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The first email is from the Dread Serpent Clan. She said.

//Dear Mr.


Your performance during the death race has been truly a feast to our eyes.

You have exceeded our requirement to join the trails of our Clan, thus we decided to invite you straightway as an inner circle member.

Moreover, if you decided to accept our invitation you shall be rewarded with a Poisonous fang of the specter snake.

We are waiting patiently to hear good news from you.

Sincerely yours.

The Dread Serpent Clan.//

The second email is from the Dark Miasma Clan.

//Dear Mr.


My name is Joseph, a scouting member of the Dark Miasma clan, one of the top three clans in the Alexander kingdom.

I have watched your game live and was thrilled by every second of it.

Of course, That was all due to your spectacular performance.

Still, I have noticed that your potential was not fully dug out yet, and I believe, No! I am certain that by joining our clan, you will reach your full potential.

We have all the necessary resources to help you achieve so.

Needless to say, this is a direct invitation to be an inner circle member.

In addition, during your first month in the clan, you will be able to attend a class on how to create techniques by our guest elder Mr.

Sulfur free of charge.

I hope I can hear from you as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours.

Scout Joseph.//

Just as the Queen tried to continue reading the remaining emails, Felix stopped her by asking, Are all of those emails invitations to clans


Alright, no need to read them anymore.

Just replay to all of them that I am currently not looking for a clan to join. He waved his hand dismissively and added, And also, replay to any further clan invitation I receive with the same response.

As you wish Sir Felix.

\'Learn techniques\' He shook his head as he chuckled.

\'The moment I chose this bloodline path, there is no one alive to teach me.\'

\'Queen log me out please.\'


Two days quickly passed by.

Felix spent those days on a break, doing nothing but head to his island\'s beach to enjoy himself, or visit Asna.

The tense partnership that was between them got slightly improved after their bonding.

Now Asna didn\'t sleep as much but spend the majority of her time watching Felix and annoying him constantly to either come play cards with her or watch a movie together.

Felix wasn\'t complaining though, as he found out that Asna could be pretty fun if she didn\'t curse, insult, harass, tease, seduce, whine...Uhm, Never mind.

Still, Felix thoroughly enjoyed those two days break, as he honestly felt beyond refreshed after working his ass off for an entire year, in order to build a solid foundation for his future.

This was probably the first time he took a real break since the moment he was sent to this time-line, and he loved it.

Nevertheless, fun times had a limit, and two days were more than enough for Felix.

Thus, the next morning, he reentered the VR Pod, going for another bloodline essence hunt with high hopes of finding some.


What am I supposed to do with those Felix kept staring at the 8 bottles of bloodlines he collected in the previous months but turned to be empty of Jörmungandr essence.

He spent a whopping 850 million on them, yet not a single bottle brought a smile to his face.

He felt heartache just their sight, sitting there absolutely useless.

I should probably enter a beast hunter partnership with Looby. He sighed.

Even though the price will be lower by 5%, at least I won\'t be bothered with selling them by myself.

He was actually planning previously to open a shop where he could sell those bloodlines.

But it took too much effort to get a shop license and a hefty amount of time to build a solid reputation in the Androxa capital city.

In addition, he would need to keep his shop constantly updated with new bloodlines to not lose customers, and those bloodlines need to vary of course in elements, tiers, and ranks.

That was exactly what he wasn\'t interested in doing.

He was simply trying to resell the bloodlines he bought without losing too many coins in the process.

Not to start a business of it.

He neither had the time nor the patience to do so.

So, it was much better to enter a solid contract with Looby and sell him those bloodlines with a 5% less market price.

I need to first prepare the contract. Felix quickly made his decision and withdrew those bottles to his AP bracelet.

Queen, give me the basic hunter contract please. he requested.

A moment after, a holographic contract was presented in front of Felix.

He read everything with his eyes and marked the terms that he needed to modify.

After a couple of hours of grilling the contract, Felix finally was satisfied with the latest version.

He reread it again to memorize everything, so he wouldn\'t be ambushed by that silly goblin during their negotiation.

So far so good, that greedy dog won\'t hesitate to sign this freebie.

Are you done yet You promised you will take me to the movies.

So hurry up already. Asna rushed him while doing her nails in utter boredom.

Stop whining already! I just need him to sign it and we can go then. Annoyed, Felix replied while changing his outfit to a more formal one.

After all, he was heading not as a customer but as a partner.

So, he needed to dress properly.


I am not signing this bull** even if you stabbed me to death!

Felix stared indifferently at Looby who was huffing in anger like he was being blackmailed.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._47593969911133196 for visiting.

Alright, I will take my business somewhere else. He murmured while walking towards the brick wall, Sililin shop is quite a good option.

Just like before, Looby jumped on him and hugged his thigh tightly, not letting go.

What are you doing You are ruining my pants. Felix said while jerking his leg around.

Yet this time, Looby gripped for his dear life.

After seeing that this greedy bastard was hell-bent on stopping him, he decided to drop his charade and asked again, Are you going to sign the contract or not My terms are quite generous.

Plus, I even offered you triple the price of a bloodline if it turned to be lower than 75% essence.

He then grabbed Looby from his long dropped ears and pulled him away from his leg.

Oww,O You are tearing them apart.

F*ck! let go of me! Looby yelled while being lifted in the air by Felix.

Are you signing or not Felix just asked while tightening his grip.

OWW!! I am signing, I am signing.

Just let go already!!


Felix immediately dropped him in the ground and displayed the contract again in front of him.

Sign it; I don\'t have all day to negotiate over 0.5% as you do.

Looby did not bull** anymore and signed the contract obediently.

He already planned to get it no matter what.

But would his nickname be greedy dog Looby if he didn\'t haggle for 0.5%

Too bad, Felix had vixen in his head constantly whining to take her to the movies, so he didn\'t have the luxury to entertain him.

You should have done it from the start.

Here take. Felix took the 8 bottles out and put them on the table.

As agreed upon, pay me up front. He offered him his hand.

Feeling the sting of transferring such a large amount at once, Looby touched Felix\'s bracelet with watery eyes and shaky hands.


Felix pressed on his bank account and smiled delightfully at the newly added 807 million SC.

Then, he nodded his head while saying one last time, Glad to do business with you.

And remember any high tier poison serpent or snake that lands in your hands, I got dibs on them.

I will call you then.

Now leave me alone, I need to drink my sorrow. Looby said, dismissing him with slumped shoulders.

Felix left through the brick wall not caring about Looby\'s fake sadness anymore.

The bastard was going to earn free 60 million from selling his bloodlines.

Yet he still dared to cry about it.

Movie! Movie! Movie!... Felix drove his car towards the Cinema under Asna\'s cheering.

\'Maybe it was better if she continued sleeping.\' He thought to himself subconsciously.

F*ck! I dare you to say it again! Asna instantly raged.

You think I don\'t dare! Felix roared as well.

Yes, I do!

Well, you are right. Felix folded and drove away.

He truly didn\'t want to antagonize this third wheel, especially now that he planned to play with Nora.

He didn\'t want to hear her sarcastic commentary while doing Nora.

That would be a nightmare.

Just as I thought. Asna humphed.


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