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Chapter 637 I Feel Disgusted Seeing You

“I think her love for you is already twisted.

There is nothing going on between us, but she has to harass me again and again, which is so annoying!” Cao Wenxin said with annoyance.

“Do you have to overreact so much It seems you really hate to have anything to do with me,” Xin Bei joked.

He expected that Cao Wenxin would deny it.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin explained it at once.

“I dont hate having anything to do with you, but I just feel displeased being harassed by Yu Wenjing.”

Hearing that, Xin Bei cheered up and felt glad that Cao Wenxin didnt hate him.

Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin arrived at the café first, but they didnt share the same table.

Xin Bei would talk with Yu Wenjing first.

If Yu Wenjing wouldnt stop insulting them, Cao Wenxin would show up and teach her a lesson.

If Cao Wenxin was really going to beat Yu Wenjing, Xin Bei, of course, wouldnt stand there watching.

It wasnt Xin Beis fault that he agreed with Cao Wenxin to punch Yu Wenjing, but Yu Wenjing asked for it herself.

If she didnt learn the lesson now, it was possible that she would do something more annoying.

At this time, there werent many people in the café.

Before long, Yu Wenjing walked in.

She was excited to see Xin Bei.

“Xin Bei, its been…”

“Have a seat.” Xin Bei interrupted her with a cold expression before she could finish the sentence.

Yu Wenjing didnt think further and sat down at once.

“Yu Wenjing, have you been harassing Cao Wenxin lately” Xin Bei questioned her without hesitation.

Hearing that, the smile on Yu Wenjings face disappeared.

She didnt expect that Xin Bei called her to meet here because of Cao Wenxin.

Yu Wenjing was more certain now that Xin Bei was dating Cao Wenxin.

“You called me today just for this” Yu Wenjing was disappointed and mad.

“Yes,” Xin Bei said.

Yu Wenjing felt so hurt and said in anger, “She seduced you, so I punished her! Whats wrong with that Do you really like her Are you really dating her Why do you care about it so much” She admitted that she had been harassing Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin, who was sitting by a nearby table, rolled her eyes.

It was ridiculous that Yu Wenjing jumped to the conclusion that she had seduced Xin Bei just because of a photo of them.

“Its none of your business!” Xin Bei coldly looked at Yu Wenjing.

He had never despised himself as much before as he did now.

How could he have fallen in love with such a selfish, snobbish and malicious woman

“You are mine!” Yu Wenjing almost shouted.

It seemed that she had totally forgotten that she had already broken up with Xin Bei years ago.

“Im yours Are you insane Weve been broken up for years, and you are the one who dumped me,” Xin Bei said.

“Im regretful now.

Im still in love with you and I want you back,” Yu Wenjing said and took it for granted that he should accept her as long as she still loved him.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin couldnt help but roll her eyes again.

Yu Wenjing was so shameless!

Xin Bei was annoyed.

“Youre the most shameless person Ive ever seen before! Who do you think you are I feel so disgusted seeing you.”

Cao Wenxin gave Xin Bei a thumbs-up in her heart.

Five years ago, Xin Bei joined the Red Flame.

Because of his special identity, he couldnt tell anyone, including his family.

When he met Yu Wenjing four years ago, he told her that he was just a common soldier.

At the beginning, Yu Wenjing admired him for his honorable job, but soon disdained it because he didnt make much money.

Afterwards, Yu Wenjing had an affair with a rich man but didnt break up with Xin Bei beforehand.

Xin Bei didnt find out until he went to visit Yu Wenjing.

However, not only had Yu Wenjing dumped him, but she had also humiliated him.

Yu Wenjing was dumped by the rich man after a few months, but she soon turned to another rich man and was dumped after a few months again.

After a period of time, she heard from a friend that Xin Bei was actually a military officer of high rank in the army, so she did everything to find him.

Although Xin Bei didnt mind his girlfriends rich experience in sex, he would never accept a betrayer.

Besides, Yu Wenjing was so rotten and he felt disgusted seeing her now.

“You…” Yu Wenjing burst into tears and seemed innocent.

“How could you say that to me”

“Stop acting! I think you must clearly know what youve done during the past two years.

Do you need me to help you point it out” Xin Bei said with obvious disdain.

Cao Wenxin suddenly was curious about what Yu Wenjing had done during the past two years to make Xin Bei feel so disgusted now.

Has she been a mistress of another man Cao Wenxin thought.

Yu Wenjings body stiffened and her face turned pale.

In fact, she also despised herself when thinking about what she had done during the past two years.

During the past two years, she had maintained a sexual relationship with many rich men, but none of them treated her with sincerity.

She had simply sold her body for money.

Not long ago, she heard from her friend that Xin Bei held a high rank in the army.

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