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793 Tang Yunfan“s Proposal

It was easy to find the answer by having a DNA paternity testing.

However, the “man” on the phone must be sure that Gong Zhengyang was his son.

Yao Guanghui was still in shock, and didnt notice when the phone was hung up.

He kept thinking about Gong Zhengyang.

His refusal to believe and accept it gradually became anger.

He couldnt wait a second longer to question Gong Zhengyang for the reason, but managed to calm himself down in the end.

Yao Guanghui was a sophisticated man after all, so he knew how to compose his face.

Gong Zhengyang and Yao Lihui werent home yet, and Yao Guanghui decided to search for Gong Zhengyangs hair in their room.

Gong Zhengyang married into the Yao family, so he lived in the Yao familys house.

The couple also had their own house, but they spent most of their time in the Yao familys spacious house.

Yao Guanghui lived on the second floor, while Gong Zhengyang and Yao Guanghuis room was on the third floor.

He walked out of the study and went upstairs to the third floor without delay, then entered Gong Zhengyang and Yao Lihuis room.

He searched for a while on the pillow, and successfully found several pieces of Gong Zhengyangs hair.

He wrapped them up at once, and quickly left for his study.

Yao Guanghui planned to stay in his study all day long, because he was unwilling to meet Gong Zhengyang when they got back home.

He was afraid that he might lose control of himself and punch Gong Zhengyang right in front of Yao Lihui.

If it was true that Gong Zhengyang was his love child, it was impossible for him to accept him.

Gong Zhengyangs existence was a threat to his life, and also a humiliation to his family.

Once the shocking news went abroad, the Yao familys reputation would be ruined, and it would also affect its family business.

Yao Guanghui would never allow it to happen.

Mercy to his enemies was cruelty to himself.

He wasnt someone who would be cruel to himself, so he had tried to kill a kid for his reputation many years ago.

However, he had failed, and the kid became a bomb which could explode anytime.

He never liked Gong Zhengyang, even when he had no idea that Gong Zhengyang was his love child, because Gong Zhengyang was a poor young man without any great achievements.

Yao Lihui, however, loved Gong Zhengyang to death, and threatened him that she would rather die if he didnt approve of their marriage.

He agreed unwillingly in the end.

Gong Zhengyang had performed well in the company during the past years, so he didnt think further about it.

To his astonishment, Gong Zhengyang married into the Yao family for his revenge.

Even though Yao Guanghui had already accepted the shocking news that the mysterious “man” had told him on the phone, he still had doubts, and wished that it wasnt true.

Either way, he had to do a DNA paternity test.

A while later, Gong Zhengyang and Yao Lihui got back home.

They walked inside hand in hand, and looked like a sweet loving couple.

They had been married for three years now, but still stayed together every second like newlyweds.

It was just a false appearance.

Gong Zhengyang was a very sexy, handsome, humorous and considerate gentlemen, which was the most attractive kind of man to women, and Yao Lihui fell deeply in love with him at first glance.

Although it was a false appearance, it was undeniable that Gong Zhengyang was a talented actor, and nobody in the Yao family knew who he really was, but treated him better over time.

Gong Zhengyang was very kind to them all, and worked hard as well, but didnt show any ambition, so the Yao family trusted him and let him be the Financial Controller.

“Hi, everyone, were home!” Yao Lihui said with a broad smile on her face the second she was home.

“Welcome home, baby,” Yao Lihuis mother hugged her with a smile.

After that, they chatted with each other in the living room like a happy family.

Hearing Gong Zhengyangs voice, Yao Guanghui trembled in anger, but he did his best to calm himself down, and stayed in the study.

He didnt sleep at all that night.

When it was about 6 am in the morning, Gu Ning heard some noises outside from the yard.

She woke up and got up to see what was going on there.

She was surprised by the group of people standing in the front yard.

What are they doing here

All the members of the Tang family gathered together here today.

Some were busy placing roses, and some were organizing balloons.

In an instant, Gu Ning realized that Tang Yunfan was going to propose.

She smiled, then took a picture of the scene.

Tang Yunfan and the rest decorated the yard with countless red roses and pink balloons.

Without a doubt, it must have been Tang Yunfans idea.

The setting wasnt new, but he did his best.

Moreover, Tang Yunfan was going to propose to Gu Man right in front of all of his family members!

All of a sudden, Gu Ning thought of Leng Shaoting, and wondered how he would propose to her in the future.

She wouldnt accept a simple proposal anyway.

Qiao Ya didnt have as good hearing as Gu Ning did, but she also heard the noise 10 minutes later.

She got up as well, and noticed what they were doing from the window in her room.

Qiao Ya was also touched, and hoped that she could have a romantic proposal too, even if it was the simplest one.

There were many of them busy decorating the front yard, but they kept their movements light in case they woke up the people sleeping in the house, so it took them a long time to finish the decoration.

Light started appearing a little in the sky at 6:30, but Gu Man was still sleeping, so they had to wait for a while longer.

Nevertheless, they didnt lose their patience, and waited with anticipation.

The sky was almost bright when it was 7 am, and Gu Man finally got up and walked downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya were already in the living room when Gu Man was walking down the stairs.

Both of them got up early every day, so Gu Man didnt think that it was different today.

Gu Ning walked forward and pulled her outside once Gu Man came into the living room.

“Where are we going” Gu Man asked with confusion.

“Youll know!” Gu Ning said.

The door was opened, and all the members of the Tang family looked over at the door with excitement.

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