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Chapter 994 The Movie Is in Theaters Now

At this moment, an excited female voice sounded and reminded Han Wenling who Gu Ning was.

Gu Ning was precisely Goddess Gu, the well-known, talented girl and popular idol on the Internet.

Han Wenling had heard a lot about Gu Ning, and she also admired Gu Ning\'s outstanding ability.

Ever since Han Wenling was a little girl, she was always the most outstanding one among her peers.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning surpassed her.

Most importantly, Gu Ning was also Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter!

Thinking of that, Han Wenling felt a little relieved, but it still took time for her to move on.

Although she was curious about the fact that Tang Yunfan already had a biological daughter, she didn\'t want to waste her time on gossiping.

Without hesitation, Han Wenling left the hotel.

The girl is indeed Goddess Gu!

She\'s so beautiful!

I\'m so regretful that I didn\'t take photos with her.

When Gu Ning was back in the hall, Leng Shaoting walked towards her at once.

How was it

She said that she isn\'t the kind of person who plays dirty tricks to get what they want, Gu Ning said.

Since she\'s the heiress of the Han family, I think she won\'t do anything that hurts the Han family\'s benefits.

The Tang family isn\'t as influential as the Tang family after all, Leng Shaoting said to comfort Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had the same idea.

Tang Yunfan understood that Gu Ning could solve the problem well, so he didn\'t ask Gu Ning about it when she got back.

If Han Wenling really was going to do something to hurt Gu Man, Tang Yunfan was also able to stop her.

The moment Han Wenling got in her car, she took out her phone to search for information on Colaine.

She read countless positive comments on it, which surprised her.

Han Wenling thought that she should probably try it.

Without further ado, Han Wenling told her chauffeur to drive her to buy the ointment produced by Colaine.

However, they went to several pharmacies, but the ointment produced by Colaine was all out of stock.

It was too popular, so it was soon sold out.

It took days for the pharmaceutical factory to produce more products, so she had to wait for a couple of days.

Han Wenling was surprised again by its popularity, and even had the idea to cooperate with Colaine.

What she didn\'t know was that the owner of Colaine was Gu Ning, and she might be disappointed if she knew that Gu Ning wouldn\'t cooperate with her.

Han Wenling went to the largest pharmacy in the city afterwards, and finally bought the ointment.

Once she applied it to the scar on her wrist, she felt quite comfortable.

She hoped that it would work this time.

In the end Jiang Yutong got a chance to approach Tang Jiayang when he walked out of the men\'s room.

Hi, Jiayang!

Jiang Yutong went to the ladies\' room as well when Tang Jiayang left for the men\'s room so that it would seem to be a coincidence when she saw him outside.

Tang Jiayang knew it clearly, but couldn\'t say anything about it.

Hi, Tang Jiayang said, then walked away at once.

However, Jiang Yutong wouldn\'t let him leave alone, and followed him up without delay.

Jiayang, when will you go back to Country Y

In a few days, Tang Jiayang said.

It was true that Tang Jiayang would fly back to Country Y in a few days, because he still needed to finish his education and he also missed his girlfriend after being apart from her for nearly two months.

Why do you have to go back so soon Jiang Yutong raised her voice.

Jiayang, can I visit you there during your vacation I haven\'t been to Country Y before.

Tang Jiayang frowned.

I\'m sorry, I\'m very busy during vacation and I\'m about to graduate from my university, so I need to prepare for my internship.

Tang Jiayang was rejecting her.

Jiang Yutong understood that, and felt sad, but she didn\'t insist, in case Tang Jiayang had a bad impression of her.

Yutong, why don\'t you go back to your parent\'s side, or go chat with Jiamin I\'m sorry but I\'ve gotta go, Tang Jiayang said and left Jiang Jiamin behind.

Although Jiang Yutong was a little annoyed and very disappointed, she could do nothing about it, and watched Tang Jiayang walking away.

As the party came to an end, people were leaving.

Hey, boss, are you free tonight Why don\'t you hang out with us Pan Zirui asked Gu Ning.

They hadn\'t gathered together for a long time after all.

You can go enjoy yourself.

I need to deal with something else, Gu Ning said.

Fine, see you next time! Pan Zirui said and left with his friends.

Are you going back to the Tang family\'s house Cao Wenxin asked her.

Nope, we\'re going to watch a film.

Will you go with us Gu Ning asked.

She planned to watch a film with her friends.

Infinite Horror was in theaters now, and Gu Ning had to watch it in a theater herself.

Many people already had watched the films, and left many positive comments on it.

The box office of the movie premiere wasn\'t huge, but wasn\'t bad either.

It was very likely that it could attract more people to watch it in theaters.

People who had already watched Infinite Horror all approved of it, which aroused more people\'s interest in it.

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