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Chapter 681 A Murder, Not an Accident

Gu Ning gave an order to Tang Haifengs bodyguard and Tang Yunhangs secretary.

Although she wasnt in the position to order them to do something for her, they were in a special situation now.

Tang Haifengs bodyguard walked out, but Tang Yunhangs security guard stood still, because he only followed Tang Yunhangs orders.

Tang Yunhang nodded at him, and he walked out.

When they were both gone and the door was closed, Gu Ning said, “Grandpa, please open your eyes now.”

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng opened his eyes at once, which surprised everyone in the room.

“What-whats going on here” Didnt Gu Ning tell them that Master Tang was still unconscious

“Actually, its an attempted murder, not an accident.

In order to find out who the mastermind behind it is, grandpa must pretend to be unconscious for a few days like what my father is doing now.

We can spread the news that grandpa is in danger, and I think that our enemy will take action in a couple of days,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that it was an attempted murder, they were all mad.

“Our family will encounter trouble in the following days, but its necessary for us to go through it in order to get rid of more trouble,” Gu Ning added.

At this moment, Leng Shaoting and two traffic policemen arrived at the hospital.

Tang Haifengs driver went to deal with the car with the traffic police, while Leng Shaoting left his car to He Qiming.

Leng Shaotings car was damaged, but it wasnt very serious, so it could be fixed.

Although he didnt lack money, he wouldnt waste money either.

The car cost over two million yuan, and it only took five hundred thousand yuan to fix it.

When they came to the patient room, they were stopped by Tang Haifengs bodyguard.

Leng Shaoting understood that it must be Gu Nings order, so he accepted it.

The two traffic policemen recognized Tang Yunhangs secretary, so they didnt dare to disobey the order.

In the patient room, Gu Ning finished the discussion with the others, and opened the door after Tang Haifeng closed his eyes again and lay on the bed.

“Nice to see you, Secretary Tang and Director Cao!” Seeing Tang Yunhang and Cao Ruihua, the two traffic policemen greeted them with great respect.

This was the first time that they had met those two important figures face to face.

“Secretary Tang, we come here to learn the condition of Master Tang,” a traffic policeman said.

“Sure,” Tang Yunhang said, then turned to his secretary.

“Go find the doctor.”

His secretary then went to find the doctor.

In the meantime, a traffic policeman reported to Tang Yunhang on the car crash.

Although it was an attempted murder, they didnt have solid proof to prove it.

After all, the brakes were broken, so it seemed to be an accident.

“Secretary Tang, I think that we can only wait until the driver who caused the crash wakes up,” the other traffic policeman said.

Tang Yunhang nodded and didnt say anything further.

After a short while, the doctor came and told the two traffic policemen about Tang Haifengs condition.

After hearing the result, the two traffic policemen left.

“Im afraid that we cant keep it a secret for too long, because many people will come to visit father.

We must arrange for more guards to protect fathers safety in case someone will try to kill father in the hospital,” Tang Yunhang said.

After that, several ace bodyguards came over to guard at the door.

Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong stayed to take care of Tang Haifeng, and the others left.

Tang Haifeng was fine now after all, so there was no need for all of them to stay.

Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong werent busy, so they were able to stay in the hospital to take care of Tang Haifeng, but both Cao Ruihua and Tang Yunhang were very busy.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went back to Huafu Hills together.

On the way, Gu Ning called Tang Yunfan and told him about what had happened.

Hearing the bad news, Tang Yunfan was astonished as well as worried.

Gu Ning also told him her plan and Tang Yunfan agreed, so he had to keep on pretending to be unconscious.

When Gu Ning was back in her house, she didnt mention the car crash at all, because Tang Haifeng was safe now.

She just chatted and played games with her friends for fun.

When it was almost 5 pm Gu Man invited Gu Nings friends to stay for dinner, so they all stayed.

The release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm was soon reported by the media, and it attracted a lot of attention from the public.

Countless Internet users left many comments on it.

Those who worked for Gu Ning also reposted the pictures and videos of the release conference on Weibo.

When Gu Nings fans watched her short speech at the conference, they were all impressed

“OMG, Goddess Gu, are you sure that youre just 18”

“I think that shes a really successful businesswoman.”

“Goddess Gu, I believe that Jade Beauty Jewelry will be super popular, and its designers along with carvers will be household names too!”

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