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15 minutes before the game ends...

\'I can\'t believe she actually cheated on him! What a b*tch.\'

\'Screw you! What do you know! He clearly wasn\'t treating her properly, it was only natural that she takes revenge somehow.\'

\'Pffff!! I never saw a wife cheat on her husband because he refused to take her shopping three times a week.\' Felix laughed, \'I didn\'t think your taste in drama would be this **ty Asna.\'

\'FELIX! Stop badmouthing my dramas already! Otherwise, I will cut all ties with you!\' She yelled at him with flushed cheeks, finally not able to handle his nitpicking.

The bastard asked her to pick a drama to watch from the collection he downloaded before entering the game.

He promised her that no matter what she picked, they would continue watching it together even after the game end.

Yet now, he was trash-talking the plot during the very first episode.

How could she continue enjoying her watch when he kept laying those negative remarks every god damn minute

Yea, yea, whatever.\'

Utterly bored, Felix waved his hand dismissively while sitting on the top of the golden chest.

It stopped glimmering brightly immediately after he opened it up 45 minutes ago.

Felix stopped watching the drama for a second and glanced at the time in his AP bracelet with an odd look.

This was already the 5th time he saw the time, and every time, he couldn\'t understand why the game was still carrying on.

He knew that it was nigh impossible that no one actually managed to locate the exit even after 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Even adding the 4th shuffle that happened 15 minutes earlier, still, it didn\'t make sense to him.

Those players, who didn\'t participate in the wager with them might not be as good as the hardcore players, but Felix was confident that at least one of them should have lucked out on the exit by now.

He wasn\'t really complaining or anything.

In fact, he wanted nothing more but for the players to not find out the exit in the next 15 minutes to help him get the win as well.

It just that he found it a bit odd that\'s all.

\'Did goddess luck finally notice me\' He mused in a good mood, \'It was about time I get showered with some luck.\'Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_49240850693154138 for visiting.

Why wouldn\'t he be His wound was completely closed by blood clotting.

His total GP had already reached a whopping 9200, without even calculating the points of the 9 players in the wager.

Now, he even had a slight chance of winning the game His mood was beyond terrific.

This game was truly one of the best ones he had, even adding the tens of games he played in his previous life.

\'I can finally join the Ivy Leagu...\'


Subconsciously, Felix jerked himself backward, dropping from the chest in an unsightly manner.

However, he didn\'t care about how his dodge turned out, he was just glad he dodged successfully.

Wait, why did I have dodge He thought to himself.


The sound of the chest getting blasted answered his question.

Yet, even after he heard the sound, Felix was still confused, because he didn\'t see what caused such a loud noise!

He might have been deep in his thoughts, but his guard was always raised to the limit.

He never trusted this false sense of safety.

This made things even weirder! His eyes actually failed to see the upcoming attack! If Asna didn\'t warn him on time, he would have probably got blasted instead of the chest.

What the f*ck is going on He cursed under his breath while peeking with one eye from behind the chest.

The area ahead of him was still empty without any sight of the enemy.

He activated his ultra infrared vision, hoping to spot the f*cker who wanted to mess with him.

Look and Behold.

His red shimmering eyes showed him four humanoid red auras standing 20 meters away from him, another one 40 meters to his left, and finally, three hazy auras at 60 meters, one lying on the ground while the other two were standing next to it, like bodyguards.

Totally freaked out, he gulped a mouthful at this sudden assault.

A freaking 8 players were so close to him, yet he didn\'t have a single clue!

If his mental energy wasn\'t on the verge of exhaustion, he could have afforded to activate his infrared vision once in a while and saw those players sneaking up on him like this.

Too bad, he couldn\'t even keep active for a couple of seconds before his head started to ache.

He immediately turned it off, making him narrow his eyes in dread at the empty area in front of him.

He knew that his situation was dire.

How was he supposed to fight invisible enemies, who throw invisible attacks

\'Asna, mind telling me what are you seeing\' He requested.

\'What do you mean There are clearly five players in front of you.

Heck, the guy with the glasses from before was the one who attacked you.\' She asked in bewilderment, \'Can\'t you see any of this\'

\'No, nothing appears in my eyesight.

Describe them to me and make it short.\' He gritted his teeth, \'I have a few guesses of what\'s going on.\'

\'No wonder you didn\'t dodge.

I thought you weren\'t paying attention.\' Asna stood up from her lying position on the bed with a serious expression.

It wasn\'t the time to act playful.

She knew that Felix wasn\'t in his optimal form to fight two players, don\'t even mention a team made of five.

Thus, instead of describing the players as he asked her, she took a step further, and straightaway read his memories.

It didn\'t even take her a split second before figuring out their names.

\'Solar Mist, Pure Muscle, Spirit Visage, and two random players, who weren\'t part of the wager with you.\' She informed him.

\'Sure enough, this was Spirit Visage\'s doing.\' Felix said.

\'Careful, it seems like the stuck-up prick with glasses on is going to attack you again.\' Asna suddenly warned him.

\'Asna you be my eyes from now on, tell me everything that will endanger my life.\' Felix requested while taking cover behind the chest.

Thank god, he never left his position.

Otherwise, if he was ambushed like this during his walk, things might not turn out as pretty.

The chest was large and indestructible.

As long as he remained behind it, he would have a good shield.

\'Careful they stopped at ten meters.

It seemed like they are not going to continue walking.\' She warned.

\'Heh, it\'s because they don\'t dare to.\' Felix sneered while snapping his finger, creating one acid bomb in his hand.

His energy might be on the border of exhaustion, but they didn\'t know that.

Felix wasn\'t going to show them any form of weakness, lest they drop all pretense and jump on him together.

Their lack of information about his energy level and wariness from his poison aura made them act this cautiously.

The only player Felix was truly worried about was Spirit Visage.

Based on what he read on Spirit Visage\'s current known information, he was an illusion element user, who was in possession of an epic tier 2 Ethereal Sorrow fiend bloodline!

Although his element clearly was a rare grade, like time, space, life, and such, it didn\'t mean that beasts with illusion elements were all extinct.

In fact, from tier 1 to tier 4 there were quite a few beasts\' bloodlines to pick.

They might be rare and expensive as hell, but they could still be bought.

However, from tier 5 , there was absolutely not a single illusion beast found to this date.

No one knows if their illusive abilities made it impossible for humans to find them, or they simply didn\'t exist in the first place.

This meant for poor Spirit Visage, his bloodline path was blocked at stage 3 of replacement.

Unless he had a secondary element or managed to obtain the elemental potion.

Felix who had the same element knew all of this as well.

Hence, his reason why he never bothered to enhance his illusion affinity.

After all, why would he do so, when the only bloodlines that were in the market were absolute trash Felix would be a fool if he ever thought of replacing the Jörmungandr bloodline with such garbage bloodlines.

That being said, the Ethereal Sorrow Fiend bloodline truly had some wicked abilities.

Such as, the one that Spirit Visage was currently using to hide his party from Felix\'s eyesight.

Eyesight Perception Blockage. Felix mumbled the name softly.

When he failed to see Solar Mist\'s party and the upcoming attack, while Asna was able to easily, he quickly figured out what happened to him.

He knew that this ability made his eyes unable to see anything except for the background.

In other words, Solar Mist\'s party could throw any ability they wanted without worrying about Felix seeing it and defending against it.

The perfect ability for ambushing!

Still, like any other ability, there was always a type of limitation and weakness to balance it out.

Felix knew exactly what to do in order to get himself out of its effect!

Hey guys! It\'s great to see you again. Felix suddenly stood up with his hands inside of his pockets and said sarcastically, I never thought your greeting would be in such a welcoming fashion.


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