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Chapter 653 Steal Shaotings Girlfriend

Hearing that Master Jiang was getting better, everyone was cheered up.

Although he was still in danger, it was very likely that he would wake up.

The vice director told his assistant to observe the medical equipment, then walked to Master Leng.

“Master Leng, could you please tell me where you got this medicine”

Hearing that, the others all realized and looked to Master Leng.

“Indeed! Master Leng, where did you get this magical medicine” Jiang Zhengguo asked.

“My future grand daughter-in-law gave me this.

Im able to be so healthy exactly because Im taking this medicine,” Master Leng said.

“What” Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

“Shaotings girlfriend” Jiang Zhenghua asked.

“Yes!” Master Leng said.

“Well,” Jiang Zhenghua sighed, “your future grand daughter-in-law is really an amazing girl.

She has rescued my son and now she saved my fathers life!”

“What Do you mean Gu Ning is Leng Shaotings girlfriend” Jiang Ruiqin couldnt accept it.

“Do you know my future grand daughter-in-law” Master Leng asked with curiosity.

Was this Gu Ning the girl he had met before at the antique street There were many people of the same name, so Master Leng didnt pay much attention to it.

“Yeah,” Jiang Ruiqin said with an absent look.

“Tell me something about her! Whats she like Is she an easy-going person” Right at this moment, Master Leng totally forgot that his old close friend was still in danger, because he had a burning curiosity about Gu Ning.

He didnt care about Gu Nings appearance, as long as Leng Shaoting liked it, but her personality was very important.

He would hate it if he couldnt get along well with his future grand daughter-in-law, because it would case Leng Shaoting trouble.

Jiang Ruiqin was astonished looking at Master Leng.

Why did Master Leng know nothing about his future grand daughter-in-law

Master Leng also felt embarrassed, but still explained, “Shaoting didnt tell me many details, and I didnt do a background check either because hed be mad.”

“Since he isnt willing to tell you, I cant tell you either,” Jiang Ruiqin said, but felt quite sad.

“Its fine.

I wont tell him that you told me.” Master Leng made a promise.

Jiang Ruiqin thought for a while, then said, “Actually, I just met her, so I dont know much about her either, but I know shes very beautiful.

If you want to know more about her, you can search her name on the Internet, because she has occupied the headlines for many days.”

“Really Why” Everyone was shocked.

At this time, Jiang Zhongyu was regaining consciousness.

“Vice director, the patients cerebral arteries and blood flow are getting back to normal, and hes regaining his consciousness!” the vice directors assistant said.

“What Really” Everyone went to surround Jiang Zhongyu in the room, and with great excitement they saw his finger moving.

Although Jiang Zhongyus head was still in the equipment, so they werent able to see his facial expression, it was a good sign that he was regaining his consciousness.

A doctor who had prepared for the surgery walked inside at this moment and told the vice director, “Vice director, the surgery room is ready.”

“The patient is already out of danger.

There is no need to carry out a surgery now,” the vice director said in excitement.

If surgery was just an option, they preferred not to choose it, because it was also very dangerous.

“What The patient is already out of danger” The doctor was astonished.

Master Jiang had just been in great danger and could have died at any moment, but now he was already out of danger The doctor knew that the vice director of this hospital wouldnt joke about the patient, but it was too unbelievable! Therefore, the doctor couldnt help but doubt whether the result of their diagnosis was correct.

However, even though the doctor had doubts, he didnt dare to say anything different right now.

Since the surgery wasnt needed anymore, he had to leave to tell his colleagues.

Jiang Zhongyu was finally safe, but he still had to stay in the hospital under observation for a few days.

Accordingly, Jiang Zhongyu was moved to a VIP patient room.

A while later, Jiang Zhongyu opened his eyes, but he still wasnt able to talk or move and it took time for him to recover.

Right at this moment, Master Xu finally arrived half an hour later than Master Leng, because he had been stuck in a traffic jam on the way from his house to the Military General Hospital.

Master Xu was anxious the entire time since he heard the bad news, because he was worried that he might not see his old friend the next day given an old persons condition.

Since Jiang Zhongyu was fine now, Master Xu was relieved.

They were all aged men, and could die of diseases or age at any moment, but they still enjoyed their lives and always hoped to live a day longer.

They didnt feel reluctant to leave this world, but just want to stay with their families as long as they could.

When Master Xu found out that it was Leng Shaotings girlfriends medicine which had saved Master Jiangs life, he was also shocked, and wished that Gu Ning could be his own grandsons girlfriend.

“Well, I wish the girl could be Jinchens girlfriend,” Master Xu said with envy, then his eyes lit up all of a sudden.

“I dont think its a bad idea if Jinchen is able to steal Shaotings girlfriend away.”

“Dont you dare! Ill never allow it to happen!” Master Leng seemed mad and aggressive.

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