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Hahaha! Asna I gotta say, suddenly you seem more beautiful and charming.\' Felix\'s elated laugh resounded in her ear.

Yet, she totally ignored his delight and focused on what he said.

You ungrateful prick, I\'m always beautiful.

You hear me! Always! She yelled.

Sadly for her, Felix stopped responding the moment he received the answer he wanted to hear.

He didn\'t want to use the 4th passive without knowing how much energy he had, since this ability depends indirectly on the amount.

Now that he received a more than positive response, he immediately started treating himself.

His consciousness was truly on the verge of collapse, and he must bring his body to shape again if he wanted to stop the collapse from getting any worse.

\'Corruption Aura activate!\'

The moment he gave the order, the sudden pitch-black sphere that made everyone wonder about its origin, was forced out of his burnt skin, spreading and engulfing anything in its path, even Spirit Visage.

\'Poison Revitalization!\'

Felix soon followed with another order, activating this time the 4th passive he unlocked! This ability allowed him to revitalize his body based on the potency of the poison he absorbed.

The higher the potency the faster and remarkable the healing would be.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_49469439053188563 for visiting.

He never planned on using this passive in this game for two reasons.

One he was confident that not a single player could harm him that bad to make him use it.

(AN: Good job, gotta love a c.o.c.ky MC get put in his place.)

Two, he already showed three passives to the public!

Super strength, Poison Immunity, and finally ultra infrared vision.

Him using four passives would raise some red flags in everyone\'s heads.

However, Felix wasn\'t bothered about it anymore, as he had in mind a way to bypass their suspicion.

For now, his only focus was to treat his body back in form.

The pitch-black sphere started to rush inside Felix\'s body in a rotating manner.

Felix kept releasing his aura at the same time that his body was absorbing the released poison.

This made the sphere to keep revolving constantly.

\'Ah, I am feeling again! I am feeling agai.

AHH, SHIT!! I AM FEELING AGAIN!\' He screamed in his mind, feeling waves of pain assaulting every inch of his body.

The slight itch he felt at the start transferred into full-blown torture.

He totally forgot, or probably didn\'t know that the reason he didn\'t feel pain during the explosion was that his nerve endings were thoroughly burnt off!

He already surpassed the third-degree burn and reached the Fourth-degree.

After all, all layers of his skin, as well as his bones, muscles, and tendons were all affected.

But now that his body was in the process of revitalizing, those nerve endings began to heal up earlier than his torn limbs and burnt flesh.

The black mist kept entering his body and leaving yet again.

Each time it happened, his black skin cracked, leaving long fissures on his body.

Those fissures kept on growing longer and wider, spreading and connecting with each other until they no longer could.

Crash, Crash!

Suddenly, pieces of the hardened black skin started to fall off one by one, exposing a smooth unblemished pale skin underneath.

Felix\'s face and chest were the first to be unveiled.

His face was still in the process of reconstruction.

On the other hand, his chest only had a few red scorched spots on it, that were also getting removed rapidly.

Throughout all of this, Felix\'s shrieks and Asna\'s long lost sadistic laughs never stopped resounding for even a second.

Only now did Felix realize how f*cked up Wally truly was to actually voluntarily expose himself to getting burnt like this for over two hours or so.

If before, he respected him, now his respect was increased tenfolds.

\'Argh!! Not the limbs!!\'

\'Yes! The limbs!!\'



\'Argh! Shut up!!\'


Asna kept making fun of him while laughing without a single ounce of sympathy.

His screams were like melodies in her ears.

Especially after all of his limbs started the revitalization process at the same time.

His shrieks couldn\'t get any better.

The leg that was still attached was the easiest to recover, while the other three started to regrow again from the bud.

Dirty blood was expelled from the wounds before getting replaced with a new one.

The regrowing process gave him an agony far surpassing what he experienced during his integration phases.

Thankfully, it didn\'t take long before all of his limbs were back in shape again.

After so, the black mist absorption speed slowed down gradually as the revitalizing process was almost over.

The only bits left were scorched marks that were being rapidly treated as well.

\'Tsk that wasn\'t long at all.\'

Displeased by how fast it all went, Asna clicked her tongue and lay on the bed again, getting into her favorite comfortable position.

The consciousness stopped collapsing the moment Felix began treating himself up by using that passive.

The revitalizing process didn\'t take even ten seconds before Felix\'s body was back to peak form again like he was never attacked during the entire game!

It was this fast and effective only because Felix used one of his strongest merged inducement he created before, instead of using just one inducement.

He called it Corruption Inducement, as it was created by a fusion of 20 inducements all at once.

swelling, headache, paralysis, decay, stiffness, motion sickness, rotting, molding, corrosion, and many more.

Felix even threw in rotting and molding inducements that affected plant-based living beings and merged it with the rest to enhance the corruption.

This combination gave birth to inducement that could affect the bloodliner mentality, physical movement, to finally finish it off with enhanced corrosion, that could turn anyone into decayed black particles in a mere second by touch or whiff!

There was absolutely no counter to this inducement.

The moment one was exposed to it, he would certainly meet his doom!

Felix wasn\'t able to use this combination or any combination he created in the training center due to his unreliable energy.

He could only keep it active for only 6 seconds before he ran out of gas.

Thus, he could only sign in disappointment and continue using one inducement by one.

The primogenitor bloodline was strong alright, but he must be strong as well to be worthy of using to its full potential.

His energy was always his first block.

However, now that Asna provided him with energy that was 5 times more potent than he ever had, it wasn\'t a problem anymore to use it!

At this point, he was rearing to wield it on anyone or anything before his energy gives in again.

His closed tight eyes started to unseal themself gently.

His eyelashes kept quivering, as his eyelids opened up, exposing his violet irises and thin slits.

The darkness mask hid them from the eyes of the spectators, who just used their omnipotent vision and saw him laying nude on the floor with fingers flinching from time to time.

They didn\'t see his revitalizing process as it finished immediately after they snapped from their shock before.

However, his clean-looking skin that had not a single scorched mark, was enough to let them understand that Felix was anything but dead.

How did he do it They could only wait for the replay to find out.

As for now

They just kept staring at him with bulging eyes, trying his best to stand up, not caring one bit about his exposed ass and censored genitals.

They also weren\'t even paying attention to such an unsavory image, as their eyes were frozen on his face that had a slight smirk, as he gazed above his head.

They lifted their eyes and saw that he was gazing at Spirit Visage.

Landlord is..is..is...not DEAAAAD!!!

Their engrossment was broken by a sudden shocked female scream.



Their shouts resounded in the stadium, making everyone who heard them question their mentality.

However, after Zoe removed the pitch-black sphere that was hiding Felix, everyone was shocked silly by him standing fully nude while gazing at Spirit Visage.

Landlord has risen from the dead without a single wound on his body!! How did he do it!!

Thrilled and beyond excited, Zoe kept on yelling with her mouth so close to the mic, her lips were touching it.

Yet, she wasn\'t even bothered, as the only thing that was in her focal point was Felix and only Felix.

Electrified by Zoe\'s voice, Leader Emma and Markus opened up their disbelieving eyes.

They didn\'t dare to believe it.

But, the sight of him stretching his joints like he just woke up from a 24h sleep was too real.

He is back! They thought to themselves.

Markus immediately pressed on his AP bracelet and projected his note hologram again.

He carried on typing from where he left with never seen fervor.

He was not wasting doc.u.menting this glorious moment.

Leader Emma made her move as well by sending messages in her club chatroom, ordering everyone in the stadium to make as much noise as possible.

Their club, her club was not dead yet! Not now and not in the near future!


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