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Chapter 665 Four Dominant Business Groups

She inherited her family background and wealth from her family, but Gu Ning earned everything on her own, which clearly showed who had greater ability.

In addition, Gu Ning also maintained a good relationship with the Qinghua Group.

Although it didnt mean that she had a connection with the Qing Gang, it was already shocking enough.

Therefore, Tong Jiayao hesitated over whether she should chase Leng Shaoting.

“Here I am!” Cao Wenxin said to Gu Ning once she arrived.

When Xin Bei saw that Cao Wenxin and her friends came in a group of three men and three women, he was displeased.

He knew that they were just friends, but it would make others believe that they were three couples.

However, even though he was displeased, he remained calm on the surface.

“Miss Gu, congratulations!” They walked to Gu Ning and sent her flowers along with gifts.

“Thank you so much!” Gu Ning smiled.

“Miss Gu, I didnt expect that youre so awesome! I thought that youre just a normal senior highschool student!” Gao Chengyun said.


“Exactly! I used to think that Im a rare, successful businesswoman in front of them, and I even showed off.

Now I feel quite embarrassed after hearing what Miss Gu has achieved,” Tong Jiayao said with a smile.

She was very kind to Gu Ning now.

Maybe because she had already given up.

“Ha-ha, I guess you can stop teaching us from now on!” Zhu Yuanzhen joked.

Tong Jiayao had criticized her many times because she wasnt ambitious at all.

Tong Jiayao wore a resigned smile in silence.

“Please look around as you like.

Im afraid Ill be busy all day,” Gu Ning said.

“Its fine.

You dont need to take care of us.” None of them would mind.

There were many other people who came to congratulate Gu Ning as well.

Most of them came with a gift or a red envelope.

After a while, representatives of Shengshi Group arrived.

Once they appeared, it caused a sensation, because Shengshi Group was a well-known dominant business group.

To everyones astonishment, Jade Beauty Jewelry had a connection with Shengshi Group.

“Jesus! Even Shengshi Group attended this opening ceremony.

Miss Gu must be a very influential figure!”

“She is! Ive read a lot of shocking news about Jade Beauty Jewelry on the Internet.”

“Tell us!” Many people were curious about it.

“Jade Beauty Jewelrys flagship store is in City G, and almost half of the high society in City G attended its opening ceremony, including senior officials, senior military officers, members of super-rich families and even the senior management of Qinghua Group!”

“Wow!” Hearing that, everyone was amazed.

However, it was just the beginning.

“Shengshi Group Jesus, Ningning, do you have a relationship with Shengshi Group” Cao Wenxin was astonished.

Gu Ning said with a meaningful smile, “Yeah, Im familiar with its chairman.”

“Youre so unbelievable! How do you manage to know so many important figures” Cao Wenxin couldnt believe it.

Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei gave Cao Wenxin a light glance.

In fact, the chairman of Shengshi Group was standing right by her.

Nevertheless, they couldnt say it aloud, because only a few people were aware of it.

Tong Jiayao took a deep breath.

To her astonishment, Gu Ning was even familiar with the chairman of Shengshi Group.

She now completely gave up on stealing Gu Nings boyfriend away.

Representatives of Jinlin Group arrived later, which shocked the crowd again.

“Ningning, are you also familiar with the chairman of Jinlin Group” Cao Wenxin asked with great surprise.

“Not really, but a director of it,” Gu Ning said.

Xu Jinchen was a director of Jinlin Group.

Although he wasnt the heir of it, he also had an important position in it.

Cao Wenxin was short of words now.

Tong Jiayao was totally stunned.

At this moment, Feng Xueqin and Wu Jinyi quietly came to the event location.

When she saw Gu Ning at the door, she was sure that this jewelry store belonged to Gu Ning.

Feng Xueqin was immediately in a rage.

She glanced around Gu Ning, but didnt see any middle-aged women, so she thought that Gu Nings mother must be in the store.

They didnt come to congratulate Gu Ning, so they couldnt walk inside yet, but waited outside.

Before everyone could get their mind back from the great shock, representatives of Tanghuang Group and Leizhen Group came together.

Were they in a dream Were those people really representatives of Shengshi Group, Jinlin Group, Tanghuang Group and Leizhen Group

The above four business groups were all dominant businesses in this country.

Except for Leizhen Group, the other three groups all had over a hundred billion yuan in assets! How come those international business groups came to attend the opening ceremony of a jewelry store

Jade Beauty Jewelry was nothing before those dominant business groups.

Therefore, nobody could believe his or her eyes.

“Is it true that those international business groups come to attend the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry” Someone wondered in the crowd.

Another person agreed at once.

“I cant believe it either.”

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