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775 Gu Ning“s Influence

Other people in the shop were all shocked by their words, and the way they addressed Gu Ning.

Why did they become Goddess Gus loyal fans Why were they willing to lose their jobs for her, and even hoped to work for her

Anyway, the three young policemen were upright young men.

It was Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmeis fault after all.

Gu Ning understood that they were very honest and sincere, so Gu Ning was willing to give them a chance.

“Sure, if you lose your job one day or you want to quit your current job, you can contact me.

I promise that youll get a better salary in my company.”

They had protected her at the cost of losing their job, so she would treat them well.

As policemen, they were trustworthy men too.

It wasnt likely that they could become senior workers right away, but it was easy for them to be middle workers, and they could become senior workers if they had the ability sooner or later.

Afterwards, Gu Ning gave them her name card.

The three policemen were struck dumb for a second, then got thrilled.

They took Gu Nings name card without delay, in case she drew it back if they were a second late.


“Thank you so much, Goddess Gu!”

“I hope that we can meet again soon.”

Gu Ning smiled.

“See you in the future.”

“Sure!” The three policemen beamed.

They didnt lack a job, but just wanted to work with Gu Ning.

The three policemen left later.

“Manager Ding, lets go to finish the legal procedure!” Gu Ning looked at Manager Ding who was still shocked.

“Oh, right.” Hearing Gu Nings voice, Manager Ding got her mind back and walked outside with Gu Ning.

Once they were gone, the staff in the beauty salon began to discuss it.

“Who is that girl She doesnt care about the Zheng family!”

“The three policemen called her Goddess Gu, and theyre even willing to lose their jobs for her.”

“Im so curious!”

“If she takes over this beauty salon, can we stay”

“No idea.

Who knows.”

“I hope that we can stay.

I think that Miss Gu isnt a simple girl.”

“She seems very confident and successful.”

Most of the staff had positive comments on Gu Ning, but there was a beautician who disliked Gu Ning out of jealousy.

“I think Ive heard the title “Goddess Gu” somewhere before, but I cant remember now,” a female staff member said.

Hearing that, the others all looked to her.

“Really Youve heard of her name”

They were all curious.

“She isnt a star, or famous, and there isnt any news about her on the Internet.

Where could you have learned her name” the beautician said with disdain.

She didnt think that Gu Ning was a goddess, but just an ordinary pretty girl.

However, when she mentioned the word “Internet”, the female staff remember at once.

“Oh, yes.

I read her name on the Internet!”

Saying that, she took out her phone and searched Gu Nings name.

“No way!”

The others were all surprised.

They even guessed whether Gu Ning was really a star.

Without delay, they also took out their phones to search for news about Goddess Gu.

In a minute, they found countless pieces of news about Goddess Gu.

When they saw the photos of Goddess Gu on the Internet, they were astonished.

“Jesus, That girl is really Goddess Gu!”

After reading the news about Gu Ning, they were shocked once more.

“No wonder the three policemen admire Gu Ning so much.

Ive become her fan now too.”

“Indeed! Shes saved so many peoples lives.”

“Oh, shes also the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry!”

“Its one of the most popular jewelry brands right now!”

“Ah! Why didnt I take a photo with her just then!”

They were all excited to find out that Gu Ning was Goddess Gu, and the beautician who was jealous of Gu Ning felt a little embarrassed.

After a while, Manager Ding came back, and she told them that the beauty salon was going to have brand new furnishing and decoration.

It was also up to them whether they wanted to stay or not.

Hearing that, they all said that they wanted to stay.

Manager Ding was surprised by their excitement.

She understood that they wanted to keep their jobs, because it was difficult to find a new job.

However, their unusual enthusiasm was really confusing.

Right when Manager Ding was about to ask them, they told her the reason.

“We are, of course, willing to work for Goddess Gu!”

“I believe that Goddess Gu is able to run this beauty salon well.”

“Me too! I think that we can live a better life if shes the boss.”

They all changed their way of addressing Gu Ning after just a short while, which proved that they admired Gu Ning from their hearts.

Manager Ding, on the other hand, was still confused.

“Why do you call her Goddess Gu as well”

“Look at this.” A beautician showed Manager Ding the screen of her phone.

After reading the news, Manager Ding was also amazed.

She didnt expect that her new boss could be so unbelievable.

Nobody in Fengshang Shopping Mall hadnt heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry, and she knew that it was a very successful brand.

After reading the news, Manager Ding was more confident about her future.

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