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But what Gu Ning had said at the end lifted all her mental burdens.

What Gu Man wanted most was for Gu Ning to be happy.

Since Gu Ning wanted her to do so, Gu Man chose to listen to her daughter.

Gu Man wouldnt really do anything, but since their life had been improved, she could change her lifestyle.

“Great, Ill quit my job, and Ill depend on you from now on,” Gu Man joked.

“Sure, well live a better and better life from now on.” Gu Ning was finally relieved.

Gu Xiaoxiaos family lived in a big house in an expensive area near the downtown.

After the evening class, Gu Xiaoxiao went back home, complaining to her mother Lin Lijuan, “Mom, Gu Ning said she wont apologize to me.”

Lin Lijuan was about 45 years old, but she had taken good care of her skin and looked much younger.

Lin Lijuan had a son and a daughter.

Her son was named Gu Qingyun and was 20 years old.

He was a sophomore majoring in medicine in the Capital Medical University.

Her daughter was Gu Xiaoxiao.

“What How could she be so bold Isnt she afraid of us” Lin Lijuan was surprised.

“Shes so bold now! She even fought with Hao Ran in our school today!” Gu Xiaoxiao said.

However, she didnt mention that Gu Ning was Hao Rans boss now.

She didnt want the rest of the people in the Gu Family to think Gu Ning was better now.


Hearing that, Lin Lijuan was shocked.

Gu Ning was so different now.

Lin Lijuan knew who Hao Ran was.

Hao Ran was from a powerful family.

She had even asked Gu Xiaoxiao to have a good relationship with the boy.

It could be helpful someday in the future.

Lin Lijuan also knew Hao Ran had a bad temper.

It wasnt easy to get along with him.

After the shock, Lin Lijuan laughed.

“I think thats good.

She has bad blood with Hao Ran.

Shes doomed.”

Lin Lijuan didnt believe Gu Ning could defeat Hao Ran.

She assumed Gu Ning was the loser.

“But…” Gu Xiaoxiao almost told her mother that Gu Ning was Hao Rans boss now, but she restricted herself.

“But, Gu Ning wont apologize to me.

I hate her.”

“What happened What happened with Gu Ning” Before Lin Lijuan could say something, an old womans voice sounded.

Then, a 60-year-old woman walked out from the passage.

This woman was Gu Nings grandmother.

Gu Nings grandmother lived a good life, so she was still as energetic as always.

She was a stubborn old lady, but didnt dare to stand up against Lin Lijuan.

Although Lin Lijuan was pushy, she would ignore her mother-in-law as long as she was in control.

All in all, Lin Lijuan and her mother-in-law got along well with each other.

Gu Nings grandmother had visited her relatives yesterday so she had no idea about what had happened between Gu Ning and Gu Xiaoxiao.

“Grandma, Gu Ning hit me with a plate yesterday in the canteen.

She even slapped me, and wont apologize.

Im so annoyed,” Gu Xiaoxiao complained at once when she saw her grandmother.

“What Gu Ning dared to hit you with a plate and slapped you! Shes such a bastard.” The old lady was in a rage.

Actually, in the old ladys eyes, Gu Ning was a humiliation to the Gu Family, because she didnt have a father.

Gu Ning hated her grandmother too, because her grandmother had been calling her a bastard ever since she had been a little girl.

“Exactly! Grandma, could you please kick them out of the old house” Gu Xiaoxiao begged.

She looked vicious.

“Well…” The old lady was a little reluctant to do that.

She disliked Gu Ning and Gu Man very much, but never thought of kicking them out.

After all, Gu Man was her daughter.

She felt sympathetic to her.

Most importantly, before her husband had passed away, he had warned her not to kick Gu Man and Gu Ning out of the old house, or he would come to her even if he had to become a ghost when he was dead.

Gu Nings grandmother believed in superstitions, so she never had the idea of kicking Gu Man and Gu Ning out.

Seeing her grandmother wasnt willing to do that, Gu Xiaoxiao knew it couldnt work.

She then changed her mind.

“Grandma, could you ask Gu Ning to apologize to me.

As long as Im satisfied, I can forgive her.”

“No problem.

I will call Gu Ning right now, and tell her to apologize to you.” This time, the old lady didnt reject, but pulled out her phone at once.

But the old lady didnt have Gu Nings phone number because she hated Gu Ning so much, so she could only call Gu Man.

It was around 10 pm, and wasnt very late.

Gu Ning and Gu Man hadnt gone to bed yet.

They were watching TV.

At that moment, Gu Mans phone rang.

It was her mother.

Before she could say a word, her mother shouted in anger, “Gu Man, what a daughter you have! How dare she hit Xiaoxiao with a plate, and even slap her! A bastard is a bastard! She has no manners at all! Ask Gu Ning to apologize to Xiaoxiao until Xiaoxiao is satisfied!”

It was an irresistible order.

Gu Mans mother almost yelled, so Gu Ning could hear her clearly.

Gu Ning actually didnt care how her grandmother thought of her, but she couldnt stand her grandmother calling her a bastard.

Gu Man knew it wasnt Gu Nings fault.

She felt aggrieved.

And hearing her mother call her daughter a bastard, Gu Man was hurt.

Although Gu Man was weak, she cared about her daughter.

She would not allow her daughter to be called a bastard.

This time, Gu Man was totally annoyed.

She almost roared with tears, “Mom, Ningning is not a bastard.

Shes my daughter.

Even though you dislike her, you cant swear at her in that way.

You cant just believe Xiaoxiaos words.

Ningning didnt hurt her at all.

Besides, it wasnt Ningnings fault.

It was Xiaoxiao who humiliated Ningning first.

Why should Ningning apologize!”

The old lady was surprised by Gu Mans emotional outburst.

She didnt get her mind back till a while had passed.

Then she was more irritated than surprised.

“Gu Ning is a bastard.

I wont admit shes my granddaughter.

She must apologize to Xiaoxiao, or you both have to leave the old house!”


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