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Chapter 678 Tang Haifeng Is in Great Danger

“Wow, I didnt see these sets of jade jewelry in the store just then.

I just bought two sets, and now I want more! The red set is especially beautiful!”

“I love the green set.

It looks like something worn by the nobility!”

“It is! The green set is made of the Kings Green, which is the most expensive jade type.”

“Oh, its the Kings Green! No wonder it has an air of nobility.”

“Those gowns of Charm are so beautiful too.

I couldnt wait to book several of them.”

“Exactly! I think the gowns match the jade jewelry quite well.”

“Although many people only like international brands, I think the design and quality of a brand matters more than its fame.”

“I agree.

I dont care whether the brand is famous or not.

I only wear whatever I like.”

All in all, jade jewelry and gowns were luxuries, not necessities, so only a small amount of people could afford them.

The runway show didnt last long, and it was over after only 20 minutes, which was also the end of the release conference.

The release conference was over, but there was still a banquet after that.

Guests moved to the banquet hall and some left beforehand.

It was almost 1 pm, and was a little late for lunch.

Once the guests were all seated, dishes were placed on the tables within 10 minutes.

After the banquet, the guests left one after another.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked Master Tang and Master Lei to their cars, then went back to meet their friends.

“Boss, I know that youre very outstanding, but what you did today still amazed me,” Pan Zirui said in great excitement, staring straight at Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting gave him a cold glance, and Pan Zirui calmed down at once.

The others also complimented Gu Ning with admiration.

“Miss Gu, youre really unbelievable!”

“Miss Gu, I like Charm gowns very much.

When will it open for customization Can I book two sets” Tong Jiayao said.

She wasnt flattering Gu Ning; she really liked Charms gowns.

“Can I book a set too” Zhu Yuanzhen asked in a hurry.

Gu Ning smiled.

“The flagship store of Charm is located at No.

2-36, 2nd Floor, Zone B, Fengshang Shopping Mall.”

Gu Ning understood that Tong Jiayao already gave up the idea that she wanted to steal Leng Shaoting, so Gu Ning wouldnt mind making friends with her.

Tang Xinrui seized this chance and joined their discussion at this moment.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you.

My name is Tang Xinrui, and I just read many pieces of news about you.

Its so shocking! Let alone a young girl at your age, even we cant achieve half of what youve done.”

Although Tang Xinrui was complimenting Gu Ning, she wasnt pleasing her on purpose, because it wouldnt leave a good impression on her.

It was the first time that Gu Ning had met Tang Xinrui, so she treated her politely.

“Thanks!” Gu Ning said.

“I also want to book a set of gowns from Charm; I love the fifth set!” Tang Xinrui said.

“Youre welcome in our store,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Boss, do you have any free time today” Pan Zirui asked.

“Im sorry.

Im very busy today,” Gu Ning said.

She knew that Pan Zirui must want to invite her to have fun with him and his friends.

“Alright, its fine,” Pan Zirui said.

After a while, the others all left, and only Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning, Gu Man, Cao Wenxin, Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei were left in the hall.

Cao Wenxin laid an arm on Gu Nings shoulder, and said, “Ningning, given our family connection, shouldnt you send me a set of gown as a gift”

“You can have as many sets as you want!” Gu Ning said without hesitation.

“Ha-ha, great!” Cao Wenxin was very satisfied.

“If youre not busy today, why dont you have some afternoon tea in my place” Gu Ning invited her friends to her house.

The release conference was already over, and Zhou Zhenghong would be in charge of the rest.

She had just made an excuse to decline Pan Ziruis invitation earlier.

It wasnt because she disliked hanging out with them, but because she had to treat her friends well today.

“Why not!” Cao Wenxin was the first one who agreed.

“Why are you so excited Our houses are connected,” Gu Ning said.

Cao Wenxin was struck dumb for a second, then realized that it was true.

Afterwards, a group of them went to their cars.

However, just when Gu Ning walked near to her car, a picture flashed by her eyes all of a sudden.

In the picture, Tang Haifengs car was knocked over in a tunnel, and it exploded at once.

Gu Ning was scared, but did her best to calm down.

“I suddenly remembered that I have to go to deal with an emergency now.

You can leave before me, and Shaoting will go with me.

Gao Yi, Qiao Ya, please send my mother back.”

“Sure,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya said.

The others didnt ask further since it was an emergency.

Xu Jinchen, Si Ming and Xin Bei, however, noticed Gu Nings unusual reaction, and they felt worried about her.

However, when they thought of Leng Shaoting and Gu Nings outstanding ability, they knew that they would be fine.

After that, Gu Ning got into her car without delay.

Leng Shaoting stood nearest to Gu Ning, so he noticed her panic.

He knew that it had to be something serious, and followed her, getting in the car.

“To the Tang familys house.

I had a premonition that my grandpa will be in great danger!” Gu Ning said once they were in the car.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting started the car and drove to the Tang familys house.

Gu Ning, at the same time, called Tang Haifeng.

However, the line was busy, so Gu Ning failed to contact Tang Haifeng.

Gu Ning was anxious, because Tang Haifeng would be dead once the car exploded.

No matter how much magical power she had, it would be useless.

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