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He Siyang didnt dare to fight against them if they werent tied up, because he wasnt their match.

However, they were tightly tied now, and werent able to fight back, so He Siyang did everything he wanted to do to hurt them.

Although He Siyang couldnt wait to kill them, he knew that it was illegal, so he stopped beating them after a while.After that, they walked together to the beach.

“Oh, why are my older brother and younger sister just waiting for me at the beach” He Siyang asked Gu Ning all of a sudden.

He Siyang felt a little uncomfortable when He Yishao and He Siyin didnt come to search for him in person.

Gu Ning understood his feelings.

“I told them to do so, because we didnt know that you had already escaped.

We thought that you were still captured by He Hongyuans people.

If we all left to search for you, He Hongyuans people could escape with you in our yacht.

We didnt want that to happen, and I was confident that we could find you within two hours, so I told them to wait for us in the yacht.” Gu Ning explained.

Hearing that, He Siyang nodded and was cheered up.

“How did you know that I was under the reef” He Siyang asked again.

Gu Ning then told him that they saw the wolves, and He Siyang admired her and Leng Shaoting more than ever now.

Because Gu Ning was talking with He Siyang the entire time, Leng Shaoting felt utterly displeased.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, wore a resigned look.

He Siyang was talking to her all the time, and she couldnt ignore him.

He Siyang only remained silent for a minute, then asked Gu Ning once more, “Oh, I heard that He Hongyuan had a competition against the He family for the leading position today.

Whats the result”

Although He Siyang was caught, he heard many discussions from He Hongyuans people, so he managed to know something about the gambling competition.

He cared about the result because he was a member of the He family after all.

“Relax, the He family won,” Gu Ning said.

“Really” He Siyang beamed.

“Thats wonderful!”

The two men, who were He Hongyuans people, were surprised to learn the news, but soon accepted it.

“I heard them say that my fathers hearing isnt good now.

Who helped my family to win the game Is he a skilled gambler” He Siyang asked.

Although he was a talented gambler, he wasnt confident that he could beat Fan Zhihao in the gambling competition.

Gu Ning thought that He Siyang talked too much, but she understood him.

It was a very important event for his family.

“I helped your family win the game,” Gu Ning said with a faint smile on her lips.

“What” He Siyang was shocked, because Gu Ning was a female and she looked to be around 24 years old!

Gu Ning was still in the appearance of “Tang Aining”.

If He Siyang found out that she was only 18, he would be stunned.

“Yeah, it was me,” Gu Ning said, and felt amused by He Siyangs reaction.

He Siyang was struck dumb for a few seconds before he asked, “How many rounds did you win”

“Almost every round.

He barely won a few times,” Gu Ning said.

It was the truth.

Fan Zhihao had just won a few times, and Gu Ning won almost every round.

“Every round”

He Siyang was short of words to describe how astonished he was right now.

When He Siyang wanted to ask something again, he heard He Siyins voice.


He Siyin ran to He Siyang, followed by He Yishao and several bodyguards.

He Yishao and He Siyin got off the yacht once they knew that He Siyang was safe, and they walked to the beach, waiting for them.

The second He Siyang showed up, He Yishao and He Siyin got excited and ran towards him.

There were four children in the He family.

If they ranked according to their ages from the eldest to the youngest, they were He Yishao, He Siyang, He Sihan, and He Siyin.

Among the four kids, He Yishaos name was different from the others, because there was no “Si” in his name.

In fact, He Yishao was a half-brother of the other three kids of He Hongjie.

He Yishaos mother had postpartum hemorrhaging after his birth, and soon passed away.

Three years later, He Hongjie married his second wife, who was He Yishaos three siblingss mother.

He Hongjies second wife treated He Yishao very well, and regarded him as her own son.


He also taught her biological children not to take what didnt belong to them from the He familys properties.

Therefore, the four siblings were very close.

He Sihan worked abroad as an internationally famous clothing designer, so she didnt know about what had happened to the He family yet.

“Siyin, Yishao!” He Siyang ran to He Yishao and He Siyin at once, and totally forgot what he wanted to ask Gu Ning.

“Siyang, are you alright” He Siyin burst into tears.

“Yeah, Im fine!” He Siyang hit his chest with his own fist to show that he was still strong.

“Alright, stop crying, my beautiful younger sister.”

“Ha-ha.” He Siyin laughed with tears in her eyes.

“Come on, lets go to the yacht.

I need to take a warm shower right now!” He Siyang said.

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