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781 Big Trouble

They had damaged the shop, but hadnt hurt anyone in it, so they would be arrested and kept in the police station for 15 days at the most as long as they could pay the compensation.

If Gu Ning was determined to put them in jail, she would be bullying them with power, which Gu Ning hated.

The mastermind was the one who should be severely punished after all.

Before long, they arrived at the Earth Nightclub, and Tian was already waiting for them at the outside parking lot.

Seeing the police car, Tian frowned a little.

He didnt know that it came here along with Gu Ning, so he was confused.

After a short while, Gu Ning got out of the van.

Tian walked forward at once.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu.”

“Nice to see you too, Tian Ge,” Gu Ning said.

“Liu Zhongming is waiting in the private room.

Our manager is a little busy now, so hes absent, but he said that you can deal with Liu Zhongming anyway you want,” Tian said.

Hearing that, the eight hoodlums were in despair.

It turned out that this young girl indeed had a close relationship with Manager Lu.

“Thanks!” Gu Ning replied.

Gu Ning didnt want to affect the business of the Earth Nightclub, so she told Tong Chao and the other two to take off their police uniforms before they followed Tian inside.

The Earth Nightclub was open 24/7, so it was still crowded and noisy inside.

Liu Zhongming was waiting in a private room on the third floor, and there were two bodyguards watching him.

Liu Zhongming was a middle manager in the Earth Nightclub, which was the reason why he could make friends with Zheng Wenhao who was born in a rich family.

He didnt know why Manager Lu wanted to meet him at this moment, so he thought that he was safe.

While he was waiting for Manager Lu, he sat at ease on the sofa enjoying his tea.

Tian guided Gu Ning and the others so they arrived soon.

The second the door was pushed open, Liu Zhongming thought that Manager Lu was coming in, and stood up at once.

However, Tian showed up instead.

He was struck dumb when he saw the bunch of hoodlums walked inside in twos and threes.

Seeing them, he realized that something must be wrong.

Those hoodlums, however, didnt dare to meet his eyes, and lowered their heads with a guilty conscience.

“T-Tian Ge, whats going on here” Liu Zhongming asked, trying to stay calm.

Tian Ge didnt answer Liu Zhongmings question, but said to Gu Ning with great respect, “Miss Gu, this is Liu Zhongming; you can do whatever you like to him.”

“Tian Ge, this…” Liu Zhongming rounded his eyes in shock.

Gu Ning nodded at Tian Ge, then turned to stare at Liu Zhongming.

Her eyes were so cold that Liu Zhongming moved a step backwards in fear.

“I bet you must know why Im here.

As long as you tell me who the mastermind was and pay the compensation of two million yuan, you can leave, or your life will be in danger,” Gu Ning said.

Not only was Gu Ning going to ask the Zheng family for compensation, but she also asked Liu Zhongming for it.

They had to pay for what they had done.

Luckily, none of the staff was injured, so Gu Ning was willing to punish them lightly.

“What” Liu Zhongming didnt know what he should do now.

He could pay two million yuan at the most, but it was very difficult for him to tell Gu Ning who the mastermind was.

Zheng Wenhao was his close friend, and he was reluctant to betray him.

However, if he didnt do it, his life would be in danger.

“Say a name!” Tian Ge opened his mouth.

Liu Zhongming was frightened, then told them everything.

It was Zheng Wenhao who had given him a hundred thousand yuan to damage the beauty salon.

When Liu Zhongming was confessing, Tong Chao recorded it with his phone.

After that, Liu Zhongming transferred two million yuan to Gu Nings bank account as compensation, and Gu Nings group left for Hetian Group.

Because Gu Ning decided to drop the whole thing, Liu Zhongming wasnt fired, but he was demoted to the grassroots level.

Liu Zhongming was unwilling to accept it, but didnt dare to complain.

Zheng Wenhao was the cause of his demotion, and he began to blame Zheng Wenhao for it.

If it hadnt been for Zheng Wenhao, he wouldnt have lost a large amount of money and his position in the middle management.

After thinking for a long while, Liu Zhongming decided to ask Zheng Wenhao for the two million yuan.

Two million yuan was merely nothing in Zheng Wenhaos eyes, but it was all the money he had!

Afterwards, he called Zheng Wenhao.

“Zheng Wenhao, youve brought me big trouble!” Liu Zhongming snapped at Zheng Wenhao the moment his call was answered.

“What do you mean” Zheng Wenhao frowned, and felt displeased about his unkind attitude.

Zheng Wenhao didnt think that Liu Zhongming called him because of the beauty salon, because he thought that it was unimportant after all.

“What do I mean You told me to damage the beauty salon without figuring out about its backing, and now Ive been punished because of your stupid decision!” Liu Zhongming raised his voice in anger.

“What” Zheng Wenhao got nervous.

“Whos the beauty salons boss” he asked.

“I dont know who she is, but I do know that shes close to Manager Lu.

Did you know what Manager Lu said to her He told her to punish me as she wants!” Liu Zhongming said.

“She demanded compensation of two million yuan, so you must transfer it to my account right now!”

What The boss of the beauty salon is close to Manager Lu

Hearing that, Zheng Wenhao was astonished.

Manager Lu was the most senior manager in the Earth Nightclub, and held an important position in the Kirin Gang.

If the boss of the beauty salon was close to him, he really had caused big trouble.

Although the Zheng family was a very rich family in City B, they didnt want to mess with the gangs.

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