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The gambling magnate of City M was also more influential than He Hongjie, but they minded their own business.

They werent allies, nor enemies.

Normally, when there was a huge gap between two people, it was hard for them to be enemies, because the stronger one didnt care much about the weaker one, while the weaker one didnt dare to annoy the stronger one.

It also depended on their wits and ambition.

Some ambitious people let ambition get the better of them so that they would do something they shouldnt do.

Because it was the anniversary of the He familys casino and the competition between the He brothers would also be held today, many people of different social status showed up.

When Gu Nings group arrived, it was around 1 pm, and the competition would begin at 2 pm.

Therefore, He Siyin guided them to have a rest in the VIP lounge; they still needed to talk about something in private.

They walked through the exclusive passage for the He family members, so others didnt see them.

He Siyin poured cups of tea for them after they were seated, then said to Gu Ning, “Well play three forms of gambling today.

One is Sic Bo, which is the routine.

As for the other two, each of the two parties can propose one, so you can choose the form youre best at.

Each form of gambling will be played for 10 rounds.

Whoever wins the most money wins the game.

Its not up to how many times you win.

As for the bet, two parties in the game can do a deal about it.

If youre willing to pay for the chips yourself, you take the money you win back home.

If you need my family to do that for you, the money you win will belong to us.

Its up to you.”

“I can buy the chips myself.” Without doubt, Gu Ning was going to make money for herself.

He Siyin agreed, and thought that it was a better idea.

It wasnt because she didnt trust Gu Ning, but because she knew little about her till now.

If Gu Ning was willing to pay the money herself, she would devote herself to the game.

As for the forms of gambling, Gu Ning didnt know much about it.

She was confident that she wouldnt lose while playing Sic Bo, and slot machine was another one with which she could make a fortune.

Accordingly, she asked, “Can I choose slot machine”

Hearing that, He Siyin was surprised.

It was a choice, but was also a little childish.

“Of course you can,” He Siyin said.

When it was 1:30 pm, He Siyin received a call, and walked out.

After a while, she came back with He Hongjie.

He Siyin introduced them to one another.

He Siyin had told He Hongjie that their helper was only 18, but Gu Ning showed up like a mature woman named Tang Aining today, which confused him.

He Siyin then explained the reason to him.

He Hongjie understood, because it was indeed a dangerous task.

If Gu Ning won today, it was likely that she would be in great trouble.

Although He Hongjie still had doubts, he chose to trust Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was his best and only choice now after all.

He Hongyuan arrived when it was 20 minutes away from 2 pm, and there were about 20 bodyguards around him.

He walked ahead of all them, followed by a 30-year-old man and He Yixi.

A lot of people were aware of todays scheme, but nobody dared to say anything about it.

“Isnt the man following behind Master Hongyuan, Fan Zhihao”

“It is!”

Fan Zhihao used to be the second apprentice of the gambling magnate in City M, but he betrayed his master and was chased away.

Even though he was notorious for his character, he was really good at gambling, and had learned many skills from the gambling magnate of City M.

“Did Master Hongyuan invite Fan Zhihao to play the game on behalf of him”

“It couldnt be more obvious!”

“It seems that the gambling magnate is in danger now.”

“I heard that the gambling magnate is losing his hearing.”

“I think the gambling magnate could have invited someone to help him too.”


Neither He Hongjie nor He Hongyuan would play the game in person today, because He Hongjie was losing his hearing while He Hongyuan didnt want to make any mistakes although he was also skilled at gambling.

Therefore, Gu Ning would attend the competition on behalf of He Hongjie, and Fan Zhihao would represent He Hongyuan.

Gu Ning was still absent now, so no one knew who would help He Hongjie.

In He Hongyuans eyes, he believed that He Hongjie had to play the game in person, because he had a spy by He Hongjies side.

What he didnt know was that the spy was already exposed, and He Hongjie told them that he would play the game in person on purpose to cover his real plan.

He Hongyuan and the others sat at the right side of the central gambling table in the hall.

Fan Zhihao was seated in the middle of the first row, and He Hongyuan along with He Yixi sat at his sides.

This gambling table was set for todays game.

“Where is He Hongjie Why is he still absent” He Hongyuan said loudly.

He made it sound like He Hongjie was scared of him.

“Master Hongyuan, why rush Its not 2 pm yet.” At this moment, a man in his early thirties walked over.

He was the eldest son of the He family, He Yishao.

He Yishao didnt seem worried or nervous at all, not because he was able to calm himself down, but because his father just told him that they had invited a talented gambler to help them out today.

Although they werent sure that she was going to win today, they were confident.

He Hongyuan was He Yishaos uncle, but He Yishao called him Master Hongyuan ever since they became enemies.

“It has nothing to do with time, but manners,” He Hongyuan said.

In fact, he couldnt wait a second longer to take over the He familys business.

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