to manifest 5 meters above his head.

The rocks were rugged and had the size of a basketball.

In addition to the lava that was dripping from them, they couldn\'t appear any deadlier.

This ability was solely responsible for sending at max 8 participants into the stadium\'s clinic with 2nd to 3rd degrees burn!

Yet, Felix didn\'t even glance at those molten rocks, he merely kept walking without even pulling his hands from his pocket.

The viewers had no idea what he was up to.

Before, they assumed that he was going to create those bombs and throw them with that inhuman speed he showed in the previous battles.

However, it seemed from his expression he had no intention of stopping and doing so.

He is already about to reach the 20-meters range, the perfect range to hurl his bombs and also have enough distance to see the incoming abilities. The Stream MC said in confusion, Yet still no bomb was created.


Indifferent, Felix removed one hand from his pocket yet he was still neither stopping nor activating an ability.

He just smiled at the murderous looks the Hiltons were giving him and the colorful salvo of abilities aiming in his direction.

Unfortunately for the Hiltons, they never had the chance to use their abilities, as the moment Felix\'s foot was placed down on the 15 meters mark, he snapped his finger with that faint smile still affixed on his lips.


Simoltunasouly, ten massive bloodish red Pillars erupted under the feet of each member of the Hiltons! The Pillars were spherical and thick, reaching 5 meters in height!

If it wasn\'t for the misty waves, which were being emitted at the top, they would resemble solid red pillars made of concrete!!

Felix put his hand back in his jacket pocket and continued walking unhurriedly towards the Hiltons, who were completely encased within the Pillars, not appearing visible to anyone.

The instant he reached before them, he blinked at the Pillars once and they were turned into drifting red particles.

The spectators, who were watching the entire sequence of Felix\'s action in absolute disbelief and shock, felt a sudden chill coursing through their skin as they saw the members of the Hiltons all lying on the ground absolutely motionless.

Too bad, Felix wasn\'t done yet, as he lifted his leg before a Hilton and kicked him right in the stomach, hurling him akin to a cannonball outside of the arena!!


His body was smashed into one of the metal barriers, which were being used to block the spectators from reaching the arena.


Before a drop of blood managed to leak outside of his lips, another body landed right next to him.

Then another and another...until only Adam and the four commoners were left in the arena.

Felix stood before Adam and gave a slight grin.


He kicked \'Mr.

Pefect\' in his stomach harder than the rest, making him fly beyond the metal barriers and land right next to some of the cameramen.

Whoosh! THUD!

Still not over, Adam rolled three times on the ground due to the momentum before colliding with an Ad-board.

His body was packed with scratches yet the greatest damage done was to his organs, as the flood of blood that was streaking down his chin was an obvious sign.

This was just from Felix using 30% of his physical strength! If he went all out, Adam\'s stomach would have exploded immediately after contact.

Yet throughout all of this neither Adam nor the other kicked members of Hiltons managed to wake up or even groan in pain.

They appeared as dead as a log.

This was the doing of the hypotension inducement! It reduced the blood pressure of the Hiltons to the bare minimum, making the brain not receive enough blood.

When that happens, fainting was the only outcome!

Felix saved this inducement for his real-life battles, as he didn\'t want all of the five inducements he was planning to show in real life to have a connection with Landlord.

\'Nice Kick!\' Asna cheered out loud.

Satisfied, Felix dusted his hands and turned around heading back to his teammates, who were gaping at him with their jaw-slacked.

Unfortunately for Felix, it wasn\'t just them who were giving him those looks, as every person in the world, who tuned in to watch, was staring at his face like he was a beast wearing human skin.

His violet serpent-like eyes weren\'t making their assumption any better.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50326937846995517 for visiting.

As for the live audience No one spoke or even breathed out loud since the moment Felix snapped his finger.

Pitter, Patter...

Their deafening silence made Felix\'s footsteps resound thunderously in the arena for a second before it was broken by a pained groan, coming out of Adam\'s mouth.


Just like a small sparkle lighting up the fuse of a TNT box, the silent stadium was lifted up its feet by everyone\'s intense reaction akin to waking up a dormant dragon.




Exhilarate and stirred, Everyone was jumping from the seats while screaming at the top of their voices like they were just injected with 5 doses of energy drinks.

The sight resembled hell breaking loose with people pushing and pulling each other clothes with flushed cheeks.

If the spectators weren\'t sitting higher than the arena by 10 meters or so, they would have already jumped down and stormed the arena to vent their excessive adrenaline!

*Poison Pillars*, the 3rd active ability that Felix unlocked after reaching greater purity combined with Hypotension inducement sure made everyone lose their **!

But who could blame them

They were expecting either Felix to threw his bombs and back off to his teammates after not managing to handle the salvo of abilities.

Yet, who would have known that a mere single finger snap was all it took to end the grand final, which was being hyped by every news platform

The god damn country stopped working to watch this battle.

The president himself came to spectate it live even though his schedule couldn\'t spare him a single minute.

Yet all of this fanfare ended by a single finger snap...This wasn\'t a battle nor a fight.

It was pure bullying on National TV!!!


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