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Chapter 467 Throw Her in Jail

“Exactly! She made us judge the other girl!”

Gu Xiaoxiao was irritated, but didnt know how to argue back.

“Ziyao, lets go!” Qin Zheng held Chen Ziyaos hand walking away.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Ziyao didnt say a word, because she wanted to see Qin Zhengs attitude and also wanted to protect her image.

“No!” Gu Xiaoxiao immediately went to pull Qin Zheng back.

She had already humiliated herself in public, so she wasnt willing to give up.

She wanted them to apologize.

Just as Gu Xiaoxiao touched Qin Zhengs hand, Qin Zheng flung her to the ground and left right away.

Gu Ning and her friends went into the bar after the drama ended.

Gu Ning wasnt interested in laughing at Gu Xiaoxiao now.

Chu Peihan actually wanted to do that, but she didnt say anything since Gu Ning had no interest.

They went to a private room, drinking and chatting to the music.

Mu Ke poured a glass of water for Yu Mixi, which attracted everyone elses attention.

Mu Ke instantly explained.

“Mixi isnt good at drinking, so I think that its better for her to drink water.”

Yu Mixi didnt think that there was anything wrong with that.

“Im not good at drinking either,” Chu Peihan said and teased.

“Let me pour some water for you,” Mu Ke said, and was going to do that, but was stopped by Chu Peihan.

“Alright, I dont like drinking water when Im having alcohol.

Its uncomfortable.”

At that moment, everyone started to realize that Mu Ke treated Yu Mixi differently.

However, Yu Mixi apparently didnt know, so they didnt point it out in case it would cause unnecessary trouble.

“Oh, Mixi, did your uncles and aunts harass you again” Gu Ning asked.

Mu Ke also looked at Yu Mixi with concern.

“They did twice but we called the police so they disappeared,” Yu Mixi said.

“Good to know,” Gu Ning said.

After a while, Hao Ran checked his phone and exclaimed in surprise, “What the f*ck”

“What” The others were all curious why Hao Ran was so surprised.

“Read this!” Hao Ran showed his phone to the others, and there was a piece of shocking news on the screen.

A Boy and Two Girls Fought in Public Because of an Emotional Entanglement.

One Girl Was Pushed by the Other into the Middle of the Road And Was Hit by a Car (Photo Attached]

In the photo, lying two meters in front of a white car was a girl dressed in white.

Half of her face was covered in blood, and it was very likely that her face was damaged.

The girl was Chen Ziyao.

From what the title said, the other girl had to be Gu Xiaoxiao who had pushed Chen Ziyao.

Everyone was shocked that Gu Xiaoxiao would do that.

However, nobody cared about Chen Ziyao because none of them liked her.

“Well, I think that Gu Xiaoxiao is going to jail this time,” Chu Peihan said, but didnt have any sympathy at all.

Actually, what Gu Xiaoxiao had done to Gu Ning the last time was already enough to send her to jail.

“She dug her own grave,” Hao Ran said.

They werent affected by this accident, and kept on drinking and chatting.

Gu Xiaoxiao was selfish, cruel and evil so she didnt care about the consequences and set herself to get revenge.

After the accident, someone immediately called the ambulance and the police.

The ambulance and the police arrived at almost the same time, and Chen Ziyao, followed by Qin Zheng, was sent to the hospital, while Gu Xiaoxiao was taken to the police station.

The police and the hospital then called Gu Xiaoxiaos and Chen Ziyaos parents separately.

After receiving the terrible news, Chen Ziyaos parents ran to the hospital, while Gu Xiaoxiaos parents ran to the police station without delay.

Qin Zheng had mixed emotions, not because of Chen Ziyao, but because he was worried about whether this accident would affect himself.

He was selfish too.

Once the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Chen Ziyao was rushed into the emergency room.

Although it needed her parents signature to perform surgery, Chen Ziyaos father Chen Llangwei told them to perform the surgery right away, because they werent sure whether Chen Ziyao could hang on until they arrived.

The hospital also knew that Chen Ziyaos father was an important figure, so they perform the surgery at once.

After Chen Ziyaos parents found out the entire process of the accident, they were so mad that they almost punched Qin Zheng.

If it hadnt been for Qin Zheng, Gu Xiaoxiao wouldnt have pushed Chen Ziyao into the middle of the road.

However, Qin Zhengs father was the vice director of the Tourism Administration, so Chen Ziyaos parents didnt dare to hurt him.

Instead, they made up their mind to make Gu Xiaoxiao bear the result, even though they had a good relationship with Gu Qinxiang.

Gu Qinxiang, Lin Lijuan and Gu Qingyun also arrived at the police station later.

After finding out the whole process, they were also mad at Gu Xiaoxiaos behavior.

To their astonishment, Gu Xiaoxiao dared to kill a girl at her age.

And it wasnt the first time that Gu Xiaoxiao had tried to hurt another girl.

Gu Xiaoxiao had successfully gotten away with what she had done before, so she didnt taste the feeling of fear until she ended up in the police station.

Seeing Gu Qinxiang and Lin Lijuan coming, she burst into tears.

“Dad, mom, get me out!”

“Qinxiang, do something! Get Xiaoxiao out!” Lin Lijuan only knew how to show off in front of her relatives, but had no idea how to deal with difficulties.

Gu Qinxiang understood that Gu Xiaoxiao would be sentenced to years in jail if he failed to handle it well, so he called Chen Ziyaos father to apologize and discuss the compensation.

He almost begged Chen Ziyaos father to treat it as an accident, instead of an intentional assault.

In that case, Gu Xiaoxiao wouldnt be put in jail.

Chen Ziyaos father said, “Gu Qinxiang, the compensation doesnt matter at all, but I will throw your daughter in jail!” After that, he hung up on Gu Qinxiang.

“How is it How is it” Lin Lijuan was anxious.

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