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“Well never tell others.” Everyone promised.

“Great! We need to go back to our classrooms now.” Gu Ning stood up.

The group then went back to the teaching building.

Gu Xiaoxiao had heard about what had happened at the shopping mall yesterday from her mother.

She didnt believe that Gu Ning had dropped out of the school, but she wanted to check for herself.

Therefore, Gu Xiaoxiao kept looking at the stairs from the passage the minute she got to her school.

She wanted to see whether Gu Ning would show up.

“Gu Ning is increasingly arrogant now! Not only has she hit you, she has also argued with your grandmother! Now she has even threatened you mother! I think she is going to despise your whole family!” Chen Ziyao said.

She mainly wanted to add fuel to the flames.

Chen Ziyao was way smarter than Gu Xiaoxiao.

Ever since Hao Ran and his bros regarded Gu Ning as their boss, she had been afraid of Gu Ning, but she hated Gu Ning as always.

Chen Ziyao had never been slapped by anyone, her parents included.

She couldnt accept the fact that Gu Ning had hit her, but out of fright, Chen Ziyao didnt dare to annoy Gu Ning herself.

Therefore, she tried to use Gu Xiaoxiaos hands to deal with Gu Ning.

If Gu Xiaoxiao had known about Chen Ziyaos scheme, she would have immediately broken off her relations with Chen Ziyao.

Unfortunately, she didnt know.

Instead, she was immediately irritated and retorted, “Impossible! She is a poor bastard.

What does she think she is to despise us!”

Although saying that, Gu Xiaoxiao did feel threatened by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had changed a lot these days.

She suddenly became so excellent at fighting, and even made good friends with those rich kids.

Thinking of that, Gu Xiaoxiao felt more annoyed and upset.

A vicious look appeared on her face.

“I will ruin her!” Gu Xiaoxiao said.

Chen Ziyao of course was happy to hear that.

That was exactly what she wanted.

Even though she doubted whether Gu Xiaoxiao could succeed or not, it had nothing to do with her after all.

“Look, Gu Ning is coming.” At the same time, Chen Ziyao saw that Gu Ning and others were downstairs.

Gu Xiaoxiao looked over.

There were many people around Gu Ning, which made her even more jealous.

“Its so disappointing.”

She was now eager to ruin Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning walked into her classroom, she almost knocked into Shao Feifei.

In the past, Shao Feifei would have sworn at her already, but now, she just glared at Gu Ning without saying a word.

Shao Feifei had the same feelings as Chen Ziyao.

She hated Gu Ning as usual, but didnt dare to do anything.

They all schemed to do something to get revenge on Gu Ning.

The head teacher came to the classroom during the morning class.

She informed the students there would be a monthly test this Friday.

When the morning class was almost over, Gu Ning received a message from Qin Yifan.

He was at the airport now, and would arrive at City F after two hours.

He told her to come to Yicui Jade-store with her jade if she was free this afternoon.

Qin Yifan couldnt wait to see the jade.

He knew the jade had to be special, but Qin Yifan would never have expected that it was a top-level jade, even as rare as the Kings Green.

Gu Ning also wanted to make the jewelry as soon as possible, so she agreed to go see Qin Yifan this afternoon.

The break was long, and Chu Peihan ran to the fourth classroom to play with Gu Ning and Yu Mixi.

Once Chu Peihan appeared, everyone in the classroom felt frightened.

They were all scared to be beaten by Chu Peihan.

Mu Ke, Hao Ran and his bros all wanted to go to Gu Ning as well, but since they were boys, they were afraid it might cause unnecessary gossip for Gu Ning.

Therefore they gave up at the end.

Gu Ning immediately left her school when the morning classes were over.

There was a black Hummer stopped by the road outside their school.

It attracted lots of attention.

The car was so cool.

It was a Hummer.

It must be super expensive.

It cost at least several million yuan.

Gu Ning was also attracted by that cool Hummer, but she just gave it two glances, then immediately left in a taxi.

Gu Ning didnt see the person in the Hummer, but he saw her.

Leng Shaoting was in the driver seat.

Leng Shaoting showed up for a reason.

He just flew here from City G.

He wasnt sure Gu Ning would come out this afternoon, but he still came to her school.

Coincidentally, he met her.

Seeing Gu Ning head off in a taxi, Leng Shaoting drove his car and immediately followed her.

Gu Ning didnt notice someone was following her.

She got out at the Commercial Building, then directly went into the supermarket.

She walked towards Yicui Jade-store afterwards.

In Yicui Jade-store, Qin Yifan had been waited for a long time.

The minute he had landed at 10 am, he came to his shop.

Although he knew Gu Ning wouldnt show up until 12:30 pm, he couldnt wait to get here.

Normally, Qin Yifan wouldnt stay in the store for longer than an hour for inspections, but this time, he had been here for over two hours.

All the staff felt nervous and confused.

When it was almost 12:20 pm, he kept looking at the entrance of the store.

Therefore, once Gu Ning appeared in his sight, he immediately ran over with excitement.

“Gu Ning, finally youre here! Come on, show me the jade!” Qin Yifan urged.

“Relax! Lets get inside first.” Gu Ning rolled her eyes.

It wasnt appropriate to take out such a priceless object in public.

Qin Yifan wore an embarrassed smile.

He immediately welcomed Gu Ning inside.

The minute Gu Ning stepped in, all the staff in Yicui Jade-store recognized her.

She had been here with the Kings Green last time, which was too shocking to forget.

Seeing their boss so excited, everyone thought the girl must have some valuable jade to sell again this time.

Thinking of that, the crowd couldnt stay calm any longer.

They all fixed their eyes on Gu Ning, but Qin Yifan guided Gu Ning walking to his office.

They couldnt see it for themselves, and were all disappointed.

Once the two were in the office, Qin Yifan invited Gu Ning to have a seat.

He then urged, “Now, can you show me the jade”

Gu Ning smiled resignedly.

She took off her backpack and opened it.

The jade was wrapped carefully.

She handed it to Qin Yifan.


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