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He Hongjie hadnt come to He Hongyuans place before precisely because He Hongyuan had control of He Siyang.

However, things were different now.

“He Hongjie, what are you doing in my place” He Hongyuan questioned He Hongjie.

“What do you think” He Hongjie stared at He Hongyuan with a cold face.

“How could I know what you are doing” He Hongyuan said.

“He Hongyuan, you abducted Siyang and hurt my hearing on purpose!” He Hongjie raised his voice.

He Hongyuan squinted, but denied it.

“Do you have any proof to prove that”

“I dont, but I know its you,” He Hongjie said.

“Well, interesting.

Since you dont have any proof, its slander.” He Hongyuan argued.

“Really” He Hongjie sneered.

“I dont care about proof, because I know that youve done everything you could to hurt my family, and you must pay for what youve done.”

“You…” He Hongyuan was mad.

“He Hongjie, you dont have proof, and its illegal for you to hurt me!”

He Hongyuan said that because he was confident that He Hongjie couldnt find any proof.

“I dont care!” He Hongjie sneered again, then gave an order.

“Take them back to the He familys ancestral shrine!”

Once they were taken back to the He familys ancestral shrine, it would be family affairs.

As long as they werent killed, even the police couldnt interfere in it.

He Hongjie could also lock them up forever.

In fact, He Hongjie had no intention to kill them, because it wasnt a good thing after all and would damage their familys reputation.

“You…” He Hongyuan wanted to struggle, but he was just an old man.

In the end, He Hongyuan and He Yixi were caught.

Hong Yuefei didnt pay attention to the He familys problem at all, because he was still resting in his house recovering.

To be specific, he was having fun.

He Yixi told him that she wasnt free today, so Hong Yuefei called two prostitutes over to serve him.

He had sex with them till he was exhausted, then went to have some sleep before he had sex with them again.

He didnt feel bored at all.

In the evening, Hong Yuefei suddenly remembered the He familys problem and called He Yixi, but he couldnt get through to her.

He then called his older brother asking about the He familys condition.

Hong Yuehuan told him that He Hongyuan had lost the competition, and warned him not to socialize with He Yixi anymore.

Hong Yuefei listened to Hong Yuehuan this time.

Actually, Hong Yuefei didnt have much affection towards He Yixi; he just liked her performance in bed when they had sex.

He knew that his familys benefits were much more important than a girlfriend, so he decided to dump He Yixi.

He didnt lack women anyway.

Hong Shitian thought for a whole day, but still didnt want to apologize in person.

Instead, he called He Hongjie that afternoon.

Although He Hongjie was disappointed in Hong Shitian, he knew that he shouldnt have a grudge against the Tiandihui.

The Tiandihui was an influential gang in HK after all, and it could be very helpful in the future.

He Hongjie wouldnt stop cooperating with them in business, but they wouldnt be as close as usual anymore.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left together after the meal.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya also went on a date, while He Siyin and Xu Jinlin were left alone.

However, He Siyin needed to go home, and Xu Jinlin had to go to an appointment as well, so they didnt care about it.

“Oh, when will you go back to your city” Xu Jinlin asked before they left.

“Well leave for City M tomorrow,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Great, Im going to the capital tomorrow; remember to call me when youre both in the capital,” Xu Jinlin said.

“We will,” Leng Shaoting said.

After that, they separated.

“Why dont we go for a walk” Gu Ning said to Leng Shaoting.

“Sure.” Leng Shaoting held Gu Nings hand while walking out of the hotel.

Cao Wenxin took a plane to the capital to visit Xin Bei that afternoon.

Xin Bei stayed in the capital these days, and Cao Wenxin was free, so she went to visit him.

Xin Bei was waiting for her when she got off the flight.

They went to dine together later, but ran into Yu Wenjing and Yu Wenkang in the restaurant.

Yu Wenjing didnt leave the hospital until today, and Yu Wenkang brought her out to have some delicious food in order to cheer her up.

To his surprise, they encountered Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin.

The second Yu Wenjing saw Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei, she burst into tears.

“Wenjing.” Yu Wenkang stopped her.

Yu Wenjing understood that she shouldnt argue with the girl beside Xin Bei, so she had to swallow her sadness.

Xin Beis and Cao Wenxins moods were affected when they saw Yu Wenjing, but they directly ignored her.

After the meal, they went for a walk, then Xin Bei brought Cao Wenxin back to his apartment.

In the beginning, Cao Wenxin was unwilling to go to Xin Beis place, and told Xin Bei to send her back to the Huangdeng Hotel, but Xin Bei disagreed.

Xin Bei said, “We can only share some time together this afternoon and tonight.

If you chase me away right now, our date will be too short!”

Cao Wenxin understood that they didnt have much private time, so she nodded in the end.

Nevertheless, if they stayed alone in the same room, it was unavoidable to have sex.

Although they had already made love before, Cao Wenxin still felt shy and uneasy thinking about it.

“Am I your boyfriend or not” Xin Bei looked sad.

“Of course!” Cao Wenxin said.

“Go back to my place with me, please.” Xin Bei almost begged.

Cao Wenxin didnt want to hurt his heart, so she agreed.

Xin Bei beamed with happiness.

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