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Chapter 457 End the Contract

Although Li Jiayue wasnt one of the A-list yet, she had already gained a lot of fame and believed that she would be a household name


Su Tongnuo just gave her a glance, but didnt say anything or greet her.

“Youre so rude that you dont greet Jiayue when shes here.

Who do you think you are A big star” Li Jiayues assistant said acidly.

Su Tongnuo calmly looked to the assistant, and asked, “Is it in the law that common citizens have to greet a star when she appears”

“You…” The assistant was mad.

“Su Tongnuo, what do you think you are!”

“Whats wrong with your eyes Im a human being.

Cant you see that” Su Tongnuo laughed.

“You…” The assistant was furious, but didnt know what to say.

Seeing her assistant humiliated, Li Jiayue was displeased.

“Su Tongnuo, lets go and see!”

After that, she walked a few steps, then suddenly stopped, yelling at a girl who was glaring at her.

“There is nothing to look at! Pour me a coffee right now!”

The girl was Su Tongnuos assistant, Lin Xiaoxia.

Ever since Su Tongnuo had been shut out of the industry, Lin Xiaoxia became everyones servant.

Nearly anyone in the company could order her to do trifles.

“Fine.” Lin Xiaoxia was reluctant to do it, but she couldnt reject.

Although Su Tongnuo wanted to stop it, she couldnt protect her friend since her contact with the company was still valid.

When it was almost 9:30 am, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at Feiteng Entertainment.

Gu Ning walked in alone, while Leng Shaoting waited in the car.

When Gu Ning had just walked to the door and was about to call Su Tongnuo, she noticed that a car stopped in front of the building and Xia Zhihong, who was the boss of Feiteng Entertainment, stepped out of it.

“Chairman Xia, please wait a second,” Gu Ning called him.

Xia Zhihong turned around when he heard someone calling him.

When his sight fell on Gu Ning, he was stunned by her beauty, because Gu Ning was even prettier than the actresses in his company.

Xia Zhihong was lustful, so he leered at Gu Ning when she walked to him.

Gu Ning was annoyed by his look, but didnt say anything

“May I help, miss” Xia Zhihong asked, but he that Gu Ning must want to be a star like every beautiful young girl.

If so, Xia Zhihong would have plenty of chances to make advances on her.

Xia Zhihong was a man who was around 40.

He was also fat and ugly.

What was worse, he was very lewd and it was disgusting having to talk to him.

Gu Ning smiled lightly.

“Id like to make a deal with Chairman Xia.

Are you free now”

“Of course.

We can talk in my office.” Xia Zhihong wanted to sexually assault Gu Ning, so he invited her to his office.

Although Xia Zhihong made Gu Ning feel disgusted, she also preferred to talk with him in the office.

On the way, people started to gossip when their chairman walked in with a beautiful young girl.

Some thought that Gu Ning was their chairmans relative, while some guessed that she must be a new actress.

Gu Ning followed Xia Zhihong to his office.

Xia Zhihong told his secretary to leave, so only Gu Ning and he were in the room.

At this time, Xia Zhihong almost couldnt wait to press Gu Ning on the sofa.

“May I know your name, miss What kind of deal do you want to make with me”

“I dont think its necessary for Chairman Xia to know my name.” Gu Ning sneered.

“I came here today to end the contracts that Su Tongnuo and her assistant, Lin Xiaoxia, have with you.”

Hearing that, Xia Zhihong was surprised.

Obviously, he didnt expect that Gu Ning was here to help Su Tongnuo.

All of a sudden, he changed his expression and sneered too.

“You want to help Su Tongnuo out I dont think thats possible.” In other words, he refused.

“What if I insist” Gu Ning smiled.

“As long as they can afford the liquidated damages, the company cant force them to stay.

Otherwise, its illegal, and I think Chairman Xia should know that.”

Xia Zhihong of course knew that, but didnt take it seriously.

Instead, he said with obvious disdain, “Young girl, dont be so naive.

Su Tongnuo has annoyed an influential figure, and no lawyer would dare to take this case.”

Gu Ning didnt mind his attitude, but asked, “Are you sure”

“Its impossible.

However, if you want to be a star, I can help you with that.” Xia Zhihong leered at Gu Ning again.

“Well, why dont you read this first and have a second thought,” Gu Ning said and took out a document from her backpack, then laid it in front of Xia Zhihong.

Xia Zhihong picked it up with curiosity, but panicked when he read it.

“You…” Xia Zhihong couldnt believe his eyes.

The document was evidence of Xia Zhihongs crimes which included rape and bribery.

If the women who had been raped by Xia Hongzhi didnt sue him, the cases wouldnt stand, but the crime of bribery alone could send him to jail for years.

Xia Zhihong trembled in fear after reading the document.

Gu Ning wore a fake smile and asked him again, “Well, do you think that its possible to end the contracts now”

“Fine, we-we can, but this document…” Xia Zhihong compromised without hesitation, because the last thing he wanted to do was to spend the rest of his life in prison.

“As long as you agree to let them go, I can pretend that this document never existed.

However, if you commit these crimes again, I cant promise what will happen,” Gu Ning said.

Although Xia Zhihong was guilty of crimes, Gu Ning would ignore him this time for Su Tongnuo.

“Great-great.” Xia Zhihong immediately agreed.

He called his secretary at once and gave the order to end the contracts with Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia.

Hearing that, his secretary was shocked, because it would annoy the influential figure that nobody in this industry wanted to have bad blood with.

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