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Jiang Xu went to deal with his business, while Gu Ning along with Gu Man and Gu Qing took a taxi heading to the Commercial Building in downtown.

Gu Ning proposed to buy clothes first, but was stopped by Gu Qing.

“Ningning, you already bought us clothes yesterday.

We dont need to waste more money on clothing.”

“Its not enough! My mom and I have dumped all of our old clothes.

We also need to buy new clothing.

Relax, were not going to buy the designer brands, but some common brands,” Gu Ning comforted.

They didnt need too many luxurious clothes.

Luxurious clothing was only for important or special occasions.

In daily life, they could wear ordinary clothes.

People wore designer brand just to show off.

Many medium-level brands were also of great quality.

Gu Qing listened to Gu Ning at the end.

They went to a medium-level brand of clothes to shop for Gu Man and Gu Qing.

Even though the brand was just medium-level, it was still a luxury for Gu Man and Gu Qing because they had never been to places like that.

Therefore, they were intimidated when they stepped in.

Gu Man and Gu Qing werent wearing good clothes, and seemed poor, plus both of them behaved in an unconfident way, so the saleswoman assumed that they couldnt afford anything.

Thus she didnt even bother to greet them.

Gu Ning ignored the saleswoman.

She guided Gu Qing and Gu Man, walking around casually.

If they liked it, they could buy something.

If they didnt like it, they would leave.

Gu Qing chose a piece of clothing.

She turned the price tag, and was shocked.

“Gee! It costs 1,800 yuan!” 1,800 yuan was her salary for half a month!

Although she knew the clothes Gu Ning had bought for them cost much more than that, she still though the price was too high when she saw it with her own eyes.

Meanwhile, a sarcastic female voice sounded, “If you cant afford a 1,800 yuan piece of clothing, then dont ever step in here.

Look at what youre wearing.

You only deserve cheap stuff.”

Gu Qing felt utterly embarrassed.

She lowered her head in shame.

Gu Ning was upset.

She looked to the woman, which was surprisingly familiar.

Gu Ning lifted the corner of her lips.

She looked evil, and called, “Oh, isnt this Ms Jin”

The woman heard Gu Nings voice.

Her face changed immediately.

“Who are you I-I dont know you!”

Gu Ning was now sure that the woman must have gone to get her jewelry identified, given that she was being so diffident.

If her jewelry had been real, she would have been mad to see Gu Ning again.

“Dont you remember It was last Sunday, in the jewelry store…” Gu Ning reminded her on purpose.

“Shut your mouth!” The woman panicked and interrupt Gu Ning.

“Whats wrong” At that time, a woman in her early forties dressed in an extravagant way walked over from the other side.

Her eyes rounded when she saw Gu Ning and her family.

Both Gu Qing and Gu Man were surprised and felt uneasy to meet the woman.

Gu Ning squinted her eyes with coldness.

The woman was Lin Lijuan, Gu Xiaoxiaos mother.

“Gu Qing, Gu Man, what are you doing here” Lin Lijuan asked in surprised.

It was beyond her imagination that Gu Qing and Gu Man would show up here.

In her eyes, they always wore cheap stuff from the street stalls.

Gu Qing and Gu Man didnt want to talk to Lin Lijuan at first, but they were relatives after all.

It wasnt appropriate if they ignored her question in the public.

Accordingly, Gu Qing said airily, “Were just here to have a look.”

Gu Qing didnt want her to know that they were here to shop.

In front of Lin Lijuan, they preferred to pretend to be poor forever.

“Oh, I thought you picked up money on the roads, and you dare to walk in a place like that!” Hearing that, Lin Lijuan suddenly changed her tone.

She didnt bother to hide her complete disdain.

“Lin, do you know them” the woman asked.

“Yeah, yeah.

Ive told you about them before.

Theyre my sisters-in-law.” Lin Lijuan sneered.

It seemed Lin Lijuan had badmouthed Gu Qing and Gu Man often behind their backs.

The woman immediately looked at Gu Man and Gu Qing with intense dislike.

But since Gu Ning was here too, she didnt dare to laugh at them.

“Gu Man, you were brave to move out from the old house, rather than apologize to us.” Although Lin Lijuan was still mad at Gu Ning.

Gu Man and Gu Ning had paid for their behavior.

Thus she wasnt as annoyed as before, but now, seeing that Gu Qing was with Gu Man, Lin Lijuan believed that Gu Qing must have let Gu Man stay with her.

She was immediately irritated.

“Gu Qing, did you let Gu Man stay with you Our mother has made it clear.

If you dare to let Gu Man stay with you, we wont help you anymore.”

It sounded like they had helped Gu Qing.

Gu Ning, who had been ignored, couldnt help laughing in an ironic way.

Lin Lijuan didnt notice Gu Ning until now, but when she looked to Gu Ning, she was amazed at her first glance.

Yes, she was amazed, because Gu Ning was totally different now.

Gu Ning was more beautiful than before, and she didnt abase herself before anyone any longer.

She looked elegant to some extent.

“That makes it sound like the Gu Family has ever helped my aunt.

As far as I know, my aunt had relied on herself ever since she got married.” Gu Ning stared at Lin Lijuan.

She didnt bother to hide her complete dislike either.

Lin Lijuan immediately wore an unpleasant face.

She was embarrassed by Gu Nings words in public.

Then, Gu Qing followed up.

“Lin Lijuan, lets be clear.

We have never ever received your help! Besides, Gu Man doesnt stay with me now.”

She had indeed never received help from Gu Qinxiang.

She wouldnt let Lin Lijuan take advantage of her.

“You…” Lin Lijuans face seemed more unpleasant.

But she couldnt deny the truth.


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