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Chapter 993 A Warning

I\'m sorry, everyone.

Please continue to enjoy yourself, and I hope you\'re not affected by this brief interlude, Tang Yunfan said to the guests in the hall.

It\'s fine.

All the guests showed that they didn\'t mind it and kept on drinking and chatting with each other.

When Han Wenling walked out, Gu Ning followed her.

Ningning. Tang Yunfan wanted to stop her, but Leng Shaoting interrupted him, Mr.

Tang, it\'s fine.

Ningning knows what she\'s doing.

Tang Yunfan also understood that Gu Ning only did it to protect her mother, so he could only hope that it did not cause more trouble.

Please wait a second, Miss Han.

Han Wenling heard a girl calling her from behind when she just reached the door of the hotel.

Han Wenling stopped at once and composed herself.

She turned and saw a beautiful young girl walking towards her.

Although the girl didn\'t look aggressive at all, Han Wenling had a feeling that she wasn\'t a friend.

May I help Han Wenling asked with pride.

Yeah, can we have a talk Gu Ning said.

Han Wenling left without causing more trouble, but Gu Ning was still worried that she might do something to hurt Gu Man in the future.

She wasn\'t familiar with Han Wenling, so she thought that it was necessary for her to warn Han Wenling to stay away from Gu Man.

Who are you Why should I talk to you Han Wenling said and she was a little rude because she was in a terrible mood now.

Gu Ning didn\'t mind it, but said, My name\'s Gu Ning, and I\'m Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter.

Today is my parents\' wedding day.

What You\'re Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter Han Wenling was shocked.

She couldn\'t believe that Tang Yunfan already had a daughter.

She thought that Tang Yunfan had never married before so it was impossible for him to have a daughter!

Is this girl a love child Han Wenling thought to herself.

Can I talk to you right now Gu Ning asked again when Han Wenling wore an absent look.

Oh, sure, Han Wenling said.

Well, please forgive me if I\'m a little aggressive because we\'re merely strangers now.

No matter how you feel about my father, don\'t do anything to hurt my mother, Gu Ning said without hesitation.

When she said that, she released her magical power on purpose to make Han Wenling feel stressed in case Han Wenling didn\'t think about her words seriously.

Although Han Wenling was also an outstanding strong woman, she was still amazed by Gu Ning\'s air of power.

To her surprise, this young girl could be so powerful at such an early age!

Han Wenling understood that Gu Ning was protecting her mother, but she was displeased at Gu Ning\'s warning because she didn\'t have the thought to hurt Gu Ning\'s mother at all.

What are you thinking I\'m not the kind of person who plays dirty tricks to get what they want.

Glad to hear that. Gu Ning didn\'t believe Han Wenling\'s words immediately, but from her attitude it seemed like she really didn\'t plan to hurt Gu Man.

No matter what, Gu Ning had already warned her to stay away from Gu Man.

If she dared to hurt Gu Man in the future, Gu Ning would teach her a lesson.

It wasn\'t a nice conversation, but both of them appreciated each other\'s air of power.

Oh, Miss Han, I noticed the scar on your wrist, Gu Ning said all of a sudden.

Hearing that, Han Wenling was struck dumb for a second, and subconsciously hid her hand.

She was surprised that Gu Ning found the scar on her wrist.

She thought the bracelet could hide it well.

She didn\'t cut herself, but it was caused by a fight when she was young.

She was badly injured back then, so the wound left a scar.

Although she didn\'t care much about it, she still hoped to remove it if it was possible.

Gu Ning continued, Miss Han, if you want to remove it, I strongly recommend Colaine to you.

It has a type of ointment which is very effective for all kinds of scars.

If you don\'t believe me, you can search the brand on the Internet to find out more about it.

Gu Ning did that not only out of kindness, but because she hoped that it could reduce Han Wenling\'s hatred towards Gu Man.

Han Wenling\'s eyes lit up at once.

She was willing to try if it was really that effective.

Miss Han, I do hope you can find a man who loves you and who you also want to spend the rest of your life with, Gu Ning said at the end, then walked back to the hall.

Han Wenling moved her lips, but said nothing.

She wasn\'t stupid, and she understood that Gu Ning did it for Gu Man, but she didn\'t hate Gu Ning\'s behavior.

In fact, if the ointment Gu Ning recommended to her was really effective, she would also be grateful to Gu Ning.

She had tried many ointments before, but they didn\'t work well.

Han Wenling held doubts about Gu Ning\'s advice.

When she turned to walk out of the hotel, an idea dawned on her.

Wait a moment, what\'s her name again Gu Ning!

Han Wenling suddenly felt like the name sounded very familiar and Gu Ning also looked quite familiar, but she couldn\'t remember where she had seen Gu Ning before.

Oh, isn\'t the girl Goddess Gu

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