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779 Meet a Female Ghos

“Seriously You two are scaring me,” Wu Xuanjie said and felt nervous.

Wu Xuanjie, in fact, believed in ghosts, because he had encountered a strange thing before.

When he was 15, his grandfather passed away, so he went back to his hometown along with his parents.

However, his younger cousin who was eight that year fell unconscious all of a sudden on the day that his grandfather was buried, even though he wasnt injured or sick.

An old man said that his grandfather loved his younger cousin so much when his grandfather was alive, so his grandfather was unwilling to leave his younger cousin, and took his younger cousins soul away with him, which was the reason why his younger cousin was unconscious.

If they wanted to save his younger cousins life, they must open his grandfathers grave, and set his younger cousins soul free.

After that, a group of people went to open his grandfathers grave, and an old man in their village said something that he didnt understand.

Before long, his younger cousin woke up.

It could also be a coincidence, but Wu Xuanjie began to believe in superstitions ever since.

“Oh, right, I read it on the Internet that this place is haunted,” Tong Chao said after thinking for a while.

“Ive read the horrifying news about this haunted place as well! Five years ago, residents here all moved away because demolition work was about to begin at this place, but a girl was raped to death one day before the demolition.

When they destroyed the building the next day, the girls brain was pressed out of her head!” Hu Yiming said, and his face turned pale in fear.

After a second, Hu Yiming added, “The demolition stopped for a few weeks, and it didnt go on until they cleaned the body.

However, many people died in the construction site one after another, so the demolition stopped forever.

Once the news went abroad, nobody dared to take over this project.”

Hearing the terrifying story, Wu Xuanjies body trembled a little, and felt scared.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, stayed calm, and thought about whether this place was really haunted.

Ever since she had run into zombies, Gu Ning didnt think that a ghost was a strange thing.

“Goddess Gu, dont you think its scary” Seeing Gu Ning being so calm, Tong Chao asked with curiosity.

“Not at all!” Gu Ning replied.

Gu Nings reaction embarrassed them.

They were three adult men while she was a young girl, but she wasnt scared at all, while they were terrified.

“There are two explanations for it.

First, the girls ghost kept causing trouble; second, the girls family did it on purpose to get revenge for the girl on the land developer, but nobody has proof.

Anyway, no land developer dares to develop this land anymore, and nobody dares to walk in it either,” Tong Chao said.

“Im going inside.

Do you dare to follow me” Gu Ning asked.

“What” They were all shocked.

“Goddess Gu, what are you going to do inside” Wu Xuanjie asked.

“Those hoodlums are right inside,” Gu Ning said, then opened the car door.

Gu Ning didnt force them to follow her, because this wasnt a safe place, and not everyone had the courage to walk inside.

Although Gu Ning wasnt sure whether the story was real, she was more interested in this place.

If there was a real female ghost, she could strike a deal with it, or destroy it with fire as she had done to the zombies.

Gu Ning was confident that she could handle it.

Tong Chao and the other two policemen disliked this place, but Gu Ning, who was a young girl didnt care about it at all.

It would be humiliating if they, who were three adult men, quit at this moment.

Therefore, seeing Gu Ning getting out, they followed her at once, and walked towards the abandoned buildings.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes along the way to check the inside and outside of the abandoned old buildings.

She wondered whether she could find the female ghost in the story.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning sensed a cold look, and she looked over without delay.

There was a woman standing in the ruins of the first destroyed building, and she was staring straight at Gu Ning.

She looked very young and was in her early twenties.

She was wearing a short cheongsam and had long curly hair and a pale face.

This woman was exactly the female ghost in the story.

There was indeed a female ghost!

When the female ghost met Gu Nings eyes, it was shocked, because it knew that this young girl could see it.

After that, the female ghost tried to run out, but it stepped backwards once it met light.

It couldnt leave darkness, and would faint in light, so it could only wake up at night.

“Hey, can you hear me Help me please!” the female ghost shouted at Gu Ning.

It wasnt sure whether Gu Ning could hear it, but it was hopeful since Gu Ning could see it.

The female ghost sounded anxious and sincere.

In fact, Gu Ning heard it, and only Gu Ning could hear it, but Gu Ning was busy dealing with something else right now, so she ignored the female ghost and turned her head away after a few seconds.

The female ghost thought that Gu Ning couldnt hear it, and started to doubt whether Gu Ning had really seen it.

It was impossible for a human being to see a ghost, and a normal human being would be scared if they saw a ghost.

Thinking of that, the female ghost was disappointed.

They went to the room where the eight men stayed, and Gu Ning kicked the door open without delay.

With a loud sound, the door was kicked open and the men inside got a fright.

Even Tong Chao and the others were surprised by her physical strength.

“Who…” Those men inside got mad at once, and were about to swear at Gu Ning, but they shut their mouths the moment they saw the three policemen.

Gu Ning wasnt in the mood to argue with them, so she dashed straight ahead.

Tong Chao and the others, of course, followed her.

Those hoodlums began to fight back, but they had all drunk beer, and couldnt move fast, so they didnt have time to use their sticks when they were involved in the fierce fight.

Tong Chao and his friends were well-trained policemen, but they were still barely comparable to Gu Ning.

It took a long time for them to beat a man down by working together, while Gu Ning was able to defeat several men in seconds by herself.

When the three of them beat a man, Gu Ning had already defeated five hoodlums.

Tong Chao and his friends felt embarrassed because they were three adult men but werent as strong as a young girl.

However, they werent jealous of Gu Ning at all, but admired her more than ever.

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