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Chapter 623 Leng Shaoting Comes Back Overnight

Men always wanted to prove their manhood in bed, and refused to admit that they were aging.

Therefore, even though Tang Bingsen clearly knew that he was already old and out of strength, he still didnt want his women to despise him.

However, right at this moment, Tang Bingsens phone rang.

He was mad about being interrupted, but he knew that it had to be something important, otherwise his subordinates wouldnt dare call him when he was free.

So although Tang Bingsen was displeased, he had to take it.

Tian Feifei, instead, couldnt care less about it, because she was always acting in bed with Tang Bingsen.

In fact, she thought that her agent was much better than Tang Bingsen.

Tian Feifei maintained a secret sexual relationship with her agent, but she didnt have the right to have a boyfriend because of Tang Bingsen.

If Tang Bingsen found out that she was having sex with another man, he would abandon her after torturing her.

However, Tian Feifei wasnt worried about it if the man was her agent.

Anyway, Tang Bingsen assigned the agent to her in person, and the agent was very loyal to Tang Bingsen, except he was secretly sleeping with his mistress, so Tang Bingsen trusted him very much.

The agent also clearly knew that Tang Bingsen was just paying Tian Feifei for sex.

If Tang Bingsen had the intention to marry Tian Feifei, he wouldnt have dared to sleep with her.

Tian Feifei also wasnt afraid that her agent would expose their secret, because Tang Bingsen definitely wouldnt let her agent get away with it once it was exposed.

Therefore, Tian Feifei and her agent shared a dangerous secret, and they had to protect each other because of it.

“What” Tang Bingsen sounded very displeased.

No man would be pleased if he was interrupted during sex.

Lao Gui also sensed that, so he was more cautious.

“Boss, it seems that he noticed me and suddenly sped up, so I stopped following.”

“What He noticed you” Tang Bingsen was mad upon hearing that, because he thought that he had taken Tang Qingyang lightly.

Tang Bingsen told Lao Gui to keep on watching Tang Qingyang, but he had to be more careful this time.

After that, Tang Bingsen put on his clothes and was about to go home.

“Boss, dont forget to take a shower before you go home,” Tian Feifei said to remind him not to be discovered by his wife.

Hearing that, Tang Bingsen walked to the bathroom at once.

At the same time, Gu Ning and the others arrived at the housing area.

Gu Ning drove the car to the front of Zone C in the housing area, but she didnt stop it right in front of Leng Shaotings house, because she wasnt willing to let them know where she lived.

Jiang Ruiqin understood and didnt ask further.


Jiang, Mr.

Tang, thank you so much for sending me home.

Bye-bye.” Gu Ning got out of the car.

“You dont need to call us misters.

Were friends now after all,” Jiang Ruiqin said, trying to be close to Gu Ning.


Bye-bye, Ruiqin and Qingyang,” Gu Ning said, then left.

Jiang Ruiqin sat back to the drivers seat, and he didnt start the car until Gu Ning disappeared from his sight.

“What Is she your type” Tang Qingyang joked.

Although it was a question, he already knew the answer.

“I think shes more interested in you than me,” Jiang Ruiqin said with jealousy.

“Of course not!” Tang Qingyang said.

“She asked for your phone number!” Jiang Ruiqin went down a dead end.

“Maybe she thought that it was impolite to only exchange phone numbers with you,” Tang Qingyang said to comfort him.

Hearing that, Jiang Ruiqin thought that it was reasonable, so he stopped complaining.

When Gu Ning got home, she told K to investigate Tang Bingsen and the Tang family in the capital.

In a villa near the southern suburbs from the center of the city.

Tang Bingsen felt really tired when he got home and his wife, Ji Yijing, was still awake watching TV in the living hall.

She was actually waiting for Tang Bingsen to come home.

Ji Yijing was Tang Yaxins biological mother who had replaced Tang Ainings biological mother and became Tang Bingsens second wife.

She was already 45 years old, but looked much younger than her age.

Ji Yijing didnt work, and all she was doing was taking good care of her appearance.

Even so, Tang Bingsen had cheated on her many times.

In fact, Ji Yijing was aware that Tang Bingsen had mistresses, but she turned a blind eye on it, because she had once been his mistress too.

She also knew that she couldnt stop him from doing it, and she enjoyed her luxurious life now.

However, if there was a love child, she would do everything to kill the child.

Seeing Tang Bingsen walking in, Ji Yijing stood up at once and welcomed him home.

“Hi! Ive made some chicken soup for you.

Have some before you go to sleep.”

“Great,” Tang Bingsen said, then walked to the table.

Ji Yijing immediately served the chicken soup for him.

After drinking the chicken soup, they went upstairs to go to bed.

When it was midnight, Gu Ning received Leng Shaotings call.

Leng Shaoting didnt want to bother her at midnight, but he just finished his task at this moment, and couldnt wait a second longer to call her.

“Im in your house in the capital,” Gu Ning said.

“Great! Ill be right back,” Leng Shaoting said, but didnt tell her the exact time.

Gu Ning thought that Leng Shaoting would be back tomorrow afternoon.

However, to her surprise, she heard the door open at 4 am from the first floor.

She thought that it might be a thief, but an idea dawned on her the next second.

Is Shaoting back Thinking of that, Gu Ning ran downstairs.

When she had just reached the second-floor landing, she saw Leng Shaoting standing in the living room.

When they met each others eyes, they realized how much they missed one another.

At this moment, Gu Ning lost words to describe how excited she was now.

She didnt expect that he would come back overnight!

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