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He turned off his infrared vision as it was merely showing a red halo around the beast, and not its true shape.

Immediately after turning it off, he couldn\'t help but laugh at the sight before him.

Zoe who learned her lesson of keeping Felix\'s movement in her plain sight at all times heard his out-of-place laugh from his small screen.

However, before she could even lay her eyes on him, that laugh turned into a joyful out-loud laugh, then a deranged laugh accompanied by coughs.

Now she was truly bewildered and curious about what was going on for him to react like that.

She never assumed before that Felix, who never showed an ounce of mercy to anyone would have such a human-like laugh.

Zoe, stop bothering about the happening near the exit and put her entire focus on Felix.

\'What the hell!\'

Speechless, she saw him laughing while pointing his finger at a gigantic pitch-black spider with hundreds of red shimmering eyes all over its body, twenty long hairy legs, and spherical oversized abdomen.

She had no idea what he saw funny about the Trypo Mother Spider.

A legendary tier 2 beast that was known for its fluid control over silk, all-seeing eyes, and especially its deadly venom that could kill 2nd stage bloodliners with a single whiff!

The only plausible reason that came up in her mind, was that Felix thought it was funny for silver ranked game to have such a monstrosity within it.

After all, she understood pretty clearly that no one was going to slay this beast or any other legendary beasts inside the maze.

Not even Felix!

An origin purity bloodliner slaying a legendary tier 2 beast

Anyone who had such a foolish idea in his mind must visit a therapist to check on his mental health!

What a joke!

The Trypo Spider needed at least a team of ten peak 1st stage bloodliners with abilities that counter its element, just to have a fair chance to slay it.

Thus, for Felix who was all by himself against it, Zoe never entertained the idea that he would fight it.

She always believed that he was going to retreat the moment his eyes laid on the Mother Spider.

That\'s why, she never bothered to speak or mention the scroll he found, even though she knew of its content.

There was no need to expose him or embarrass him in public, as there was nothing to ashamed of in his situation.

The beast simply surpassed the strength bar in this game by a mile.

Too bad for her, things just got weirder after she heard him say, So f.u.c.k.i.n.g lucky!

What the hell is he thinking about She murmured under her breath while swiping her finger on his small screen, planning to switch the camera focus from the ongoing happening near the exit to him.


\'How could you be so lucky!\'

Surprised, Asna raised an eyebrow slightly at the sight of the Mother Spider hung upside down with its legs attached to a silky string, coming from its rear.

\'Hehe, must be good karma for sparing those players on the way.\' Felix wiped his tears from laughing that hard and smiled smugly, \'How could a good-natured person like me, not be favored by the goddess of luck\'

\'Tsk,\' she clicked her tongue irritatedly and said, \'I bet you still will lose this fight even with your poison immunity.\'

Felix stopped joking around after hearing what she said, as he also figured just as much.

He might feel that he was pretty lucky to end up with a beast that he was able to counter properly with his passive *Poison Immunity*, but it didn\'t mean it would an easy fight.

Not even close.

As a veteran poison user in his previous life, Felix had to read and learn about the majority of poison beasts in the known universe.

Of course, he wasn\'t able to learn everything, but still, he managed to enhance his library to include the majority of beasts, which were easily recognizable and infamous, like The Trypo Mother Spider.

Thus, he understood quite a few details about it.

One of them was the real reason it was named as such after it was discovered.

As based on what he read in his clan\'s beastial library, the Mother Spider was originally named, The Hundred-Eyed Mother Spider.

But, after it kept causing revulsion, nausea, panic attacks, and more symptoms of trypophobia to the hunters, due to its cl.u.s.tered red eyes, the name was changed to its currently known one.

It was a much better term to associate the spider with.

Good thing Felix wasn\'t suffering from Trypophobia as well, otherwise, the moment he approached the spider and saw those disgusting cl.u.s.tered eyes, he would probably have a panic attack straightway.

\'Uhm, how am I suppose to bring it down tho\' He scratched his chin and asked Asna, \'Do you have any ideas\'



\'Not as much as you!\' She scoffed.

Not wanting to enter another bickering round with her, Felix leaned on the wall, away from the territory of the Spider to not attract its aggro this early.

He then rested his chin under his hand, pondering on the most efficient method that would help him bring the fight to the ground.

He understood that his bombs were totally useless against this beast, due to its high poison resistance.

It might not be a total immunity as his, but it was enough to lower his inducement effect duration from 5 seconds to merely 2 or even 1 second!

That duration was definitely not enough, to land a deadly attack on it while having more than 60 meters separating them.

Thus, he had to somehow bring the fight within 8 meters, in order to use his aura.

After all, it wouldn\'t matter if the beast had a peak poison resistance, as long as it entered his aura and kept staying in it, the inducement would continue affecting it constantly until it either dies or leaves its range.

The only dilemma was how to do so without losing his entire energy in the process.

Felix knew that he couldn\'t repeat the same reckless way of fighting with the serpent.

As, just to slain it, he had wasted more than 35% energy!

Heck, all the battles he went through since the moment he joined the game, didn\'t even make him waste more than 15%, including the battle with the Titan Iron beast!

But what else could he have done The serpent wasn\'t like the Titan, who had such a glaring weakness.

Felix had to keep delaying the serpent from creating the desert somehow before Mastermania decided to make his move, and being constantly on offense was the only way.

However, The Mother Spider would never drop from the kingdom of silk it created between two walls, and enter a melee battle with Felix.

It didn\'t matter if he threw one bomb or a hundred, it would keep staying in its favorable environment for eternity, not worried at all about wasting its energy on sustaining its silky web.

Simply because her web wasn\'t relying on energy in the first place!

After all, as a spider-type beast, silk manipulation was an evolutionary-based ability that all spiders had in the universe.

Whether common ranked or legendary.

Thus, freely manipulating silk was natural behavior to the Mother Spider.

It was just common sense.

Anaconda strangling its prey was a normal occurrence, but Anaconda spewing fire wasn\'t.

However, the bloodliner was able to inherit both of those abilities whether they were evolutionary types or inherited from ancestral primogenitors.

The perfect example was the Terror Serpent that had the sand element.

If it was up to the serpent, it would have done the same as the Mother Spider and created a desert around it, before getting forced to by its enemies.

However, it was clearly an impossible endeavor, as the desert consumed a hefty amount of energy each second it existed because it was a primogenitor ability.

This was the reason, the serpent always had to create it in every battle and also retrieve it, as an intelligent finishing blow!

Low tiered beasts might not be that smart, but they sure had a full understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, even more so than a bloodliner with the same element and abilities, and Felix who had knowledge of all of this, always made sure to either target the beast\'s weakness or at least remove a part of its core strength.

Thus, before he found a solid plan to drag the Mother Spider into the dirt with him, he would not move an inch from his spot.

The only ones who were unsatisfied by his inactivity were the spectators and Zoe who thought that Felix was going to show them a heated battle by challenging the Spider, or at least make a fool of himself and walk away.

But what the f*ck was going on here

He was leaning on the wall with a hand rubbing his chin gently and the other in his pocket for over 3 minutes now!

If the Mother Spider wasn\'t swinging from one place to another silently above his head, they would have honestly thought that Felix didn\'t notice it and was merely chilling just like Princess Bird.

Unbeknownst to them, Felix\'s brain was working at full capacity, trying to create the perfect plan.

In fact, during those 3 minutes, he already found a way to force the Mother Spider down.

Yet, he still preferred taking more time, to make his plan foolproof.

\'Can you just fight it already\' Asna wrapped a curl around her finger in utter boredom and said, \'Your plan is good enough to slay it in 10 minutes.\'

\'Well, it\'s never bad to think thoroughly about your actions.\' Felix pulled his hand from his pocket and created one acid bomb.

\'But, you are right.\' He smirked, \'My plan is beyond solid.\'

The moment the spectators saw him creating that bomb, they knew that Felix wasn\'t planning to give up on the glittering legendary chest.

Whoosh! Poof!

Felix didn\'t disappoint their expectations, as he threw the acid bomb towards, unexpectedly the silky white strings glued on the wall!


Immediately after the bomb made contact with its target, hissing sounds resounded in the area, like a piece of meat getting fried on a pan.

The sound was glaring and loud, forcing the Mother Spider that was hopping around before, to change direction and swing widely from the right side to the leftmost side within a moment!

The instant she reached the area where the sound was coming from, she saw with its numerous eyes, the silky strings that supported her web, snap one by one inside a medium-sized cloud of acid green mist.

However, before she could even investigate who caused this mess, the same glaring hissing sound resounded in her ears, coming from the right side.

This time, her eyes were able to feed her a scene of a bug at the ground, constantly creating those bombs and using them as a way to ruin her magnificent web.

Provoked, her bent pitch-black fangs snapped fiercely, sending sparks in the air, like two pieces of metal grinding against each other violently.

Unbothered by her warning attempt, Felix kept throwing bombs at each spot on the wall that had strings attached to.

Hissing sounds resonated all over the place, forcing the Mother Spider to swing around constantly, trying to alleviate the damages those bombs caused by weaving another string and linking it with her web against the wall.

However, no matter how fast she weaved new strings and fixed a spot, Felix destroyed her efforts by focusing on the furthest position from her.

But what truly made the Mother Spider livid was that the acid mist didn\'t evaporate after exploding, but spread apart, covering at least 3 meters around the area of contact, and remained for a few more seconds before disappearing!

Those few seconds might not appear much to the spectators, but to the Mother Spider, they made it hell for her to remedy the web, as it was impossible to weave a string inside that acid cloud.

Thus, the ideal positions on the walls kept on reducing one by one, leaving the Mother Spider, attaching her strings to unfavorable positions, sometimes above the web and oftentimes underneath it.

This messed up way of fixing the web, destroyed its artistic beauty, and made it resemble a deformed piece of garbage like the web was made by an amateur and not a proud legendary beast.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48635626450378562 for visiting.

The spectators couldn\'t help but pity the Mother Spider, that was seething in rage over having her magnificent creation trashed like this.

Even beasts weren\'t sparred from Landlord\'s bullying. Zoe gave a bitter smile and clarified, For Trypo Mother Spider to have its web beauty ruined like this, was the greatest humiliation for its species.

Landlord truly provoked a beast he couldn\'t afford to face. She smirked slightly, clearly expecting Felix to suffer in this battle if not flat out drop dead by one bite from those vicious looking fangs.

Unbeknownst to her, Felix\'s entire plan was based on enraging the Mother Spider by ruining her web design mercilessly!


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