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Chapter 517 Why Did Yunfan Go to City F

“No problem!” Since they said so, the driver didnt insist.

With the help of Gu Nings magical power, Gu Mans body was fine but she was still in a bad mood.

When they got home, it was already 5 pm and Wang Sufen was cooking for them.

“Hi, welcome home!” Wang Sufen walked out of the kitchen when she heard the sound of the door opening.

“I found a new apartment today and Ill move in tonight.

Thank you so much for letting me stay with you these past two days.”

“Youre moving into a new apartment tonight” Gu Man was surprised.

“Well, you dont need to rush, and were more than willing to help you.”

Wang Sufen understood that Gu Man was always kind and generous but she still preferred to rely on herself.

“Oh, where is your new apartment” Gu Man asked.

“Not far from the beauty salon,” Wang Sufen said.

“Is it safe there” Gu Man asked.


Only tenants have keys,” Wang Sufen said.

“Sounds great!” Gu Man said.

When they were home, Gu Ning was finally free to call Yuan Jisong and asked him about the truck driver.

“Since it was totally an accident, we settled the case according to the law and I already told Mr.

Quan the details,” Yuan Jisong said.

“Great!” Gu Ning said.

When they had dinner later, they invited Gu Qings family to join them.

Once Gu Qing walked in, she asked Gu Man, “Man, hows Mr.

Tang right now”

Gu Qing wasnt aware that Tang Yunfan had already been moved back to City B.

“Hes still unconscious, and his family already moved him back to City B this afternoon,” Gu Man said and she seemed upset.

“What He was moved back to City B” Gu Qing was surprised and worried.

If Tang Yunfan was moved back to City B, what would Gu Man do now

“Hes still unconscious and there is nothing I can do!” Gu Man was a little fretful.

It did not matter whether she could be with Tang Yunfan, she just hoped that he would wake up and be safe.

Gu Qing then realized that Tang Yunfans health was the most important thing now.

Gu Man wasnt in a good mood, and lost her appetite, so she didnt eat much during dinner.

After the meal, Gu Ning drove Wang Sufen to her newly rented apartment, while Gu Qing stayed to comfort Gu Man.

In the Tang familys house, City B.

In the afternoon, Tang Yunhang called Tang Yunrong and her husband and told them to come to the Tang familys house tonight, but didnt tell them any details.

Therefore, around 6 pm Tang Yunrong and her husband arrived at the Tang familys house.

Except for Tang Yunhang, no one else knew what had happened but Tang Yunhang refused to tell them details until Tang Yunfan was home, so they all had to wait with patience.

After dinner, they were chatting in the living room watching TV shows.

Tang Yunhang told them that Tang Yunfan would be home around 8 pm and they were all waiting.

Around 7:30 pm, the Tang familys private jet landed at the airport of City B.

A group of people got out of the plane and directly got in a MPV heading to the Tang familys house.

The Tang family had their own private doctors who were all internationally well-known experts, and there was also a medical room equipped with a full set of medical devices in the Tang familys house.

Therefore, they didnt need to go to the hospital but went straight back to the Tang familys house.

In addition, Tang Yunfan was a very important figure.

If he was admitted in the hospital, the news that he was unconscious would soon spread abroad, which was a good chance for his enemies to attack him.

The Tang family was the No.1 family in City B and not many people dared to annoy them, but they also had many enemies in politics and business, so they had to keep it a secret that Tang Yunfan was unconscious.

Tang Yunfan was the only person in the Tang family who was able to run such a large family business now because Tang Haifeng was too old, while Tang Jiayang was too young.

Besides, Tang Jiayang was studying abroad.

Even if he came back home to take over the family business under emergency, he didnt have much experience nor the ability to handle the dangerous situation.

In that case, the Tang family had to do their best to solve the crisis.

At the same time, Tang Yunfans condition was very unusual because his body was fine but he was still unconscious.

Even if he was admitted to the hospital, the result would be the same.

If Tang Yunfan was in a bad condition, they would of course send him to the hospital.

Around 8 pm, Tang Yunfan was finally home but he was moved inside in a stretcher, which shocked everyone in the Tang family.

Especially Master Tang, who almost fell when he saw the scene.

Luckily, the housekeeper supported him on time, but he still breathed hard and felt utterly uncomfortable.

Seeing that, Quan Mingkai immediately took

out a power crystal helping Tang Haifeng take it, and Tang Haifeng soon got better.

Although Quan Mingkai trusted Gu Ning, he had never seen the unbelievable effect of the pill with his own eyes before, so he was quite surprised when Tang Haifeng soon got better after taking the pill.

“What-what has happened” Cao Ruihua asked the minute he recovered from the shock.

“Lets go to the medical room first!” Tang Yunhang said then told them to move Tang Yunfan to the medical room right away where doctors were already waiting for them.

Afterwards, they all quickly walked to the medical room.

When they arrived, they carefully put Tang Yunfan on the patient bed, and the doctors administered an examination at once.

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Tang Haifeng couldnt wait and asked Quan Mingkai in anxiety, “Mingkai, what happened”

“Lord Tang had a car accident, but all he has on his body now are minor injuries but somehow hes still unconscious,” Quan Mingkai said.

Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

“A car accident Where and when Why didnt you tell us before” Tang Haifeng questioned in anger and worry.

Although Tang Haifeng was an old man now, he was still a well-respected, successful businessman, so Quan Mingkai felt extremely stressed.

“Well, Lord Tang went to City F yesterday and was in a car accident around three pm while he was leaving the airport.

After the medical check, Lord Tang only had minor injuries and his body was in a normal condition so I didnt inform the Tang family right away, because I thought that Lord Tang would be awake soon.

However, Lord Tang has been unconscious for two days, so I called Lord Yunhang,” Quan Mingkai explained.

“City F Why did Yunfan go to City F We dont have any businesses in City F after all,” Tang Yunhang asked with confusion.

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