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After a few days, the movie was done, and they handed it to the authority for a check.

The movie was even scarier when it was well done.

Because of Tang Bingsen, the movie didnt pass the censorship at all and was put aside.

It wasnt a surprising result, because everyone in Fenghua Entertainment was aware that Tang Bingsen had shut Lu Zhan out of the film industry, but they turned it to their advantage and gained a lot of attention for the film.

Although it didnt pass the censorship, they could still publicize it by posting its trailer on the Internet.

This film had gained many peoples attention before, so it easily became a hot topic again on social media.

Many influencers on Weibo reposted the trailer, including Fenghua Entertainment, Lu Zhan, Fang Tang, Lu Yizhe and so forth.

Infinite Horror soon went viral on the web.

After watching the trailer of Infinite Horror, many people were scared and attracted to it.

A lot of Internet users left positive comments on it.

“OMG, I was almost scared to death when I watched the trailer.

Its the scariest horror film Ive ever seen!”

“Im afraid that Ill keep yelling and screaming if I go to watch it in a theater.”

“Me too!”

“Well, I personally enjoyed it, and Im looking forward to seeing the whole film!”

“I think that this horror film is well edited, and it seems like those Hollywood blockbusters.”

“I agree!”

“The female ghost in the film is so beautiful!”

“The leading actress is Su Tongnuo!”

“I love her.”

“When can we watch it in theaters”

“I cant wait to watch it.”

Right when everyone was asking for the movie schedule, someone disappointed them.

“I dont think that we can watch the film in theaters.

Its director is Lu Zhan, and hes already been shut out of the film industry.”

“Couldnt Fenghua Entertainment do something about it”

“I heard that Lu Zhan has annoyed an influential figure in the capital, so its hard to tell.”


Within a short time, the news that Infinite Horror probably wouldnt be shown in theaters went abroad.

At the same time, more and more Internet users discussed about it.

The majority believed that it wasnt likely that they could see Infinite Horror in theaters.

Tang Bingsen was paying attention to it the entire time.

He didnt care about those comments and discussions on the Internet because they couldnt affect him.

If Fenghua Entertainment dared act against him, he would take action to teach them a lesson.

He knew that Fenghua Entertainment wasnt weak, but he didnt think that it was his match.

In the afternoon, Infinite Horror caused a greater sensation on social media.

Shengshi Group, Tanghuang Group, Jinlin Group, Qinghua Group, Heiqi Group, Jade Beauty Jewelry, Colaine Pharmaceutical Company, Charm, and many other famous companies reposted the trailer of Infinite Horror too.

Even Gu Ning herself also reposted it.

“Jesus, I cant believe my eyes.”

“There are so many famous business groups and companies that side with Fenghua Entertainment!”

“It reminds me of the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry.”

“Does Goddess Gu have any connection with Fenghua Entertainment”

“I have the same feeling.”

“No way! Goddess Gu is only involved in the jewelry and clothing industries.”

“She could also be involved in many other industries.”

“Oh, Goddess Gu just reposted the trailer of Infinite Horror!”

“OMG, even Goddess Gu supports it.”

“I think its very likely that we can watch Infinite Horror in theaters.”

“I dont think that the influential figure that Lu Zhan annoyed in the capital is more powerful than the above business groups and companies.”

“I have an increasingly strong feeling that Goddess Gu has a connection with Fenghua Entertainment.”

“Me too.”

“@Gu Ning, Goddess Gu, whats your relationship with Fenghua Entertainment”


Many Internet users mentioned(@) Gu Ning on Weibo, but Gu Ning didnt respond to them.

Gu Ning was on her way to City M right now.

She also disguised herself as “Tang Aining” before she got on the ship.

Although the makeup process was a bit cumbersome, it was the best way to prevent too many people from knowing her real face.

HK was very close to City M, so there was no need for them to take a plane.

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