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The door was pushed open, and they stopped discussing at once.

The second Ye Chaoxiong walked inside, they stood up and welcomed him with great respect.

“Master Ye, good evening!”

They were all younger and less experienced than Ye Chaoxiong, so they had to be respectful of him.

“Have a seat please,” Ye Chaoxiong said.

The next second, they noticed Gu Ning, and recognized that she was “Tang Aining” at first glance, because photos and videos of her were everywhere on the Internet now.

“This must be Miss Tang, right”

Someone looked at Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you all, Im Tang Aining,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

She had a vague air of nobility that nobody could ignore.

Some thought that Gu Ning was a noble lady, while some believed that she was pretending to be noble.

“Miss Tang, I admire your outstanding gambling skills at such a young age.”

“I heard that Miss Tang was never wrong in Sic Bo and 5 card stud, which is rare to see in the gambling industry.”


They kept complimenting Gu Ning, but only a few really meant it.

Some of them believed that Gu Ning had her own skills, while some thought that the He family must have cheated in the game.

Gu Ning understood that they held different opinions towards her, but she didnt care about that.

Ye Chaoxiong also noticed that, but he said nothing for Gu Ning.

Actions spoke louder than words.

If Gu Ning really had her own skills, she could show that in the following games.

If Gu Ning couldnt defeat them, she would have to face their criticism or even ridicule.

That was the cruel truth of this society.

“Thank you all for your compliments, but I think that other than skill, luck is also very important in gambling,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Tang is being modest,” someone said.

Some also thought that she was hypocritical.

They believed that she couldnt cheat again in front of them in the Ye familys casino.

Different people indeed had different opinions towards the same thing!

“Its a shame that we missed the gambling competition in HK, and were honored today to witness Miss Tangs gambling skills,” a man said.

He was challenging Gu Ning.

Gu Ning wasnt mad at all.

“Im flattered, and I still need to learn from you all.”

“Alright, lets stop wasting time on talking.

Why dont we play the game right now” They couldnt wait for it.

Afterwards, they were all seated around the gambling table.

It was a two meter long and one meter wide oval gaming table, and Gu Ning sat in the middle right across from the banker.

Three people sat on Gu Nings left side, while two were on her right.

Ye Chaoxiong was seated next to the banker.

They purposely let Gu Ning sit in the middle so that they could clearly observe her movements.

Although there were seven people around the table, Ye Chaoxiong wouldnt join them, so the amount of players was six in all.

Ye Chaoxiong would gamble against Gu Ning alone later.

Those skilled gamblers came here to challenge Gu Ning, not Ye Chaoxiong after all.

As top gamblers in the gambling industry of City M, they had competed with Ye Chaoxiong more than once before, but none of them had won.

If Ye Chaoxiong joined the game right now, they were doomed to fail.

“How much is the bet” someone asked before the game began.

“Its up to you.” Gu Ning didnt mind.

She could accept it no matter how much the bet was, but it couldnt be a little.

“Well, since we are only gambling for fun, I think the bet shouldnt be too much.

How about a million yuan a round” Someone proposed.

They were all rich people and could afford a bet of ten million yuan, but it wasnt necessary.

A million yuan a round was already a lot.

Besides, they knew how much Fan Zhihao had lost to Gu Ning last time, so they had to be cautious.

Everyone agreed, and the bet was set as a million yuan a round.

After that, each of them exchanged 100 chips with a hundred million yuan.

“What should we play”

“Why dont we play Sic Bo first Each of us can gamble against Miss Tang 1 VS.

1 for three rounds.”

Nobody disagreed.

If they played together, it wouldnt be fair because they were all ace gamblers and it was 60% possible for every one of them to tell the correct scores.

If they played Sic Bo 1 VS.

1, they could know who was better.

Gu Ning agreed.

They played the game from the left to right, so the first person on Gu Nings left started to shake the dice cup.

Once the dice cup was lifted, the others all focused on it although they didnt join this round.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, seemed relaxed while enjoying her tea.

Seeing that, Ye Chaoxiong squinted at her with doubts.

The others also felt confused.

“Miss Tang, do you have your answer” The dice cup was placed on the table.

“5, 5, 6.

16,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

Although they werent sure that the numbers in the dice cup were 5, 5, and 6, they thought that it was highly possible.

Most importantly, Gu Ning directly told them the specific numbers!

She was so confident!

The dice cup was opened, and Gu Ning was indeed right.

The result impressed the others once more, because none of them were able to tell the specific numbers of the dice.

They were certain that “Tang Aining” didnt cheat, and had to admit that she was really unbelievable at gambling.

The odds of “16” were 18-1, and Gu Ning gave the correct specific numbers, so the odds doubled to be 36-1.

After the first round, Gu Ning won 36 million yuan.

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