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Nicely done Johnson. After reaching their resting area, Felix patted Johnson\'s shoulder with a satisfied smile.

Thank you, captain. Johnson gave Felix a polite smile as he sat on the bench sweating all over.

His jacket could be seen wet and sticking to his skin.

It was apparent that he worked his ass off to create that massive wall of fog and also sustain it.

If Felix had to guess johnson\'s current energy tank level, it would definitely be below 5%.

If Johnson puffed out any more fog using his *Fog Breath* ability, he would have passed out on the arena!


After a few minutes, Felix was lying on the bench with a hand supporting his head, wearing a new set of clothes.

Since his pants were torn slightly as well, he had to change at the backroom in their resting area.

Felix, are you planning to watch Olivia asked.

Yea, the battle will probably not take 5 minutes, and I am too lazy to drive back to the hotel. Felix yawned as he replied.

Oh Is it because of the Hilton\'s captain bloodline She trembled a bit after recalling yesterday\'s battle, His element and bloodline are truly too destructive.

Well, what did you expect from a magma Elementalist

I honestly don\'t wanna end up battling him.

Everyone who heard her shimmed in with worried expressions.

All of them stayed yesterday and saw how the Hiltons absolutely destroyed their opponents.

What scared them the most was Adam\'s destructive abilities.

Two players were taken yesterday on a stretcher completely scorched black! Though they would be alright later on, the sight of them burning was imprinted in the Maxwells\' minds, and they honestly wanted to void the same happening to them.

As long as we have Felix, I doubt we will get a single strand burnt off.


Suddenly everyone quietened down as they heard Sarah\'s voice coming behind them.

They turned their heads and saw her looking at Felix with a gentle smile.

Sarah! Where did they take you! Delighted, Olivia immediately jumped from the bench and hugged Sarah.

Nothing serious, just for a quick checkup. Sarah answered as she hugged Olivia back.

You really missed a lot after you left. Olivia giggled and said while pointing her finger at Kenny, Felix went for it and threw Kenny at that prick, forcing him to fall down as well.

He did I need to catch the replay later. Sarah\'s eyes brightened up after hearing so.

She was really holding a grudge after getting thrown in the air like that.

If it wasn\'t for Felix, she would have probably broken most of her bones after the fall.

Thus, she was extremely grateful for Felix\'s timely save.

Thank you brother Felix for your help earlier. Without fanfare, she bowed her head slightly in appreciation.

Don\'t mention it.

Just don\'t lose focus again during a fight. Felix advised her with his trademark easy-going smile.

I will keep your words at hea...

Will the last semi-finalist teams step into the arena please! The host requested exactly ten minutes after the ad period finished, interrupting Sarah.

Alright go take a seat, you are blocking my sight. Felix said while waving his free hand at her.

Sarah bowed her head one last time before going to sit in her seat with Olivia.

She neither blushed at Felix nor felt any fluffy feeling after getting saved like that.

At the end of the day, they were cousins! They might be distant cousins, branching away far in the family tree, but they were still blood-related.

Sarah like any normal person definitely felt no attraction to Felix who was a part of her family.


Adaaaam!!....Janna, I love you!...

The moment the Hilton team climbed the arena, deafening cheers erupted in the stadium!

The team wasn\'t the one being cheered for but the captain Adam and the vice-captain Janna.

Their popularity didn\'t come from their battles at all, as those two were social media celebrities with millions of followers on all of the platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...etc.

Especially Adam, who was being labeled on the internet as the perfect man! He was handsome, intelligent, confident, polite, humble and the list goes on and on.

Thank you...Thank you.

Adam and Janna both displayed their most charming smiles to the camera as they waved their hands to their fans.

Here he is! Adam, the first heir of the Hiltons, Mr.

Perfect man! The strongest bloodliner in the USA, the Magma Elementalist! The only holder of an epic bloodline in the entire USA! The stream MC kept firing off one title after the other, informing and hyping the viewers at home.

Meanwhile, Felix only gave a nostalgic look at how hyped the stadium got after Adam\'s foot stepped on it.

In his previous life, he envied what Adam\'s had, and especially the love he was receiving from all around the world.

But now, he merely gave him two seconds of his interest before switching his sight to the Vanderbilt team, looking at their tall blue-haired captain.

Oh Only after his eyes landed on her did he remember her somewhat.

She was a supportive water Elementalist, who specialize in shielding her teammates.

Since the majority of formations revolved around the captain, it seemed like their formation was going to be defensive-oriented.

Just like he expected, her team immediately stood in a tight defensive formation, putting her and three other bloodliners in the middle of a circle made out of 6 front-liners, who either carrying metallic shields and swords or nothing at all.

Get into your positions. After seeing that the Vanderbilts were already ready to battle, Adam stopped caring about the audience and focused on the battle before him.

Janna and the rest of the team all heeded his order, as they surprisingly stood in one horizontal line, leaving only two members behind them.

Oh So they are planning to rush them out Felix mumbled to himself as he saw their extreme offensive formation.

He knew about Adam\'s bloodline and its abilities.

However, he had no idea about the rest.

But after seeing their formation, he knew that most of them were all rangers!

This meant this battle was going to be an extreme offense against extreme defense!

Sadly, playing defense isn\'t the correct choice here. He yawned, This might end even faster than I thought.


15 minutes later, in the parking lot belonging to the participants and the VIP spectators, Felix was leaning on one of the family\'s cars while reading the daily empire news on an invisible hologram.

The rest were either sitting inside the cars or chilling outside like Felix.

As he anticipated, the Hiltons demolished the Vanderbilt in merely 3 minutes.

Four front-liners ended up on the ground with burnt flesh forcing the captain to surrender in order to send a medic team in and heal them up.

After the Hiltons were proclaimed as winners, Felix and the rest left the stadium, not interesting in hearing the host hyping up the final that was about to be held tomorrow morning.

At present, they were waiting for the elders to join them in order to head back to the hotel.


After hearing the elevator opening sound, the Maxwells all turned their heads, expecting to see the elders stepping out.

Unfortunately, their expression couldn\'t help but harden after seeing that the one who stepped out were the Hiltons!

Good afternoon. Adams nodded his head politely towards them.

Though, he was the only one who bothered to greet them as the rest of his team were all giving the Maxwells\' condescending gazes.

In their eyes, the Maxwells were even weaker than the team they just destroyed since the Vanderbilt was known for having the best defense in the tournament.

This meant, the finals tomorrow were already in the bag! That\'s what they believed...No, certain of!

Good afternoon to you as well! Olivia being herself, would never leave a greeting hanging.

The rest though just gave Adam a slight head nod and stopped focusing on them.

Throughout all of this, Felix still had his head buried in his hologram, not showing a single hint of interest towards the Hiltons.

This rubbed some of them in the wrong way, as their captain was humble enough to greet them first, the least thing Felix could have done was greet him back respectfully.

What an arrogant prick. Janna scoffed while turning around, Let\'s go, no need to waste our time on them.

Good luck tomorrow. Adam gave one last charming smile before following after Janna.


The moment Adam turned his back, two elevators opened up at once. The Hiltons and the Maxwells both glanced in the direction of the elevators, and what they saw made them gulp a mouthful.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._50212682606894726 for visiting.

The Maxwell\'s Elders and The Hilton\'s Elders, both stepping outside from each elevator!

The juniors knew that a battle was going to start raging immediately after they make eye contact.

Too bad, what they didn\'t see coming was that both of the elders already met before they stepped into the elevators!!

I can\'t fathom how can you possibly believe that your juniors are any better than ours. A white-bearded elder scoffed while looking at Abraham.

Heh, your juniors might have won all of their battles in a swift manner, but they already exposed all of their abilities. Abraham pointed his finger at Felix, who didn\'t bother to lift his head, and bragged, Our team\'s captain wasn\'t even pressured to use his 2nd ability! The battles were too easy he weaved through them using only his brain and passive! So how can you compare him to Adam, who was simply relying on his bloodline rank to overpower his opponents He asked with a smug smile.

What a joke! If he had the strength to do the same, he wouldn\'t have bothered to create plans and strategies! He could have just smashed into everyone with his strength and got it over with. The Hilton elder sneered, You might have gotten lucky with 9 awakeners, but none of them could amount to Adam\'s finger even if you combined them.

You mean Adam, who you sold an awakener to get him an epic rank bloodline Charlotte interjected in the middle of their argument with a shocking Intel that sent shivers at the back of everyone who heard her.

\'Uhmmm\' Felix\'s finger that was scrolling down the news froze at what Charlotte just said.


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