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Chapter 492 Infinite Horror

They needed to deal with the script together, so they had to know the truth.

Around 11:30 pm, Lu Zhan and his team arrived.

“Tell the others to wait in the car and then Uncle Lu, please follow me,” Gu Ning said.

Therefore, the other 15 people stayed in the car, while Lu Zhan alone got out of the car.

“Boss,” Lu Zhan greeted Gu Ning with respect.

“Uncle Lu, come here and have a look.

Because its an emergency, Ive borrowed all these machines.

Actually I dont know what equipment we need for filming.” Gu Ning guided Lu Zhan to the large bus to see if the accouterments they had right now were enough.

When Lu Zhan got into the large bus, Duan Lixin recognized him and was excited as well as a little nervous.

Duan Lixin always felt sorry that such a skilled director had been shut out of the entertainment industry.

However, it seemed that he now worked for Gu Ning, which was exciting news for Duan Lixin because she was able to work with him in the future.

“Nice to meet you, Director Lu!” Duan Lixin greeted him with great respect.

“Nice to meet you too!” Lu Zhan was very kind and modest.

Gu Ning told Lu Zhan that Duan Lixin was the author of the imperial harem novel, and that she would be a scriptwriter in their company.

Lu Zhan was comparatively satisfied with the novel, so he was surprised when Gu Ning told him that the author of the novel was so young.

After that, they went to check the equipment.

“Thats all we need,” Lu Zhan said.

Tang Yunfan had arranged people to deliver the equipment for Gu Ning, so he would definitely deliver everything they could move with a helicopter.

Luckily there was enough room in the helicopter, so they had managed to deliver a lot of machines.

Then, Gu Ning told Lu Zhan and Duan Lixin to go outside with her, because she thought that she better keep it a secret from Chu Peihan and the others for now.

The soldiers were standing outside, so their small bus was empty.

Gu Ning, Lu Zhan, and Duan Lixin got in their car.

When they were in the small bus, Gu Ning told them everything, which struck them dumb for a long while.

Duan Lixin even trembled in fear.

To their astonishment, zombies were real!

Gu Ning took out her phone and played the video with the sound off, in case they would be scared again.

“This post already went viral on the Internet.

Some believe it, while some doubt it.

If we dont handle it well, it may cause widespread fear and itll threaten the governments authority.

At the same time, I also want to publicize our company, so we can shoot the zombie scene zombie first.

Take some photos and post them on the Internet to justify the video.

After that, well hold a boot ceremony, but we have to change the time of the camera to the day before yesterday, which will be more persuasive,” Gu Ning said.

Duan Lixin and Lu Zhan nodded in acknowledgment, but they were still in shock.

“As for the script, please write it now and finish it as soon as possible,” Gu Ning said.

It was an emergency, and they hadnt done any preparation.

Even so, Duan Lixin was a novelist, and Lu Zhan was a professional director, so it wouldnt be difficult for them to write a script on site.

“Oh, I wrote a horror film script before and sent it to a film company but they didnt take a liking to it.

You can read it and see whether its suitable,” Duan Lixin said and took her laptop out at once.

Duan Lixin was a novelist and scriptwriter, so she brought her laptop with her all the time.

Hearing that, both Lu Zhan and Gu Ning were excited because they trusted Duan Lixins ability.

Once the file was opened, Gu Ning soon finished reading the outline of thousands of words.

The story was named Infinite Horror.

When a man and a woman get to know the news that an archaeological team is trapped in an ancient grave, they immediately realize that there must be ghosts in the grave, so they go to check it themselves.

It turns out that there really are ghosts in it.

During the process of rescuing the archaeological team, a female ghost in red clothing suddenly appears to help the man and the woman, and they team up.

However, the female ghost simply wants to use the man and the woman to kill her enemies in the grave, and they start to fight against each other at the end.

After reading it, Gu Ning was satisfied.

All they needed to do now was to replace the ghost with a zombie.

“Very well! This story is very good! I think the film company made a wrong decision in not accepting your script.

We can replace the ghost with a zombie before we use it, and its very reasonable that the soldiers would come to rescue the archaeological team,” Lu Zhan said with satisfaction.

Having Lu Zhans approval, Duan Lixin was very happy, and she had already finished the script, so they could start shooting soon.

“However, its an emergency, so we lack actors.

Ive called an actress who I have just signed, to come help us, and the rest of the people are my friends.

As for the soldiers, they will work as temporary actors and staff members.

Uncle Lu, can you contact some actors to help us as soon as possible If theyre willing to help, itll be much better if they fly here tonight, in case theyll be discovered by others in the day,” Gu Ning said.

There were many flights during the night, and it was all up to the actors whether they were willing to help now.

“Of course I can, but Im worried that theyll reject me because Ive been shut out of the industry.

Anyway, Ill try,” Lu Zhan said.

Although Lu Zhan had been shut out of the industry, not everyone cut off their connection with him just because of that.

“We also need more ancient acting suits for the zombie and the female ghost.

Oh, some fake antiques too,” Lu Zhan added.

“I can handle that,” Gu Ning said.

“Great!” Lu Zhan said.

After that, Gu Ning got out of the car with Duan Lixin.

Gu Ning told a soldier to move a socket from the workers dormitory, because Duan Lixin was going to print her script, and the printer had to be plugged in.

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