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An Yi didnt raise his head until he heard the shriek.

He was immediately struck dumb.

He glanced at the boys on the ground first, and then surprisingly found that Gu Ning was standing in front of him.

An Yi felt that it was super embarrassing to let his goddess see him being so pathetic, but since Gu Ning had rescued him, he had to thank her no matter how embarrassed he felt.

Thus An Yi turned to Gu Ning and thanked her with sincerity, “Thank you so much, Gu Ning.”

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

She looked to Hao Ran and other.

“Come and help him go to the infirmary.”

Hearing Gu Nings voice, Hao Ran and others got their minds back.

Zhang Tianping and Qin Zixun ran to help An Yi stand on his feet without delay.

Then they walked towards the infirmary.

There were bruises all over An Yis body and face.

Fortunately, the wounds were only on the skin with no injuries to the bones.

He would be fine after a few days of rest.

An Yi now absolutely couldnt go home alone, so Gu Ning proposed to take An Yi home with Hao Ran and Qin Zixun.

Hao Ran had driven to school today.

His car was parked in the parking lot outside of the school.

An Yi felt embarrassed at first, but he couldnt go home by himself.

Moreover, his family was in a mess right now, so it wasnt a good idea to let his family pick him up.

On the way, Gu Ning asked An Yi about what had happened.

An Yi told her everything afterwards.

Just like what the boy had said, An Yis stepmother along with his fathers closest friend, who was the accountant of the Shenghua Real Estate, had absconded with more than a hundred million yuan in liquidity and three hundred million yuan in funds just borrowed from banks.

Now Shenghua Real Estate was in a difficult position.

If there was no money to keep the company afloat this week, Shenghua would completely go bankrupt.

Moreover, with the current situation of Shenghua Real Estate, it was impossible to borrow money from the banks.

An Yis father was now trying to borrow money from his network, but no one would lend him anything.

No one dared to lend over several hundred million yuan to him.

Accordingly, An Yis father could only sell the company to pay the debts.

There were several buyers competing with each other, all trying to buy the company at a lower price, so the deal hadnt been settled yet.

Although the police were tracking An Yis stepmother and the man, nothing had changed recently.

Hearing that, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun felt sorry for him, but they didnt have intentions to help him either.

The amount of funds needed was so huge.

They couldnt afford it.

However, Gu Ning made up her mind to buy Shenghua Real Estate.

Shenghua Real Estate was one of the three largest real estate companies in City F with a powerful network.

Although it could barely stay afloat now, it would recover quickly as long as the funds were in place.

It was so much better than if Gu Ning started from the very beginning herself.

An Yis place wasnt far away from the school.

They arrived at a high-end area after 20 minutes.

Although this area was ranked lower than the Fenghua Luxury Mansion, it had been built seven years ago.

In the old time, it had been the most popular residential area.

An Yis family lived in a villa.

The villa was huge, but seemed empty.

They had laid off the maid since the company was in trouble.

They couldnt afford a maid now.

In the study on the second floor, An Yis father, An Guangyao, sank into a chair.

There was no one else in this house, so it was very quiet.

When he heard the sound of a door opening door downstairs, he immediately sat up straight.


No one else, except he and An Yi, had the key of this house now, but wasnt An Yi at school

Or, was that woman coming back

He thought that it was impossible.

That woman didnt dare to come back.

With that thought, An Guangyao stood, up walking outside.

When he appeared at the edge of the stairs, he saw An Yi being supported by his two schoolmates with bruises on his face and arms.

He was greatly shocked.

He immediately ran downstairs.

Before greeting Gu Ning and others, he worriedly asked An Yi, “Yi, what happened to you”

An Guangyao didnt know what to do now.

He wanted to check his sons wounds, but was afraid to hurt him.

An Yi knew he couldnt hide it, so he told his father everything.

An Guangyao naturally was in a rage after that, but no matter how mad he was, he restricted his anger for now.

He had to thank those schoolmates who had saved his son first.

An Guangyao didnt disdain them just because they were teenagers.

He thanked them with great sincerity instead, “Thank you all so much for saving my son.”

“Its nothing,” Gu Ning and others said together.

Then Gu Ning turned to the boys, “Please help An Yi to go to his room and change his clothes.”

Gu Ning did it on purpose.

She wanted to spend some time alone with An Guangyao.

“Oh, please stay here.

Ill do it.” An Guangyao didnt want to bother them any further.


An, its fine.

Please let them handle it,” Gu Ning added.

“Yes, please let us do it,” Hao Ran and Qin Zixun said.

Then they directly supported An Yi in walking to the stairs.

An Guangyao didnt insist, because it wasnt appropriate to leave Gu Ning alone in the living room.

Thus An Guangyao invited Gu Ning to have a seat, then handed her a cup of water.

“Thank you, Mr.

An.” Gu Ning took the cup.

Gu Ning looked at An Guangyao, who was just 40, but had aged a lot because of what had happened.

Gu Ning didnt want to waste time, so she got straight to the point.


An, nice to meet you.

My name is Gu Ning.

I know Mr.

Ans company is in trouble now and that you want to sell it.

And I am very interested in Mr.

Ans company.

I definitely will give you the most reasonable price.

How about that, Mr.


“What” Hearing that, An Guangyao was really surprised.

He couldnt believe his ears.

What had happened to the Shenghua Real Estate wasnt a secret.

An Guangyao didnt feel surprised that Gu Ning knew about it, but, she was merely an 18-year-old student, and she wanted to buy his company

Was it a joke

However, Gu Ning behaved like a calm and mature grown-up.

She didnt seem like she was joking at all.

Besides, who would ever joke about that

Anyway, it was still hard for An Guangyao to believe that a student was able to buy his company.

Her family was the real buyer.

Thinking of that, An Guangyao asked, “Is your family planning to buy it”


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