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Shaken, she gulped and narrated everything she saw without having him say anything.

He was standing with a girl.

Probably his partner.

I didn\'t see her face as she was looking in another direction.


He approached her with an ever-growing chilling aura.

Meanwhile, his face was as aloof as ever, not showing a single hint of emotion.

Even that frigid look was a slip that he quickly hid.

Now, his face appeared the same as always.

Yet she found that his entire demeanor was completely different.

He resembled a suppressed volcano that was about to erupt at any moment.

She backed away from him and leaned against the Wall.

She avoided eye contact and answered with an uncertain voice, I think between 200 meters to 300 meters

Slightly irked at this distance, he tightened his fists for a second then released them with a long exhale from his nose.

He understood that to reach Felix, the distance would widen from what she said to 600 meters or even a km!

The twisted and complex paths were no joke, as they need to knead through multiple ones to reach the position she saw him at before.

However, would Felix stay in his place and wait for them Not a fat chance.

This meant the task of finding him would only get harder and more troublesome since Felix could be at this point, anywhere in a one km radius in front of them.

My dear fans, I think it\'s time to pay a visit to Landlord. He moved away from his partner and put his hand on his shadow.

He still owns me a handshake after all. He smiled and called out loud, Emerge and hunt down my enemy!!


20 cm human-shaped shadows started to arose from Mastermania\'s shadow, creating ripples each time one of them appeared.

The sight resembled baby turtles coming out of a shallow pond.

Mastermania\'s fans cheered at this sight with flushed cheeks in excitement.

They recognized this ability, as he used it before to locate the beasts around him.

Although before, the number of shadowlings he created was few in comparison to this army that he kept creating nonstop.

They knew if he released them all, Felix\'s position should be found effortlessly.

Simply because those little things could sense shadows and travel through them unhindered!

If Mastermania released only tens of them, the entire area around him would be under his surveillance.

Don\'t even mention the hundreds that he just created.

I think this should be enough.

Mastermania lifted his hand from his shadow and eyed with a hint of elation at the little things bouncing and colliding with each other.

Despite wasting 45% of his energy to create this staggering amount, it was all worth it in his eyes if he managed to locate Felix.

He might not have said anything when Felix humiliated him, but his heart was never settled about the treatment he received in public.

He was dying to pay him back in the most humiliating way possible.

This opportunity couldn\'t be missed no matter what.

Go! He ordered.

The shadowlings collided and stomped on each other while they moved towards the shadows in the walls.

Mastermania displayed a small smirk as he saw his babies submerge themselves in those shadows until not one of them remained near him.

Let\'s follow them, Miss Sassy.

He brushed his palms together and walked step by step towards the previous position Felix was at.

Miss Sassy nodded her head and followed him with a blush, moved by his handsome visage and charisma of dealing with his injustice first before focusing on the wager.

Meanwhile, the fan club of Felix and Mastermania all held their breaths in eagerness and anticipation for their idols to clash.

The only downside about the epic fight that was about to happen was that Zoe had the camera focused on Princess Bird.

But they couldn\'t boo her about it as the princess was about to fight an epic beast solo!

A fight worth watching more so than Felix\'s battle against the serpent and the upcoming idol clash.

Simply because she was a legendary bloodliner as well!

And every player with a legendary bloodline was a primary focal point for the camera.

The only reason Zoe wasn\'t paying attention to Princess Bird before was due to her slaying rare beasts with one ability.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The fights were boring and quite lackl.u.s.ter.

But now, the spectators would fray her alive if she switched the camera to anyone! Not even for Felix.

They already saw his bloodline and understood everything about it.

The only things that were still piquing their interest were his last ability and new inducements.

However, they would rather watch the infamous Princess Bird in action than to watch him terrorize the Blind Serpent.

They did not doubt that Felix would bully the serpent even though they saw how strong it was.

After all, The Iron Titan was by far the strongest Epic beast in the maze, yet he still demolished it solo.

their memory was still fresh on how it went!


Ten meters left and Princess will come face to face with the Glacial Bane Tree!

Zoe brought the camera closer to the beast to highlight its strange features for all to see.

The beast had a body completely made of crystal see-through ice.

But the strange thing about it was the fact that its shape was based on a Maple Tree!

Roots, branches, stems, and even leaves were made of ice! If anyone saw it without knowing that it was a beast, they were going to definitely assume it as a tree sculpture.

What you are seeing right now is the famously known dual elemental beast! Zoe said.

Whoa! It can use ice and plant elements! That\'s so nutty!

I understand the ice element, but how is it going to use plant element as well with those features

The spectators couldn\'t help but let out gasps of exclamation and wonder at Zoe\'s declaration.

It was clear to them that the beast was an ice Elementalist.

However, they just couldn\'t figure out how the plant element was going to be used by it.

After all, there was not a hint of greenish color on its body.

Everything was ice-based, even it\'s interior!


They gaped with bulging eyes at the interior of the beast that was in full display, trying to see if he had any organs.

Nonetheless, they couldn\'t see a single one, not even its heart!

I wanted to explain why the Glacial Tree had no organs, but Princess Bird is about to make a move! Zoe brought the camera to Princess and said, Everything will be clear after this fight! You just need to pay attention, and don\'t forget to cheer!

The spectators stopped bothering about the tree, and laid their eyes on Princess Bird, waiting and hoping to be amazed.

Princess Bird didn\'t disappoint their expectation, as, by the time she made eye contact with the tree, she called softly, Wings of the Apex Eagle, grace me with your presence.

*Saphire Apex Wings!*

Her exposed back, suddenly began to morph and warp, as flesh was torn and blood streamed down.


Saphire feather-like wings protruded from her back, extending for at least 1 meter on each side.

if it wasn\'t for the blood staining its breathtaking outlook, the sight would appear more pleasing to the spectators.


The spectators quickly focused on her facial expression, trying to see if she was in pain from the process of morphing.

Yet, her lips and nose which were in the open didn\'t even quiver.

She simply flapped her wings once and all the blood on it was hurled in every direction.

However, this was not what amazed the viewers, but actually how the feathers of the wings got hardened like Saphire gems before she flapped her wings!

No wonder they were named as such!

It turned out that her wings might appear feather-like, but they were actually made out of sapphire gems.

And what\'s even more shocking was her free control over its transformation from feather to gems, and vice versa.

Before, they didn\'t see her use any of this, as she simply threw sharp feathers from her hands, like throwing daggers at the rare beasts, killing them in an instant.

Even when she met with a player, they simply bowed their heads and left her alone, not daring to attack and offend her.

Heck, she even met with a 4 players alliance before, and still, they let her go peacefully without raising a fart in her presence.

Her background was too large for commoners like them to mess around with.

It was better to treat her as air in this game and play with each other.

Their understandable cowardly behavior made it harder for Princess to show anything else besides *Feather Spray*.

Thankfully, she finally met with a beast on her league, forcing her to pop out one of her hidden cards at the start.

How is this fair!!

The spectators shouted at the sight of Princess Bird, soaring 80 meters above the tree.

If it wasn\'t for the blue barrier blocking the sky, she could have gone further up.

Regardless, just 80 meters was enough to brutalize the stationary tree without any way of retaliation!

Princess could literary just keep hovering like this, and spray her feathers at the tree until it dies.

\'Damn it! if the fight is going to be like this, I should have focused on Landlord.\'

Regrets began to wash over Zoe, as she saw Princess Bird began to flap her wings in direction of the tree, sending a shower of hardened Saphire feathers, at each flap.

Phew! Phew!...

Just as she assumed, the tree did nothing but defend by creating an Ice wall in front of it.

Yet, the wall cracked after two volleys, and the third did the finishing blow, leaving the tree exposed to Princess.

\'Sigh, Whatever, it\'s better if she wrapped this out fast so we can catch Landlord and Mastermania battle at le...\'

Just as she tried to switch her vision to Felix, so she could check up on his ongoing battle with the Terror Serpent, her mouth parted at the horrifying sight of the tree\'s icy leaves all pointing at Princess Bird akin to sharp daggers going for the kill.

The tree revolved its body twice, from the base of its stem until it couldn\'t add any more pressure.

The tightness of its action caused cracks to appear on its crystal-like body.

Yet, the tree didn\'t seem to mind, as its focus was clearly on the Princess.

The pointy leaves were the perfect proof.


Then out of nowhere, it relaxed its body, causing the branches to spun once, releasing hundreds to thousands of leaves in every direction, left, right, ground, and especially the air.

The leaves blackened the entire area with their numerous numbers!

Phew! Phew! Phew!...

Princess Bird didn\'t even attempt to dodge, as it was simply an impossible endeavor.

Thus, she hardened her feathers and hugged herself, not exposing a single inch of her petite body.

Her defensive manoeuver helped her resist the barrage of the leaves easily, as they didn\'t manage to leave even a scratch on the wings.

However, she was still affected negatively by them in another form.

The spectators watched her body nose dive towards the ground under the rain of leaves.

After all, it was only common sense for her to drop immediately after she stopped flapping her wings.


Her wings took most of the fall damage, leaving her unscathed.

But, nothing saved her from feeling dizzy after this hard collision.

\'Ouch! My head is about to split!\'

Pained from the sudden headache, she hugged her head with her eyes closed shut.

She wasn\'t worried about the tree making a move on her, as she was confident in her wings defenses.

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