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“Oh, Im all ears,” Tang Xinrui said.

She, of course, stayed alert, because she wasnt close to Mi Jiamei after all, and she didnt believe that they could share secrets with each other.

Mi Jiamei stared at Tang Xinrui for a while, then wore a wry smile.

“To be honest with you, I have deep sympathy for you.”

“Why” Tang Xinrui understood what Mi Jiamei was talking about, but she pretended that she didnt know.

“Well.” Mi Jiamei also understood what was on Tang Xinruis mind now.

It was understandable that Tang Xinrui distrusted her.

Mi Jiamei had a sip of the drink before she said, “I have deep sympathy for you because your father treats your so unfairly.”

“Arent you afraid that my father will be mad at you if he hears that” Tang Xinrui squinted at Mi Jiamei.

Was Mi Jiamei helping her father test her If so, it was quite disgusting, but she already got used to it.

“If you dont tell him, he wont know,” Mi Jiamei said.

It was obvious that she wouldnt tell Tang Weiyong herself.

“I know that you dont trust me.

Its fine.

You can just listen to me.”

Tang Xinrui didnt say a word, but just looked at her.

“We all clearly know what kind of person Tang Xinjie is and your father is.

I dislike your fathers unfair treatment towards you, but I can do nothing about it.

Im a woman too, and my father treated me exactly the same way as yours.

He made me sell my body for money so that my younger brother could go to school.

I feel for you, so I want to help you,” Mi Jiamei said.

She seemed sincere.

Even so, Tang Xinrui still didnt trust her.

“Oh, you want to help me How” Tang Xinrui asked with a calm face.

“The only way out is cut your relationship with your father and go live your own life.

No matter what youre trying to do now, its doomed to failure,” Mi Jiamei said plainly.

Hearing that, Tang Xinruis face was expressionless.

In fact, Tang Xinrui knew that Tang Weiyong wouldnt allow her to inherit his wealth no matter how hard she worked for it, but she wasnt willing to give up what belonged to her.

“Why” Tang Xinrui asked.

She suddenly had the feeling that Mi Jiamei would tell her the reason.

Would it be the same as her guess

“Do you think that your father doesnt know what youve been doing behind his back He spoils Tang Xinjie again and again to let you deal with him, and make you believe that he still has hopes for him to distract your attention.

In fact, the real heir isnt Tang Xinjie,” Mi Jiamei said.

“What” Hearing that, Tang Xinrui panicked.

Her father knew everything The real heir wasnt Tang Xinjie

Tang Xinrui guessed it correctly.

However, she was still shocked when she heard it with her own ears.

The most surprising fact was that Tang Weiyong already knew that she was scheming against Tang Xinjie.

“Its just a waste of time, and its hard to say whether your father can succeed.

Your father is no match for the Tang family,” Mi Jiamei said.

No matter how calculating Tang Weiyong was, he was merely an abandoned dog compared with the Tang family that was a real tiger.

Without a doubt, the tiger would win the game with a dog.

Even though Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng were both unconscious now, nobody knew whether it was real.

They were healthy, but couldnt wake up.

Mi Jiamei thought that they probably did that on purpose.

She, of course, wouldnt tell Tang Weiyong her doubt because she didnt want to see him succeed.

It was already very nice of her that she didnt expose him.

“Why are you telling me now” Tang Xinrui got nervous, staring straight at Mi Jiamei with confusion.

“Dont you know that youre betraying my father by telling me that Arent you afraid that youll get in trouble.”

“Betray” Mi Jiamei laughed.

“Tang Xinrui, do you really think that your father still has my loyalty”

“What” Tang Xinrui was surprised again.

“Its true that I was loyal to your father because he saved my life back then, and I was grateful to him,” Mi Jiamei said, then her face changed all of a sudden, and was full of strong hatred.

“However, your father is exactly the same as mine.

They both sold me to get what they wanted.

I already have AIDS now, and suffer from a malignant tumor.

I wont survive long, and I dont care whether Ive betrayed him.”

“What” Tang Xinrui was stunned.

Mi Jiamei had AIDS!

Mi Jiamei, on the other hand, stayed calm, because she already accepted it.

“Since you have AIDS, youre still having sex with my father.

Is he…” Tang Xinrui was still in shock.

Mi Jiamei wouldnt survive the malignant tumor, but she was curious about how seriously Tang Weiyong had AIDS.

Although Tang Xinrui knew that Mi Jiamei infected Tang Weiyong with AIDS on purpose, she wasnt annoyed at all, but felt quite delighted.

She admitted that she was cold-blooded, but her father had treated her like that beforehand.

She never felt the affectionate relationship between a father and daughter when she was with Tang Weiyong.

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