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Chapter 749 Gu Ning Dines with Qi Ziyue

Gu Ning didnt have any grudges against him yet, so it wasnt a big deal that he recognized her now, but she just felt uncomfortable.

“I read the news about you on Weibo that youve cut out over 30 successive pieces of jade in City Teng, right And your name is Tang Aining” Qi Ziyue had a deep impression of the shocking news, but he also had a guilty conscience saying that name.

Anyway, he would love to make friends with such an outstanding woman if it was possible.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was surprised.

She also noticed his uneasiness when he mentioned the name, Tang Aining.

She thought that they would feel quite bothered if she used that name to socialize with them.

“Yeah, its me.” Gu Ning beamed.

Although she hated Qi Ziyue very much, she had to pretend to be friendly since she planned to bother them.

“Ha-ha, its so nice to meet you, Miss Tang,” Qi Ziyue said.

In fact, he could remember this name just because it was the same as the name of the girl who had been killed by them.

“Oh, please allow me to introduce myself.

My names Qi Ziyue,” Qi Ziyue said.


“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Qi,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Miss Tang, are you here to dine with your friends” Qi Ziyue asked.

“I had an appointment with my friend, but something just came up and she cant come.

Im about to leave now,” Gu Ning said.

“Well, if you dont mind, would you please share a meal with us” Qi Ziyue invited Gu Ning to dine with them.

“I admire your stone-gambling skills very much, and I hope that we can be friends.” Qi Ziyue was kind and sincere.

“Um, will your friends mind” Gu Ning pretended that it wasnt an easy decision for her to make.

“Of course they wont,” Qi Ziyue said.

“Theyll also feel honored to see you.”

Given the fame of “Tang Aining”, there were only a few people who werent willing to see her.

“Its my honor as well!” Gu Ning agreed to dine with them in the end.

Actually, she couldnt be more familiar with them, so she wouldnt feel uneasy during the meal.

After that, Gu Ning followed Qi Ziyue into their private room.

In the private room, there was one more man in addition to Secretary Zhang and Tang Yaxin, and Gu Ning was surprised to see him.

He was Mu Wenqi.

Seeing Qi Ziyue walking in with a strange woman, everyone in the private room was struck dumb for a second.

Even though Mu Wenqi had met Gu Ning once before, he failed to recognize her now.

Tang Yaxin frowned and gave Gu Ning a cold glance.

She thought that Gu Ning looked familiar, but didnt remember where she had seen her.

“Please let me introduce you.

This is the famous queen of jade, Tang Aining, who cut out over 30 successive pieces of jade in City Teng,” Qi Ziyue said to the others around the table.

He understood that this Tang Aining wasnt the girl they knew before, but he still felt a little nervous.

“What This lady is the queen of jade, Tang Aining” Hearing that, they were all astonished.

Tang Yaxin, on the other hand, panicked a little when she heard the name Tang Aining.

She knew that the girl was already dead, but she somehow still felt anxious.

At the same time, she was also curious about how Qi Ziyue met the woman.

Apart from that, she felt jealous of the woman who was obviously more beautiful than her.

Mu Wenqi and Secretary Zhang stood up at once, and greeted Gu Ning politely.

It wasnt a bad thing if they could make friends with such a famous figure.

“Miss Tang, your stone-gambling skills are really amazing! Ive never heard of anyone else cutting out over 30 successive pieces of jade at a time before,” Mu Wenqi said.

“Indeed!” Secretary Zhang agreed.

It was the most shocking news in the stone-gambling industry now, and it was even more shocking than the news that the Wang family, which used to be one of the three largest raw material developers in City Teng, had fallen into a dramatic decline overnight.

Although it was very shocking, it wasnt uncommon to see a rich family fall into decline.

However, it was very rare to see a person cut out three or four pieces of jade at a time, let alone over 30! Most people couldnt cut out a single piece of valuable jade during many years.

Since she was able to cut out so many pieces of jade, she must have become super-rich within a short time.

“Miss Tang, I even thought that you could have a pair of Jade Eyes, and can see whats inside the jade raw materials,” Qi Ziyue joked.

Although it was just a joke, it actually hit the point.

In the beginning, Gu Ning felt nervous when people joked about that, but now she was already used to it.

“Well, I dont have Jade Eyes, but I do have a unique way to gamble on stones,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

It meant that she wouldnt share it with other people, so the others didnt ask further.

“Miss Tang, please have a seat,” Qi Ziyue said, and invited her to sit by his side.

After they were seated, Qi Ziyue introduced the others to her.

Tang Yaxin was a little cold, but Gu Ning didnt mind it.

They kept on chatting and ignored Tang Yaxin, which displeased her.

“Miss Tang, were you born in City B” Qi Ziyue asked.

“Not really.

I was born in City D, and I came here to visit my friends,” Gu Ning said.

Qi Ziyue took out his name card and gave it to Gu Ning at this moment.

“Miss Tang, this is my name card.

Please take it, and feel free to call me if you go to the capital in the future.”

“Thanks.” Gu Ning took it.

Tang Yaxin frowned and glared at Qi Ziyue, but she knew that Qi Ziyue was expanding his network, so she didnt say anything.

Afterwards, Mu Wenqi and Secretary Zhang also handed Gu Ning their name cards, and Gu Ning took them as well.

“I dont have name cards.

Please remember my phone number.” Since she took their name cards, it would be impolite if she didnt tell them her phone number.

Gu Ning had a phone number which wasnt under her ID card, so she decided to tell them that one.

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