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Chapter 417 To the Tang family

“Of course not,” Pan Zirui said.

He could afford the result anyway.

The rest of the people in their group were all busy filling in their lottery tickets, and had no idea that Pan Zirui copied Gu Nings.

After placing their bets, they went to the VIP room together.

The VIP room was large and could accommodate around 20 people.

The front side of the VIP room was a glass wall, so they were able to see through it to the outside.

Other than that, there were six LED screens on the left wall, which showed different parts of the track, so they could clearly watch the races.

Given what had just happened, Guan Bin and the others remained quiet the entire time.

Pan Zirui, on the other hand, was busy serving Gu Ning.

He poured a cup of tea for her and asked whether she liked the desserts.

Gu Ning was amused, but he was a member of her team, not her servant.

“Alright, Im not a kid, and you dont need to take care of me.

The race is about to begin.

I think you should focus more on your horses.”

Hearing that, Pan Zirui left Gu Ning alone and went to watch the competition.

Although he didnt care about the result, it was an exciting experience to watch the horse racing.

“Ready, go!”

Twelve horses dashed ahead under the guidance of jockeys.

The host was explaining and commenting along the way, and his voice was spread to ever corner of this field by amplifiers.

Some horses led the race in the beginning, but gradually fell behind, while some ran relatively slower when the race had just begun and sped up suddenly after a while.


7 was the horse that Gu Ning bet on.

It was running steadily in the middle of the horses.

And when it had finished two thirds of the track, it began to outpace all the other horses in front of it, and finally left them far behind.

“Ah! No.

7! No.

7! No.

7!” Pan Zirui jumped up in excitement, shouting No.


It was highly possible that No.

7 would win.

In the end, the No.

7 horse was the first one to cross the finish line, followed by No.

4 which was followed by No.

10 in the race.

Pan Zirui was thrilled and looked to Gu Ning with great admiration.

“Boss, youre so awesome!”

Hearing that, everyone found out that Pan Zirui had placed the same bets as Gu Ning, and they all admired her when the results were revealed.

All in all, Gu Ning won half of her bets, and made ten million yuan.

However, Guan Bin and the others all lost.

It was the first time that Pan Zirui had ever made so much money from horse racing, and he was very shocked.

The host of this horse racing was also astonished that Gu Ning and Pan Zirui both won such a large amount of money.

And they were so young!

Actually, if they had placed higher bets, they would have made a lot more money.

When Pan Zirui and Gu Ning went to get their rewards, they were surrounded by other people in the field.

If it hadnt been for Pan Ziruis identity, many would run over and ask every detail of their bets.

Afterwards, they left together.

Pan Zirui was excited because he made a fortune that day, so he decided to pay all the bills no matter where they were going to have fun in the following hours.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning had something else to deal with, so she wouldnt go with them.

Pan Zirui was disappointed, but he didnt insist since Gu Ning was busy.

Pan Zirui proposed to give Gu Ning a ride, but she declined.

Before she left, Gu Ning reminded Pan Zirui to be careful, because she had a feeling that Zhao Kanglin would come to him soon.

Pan Zirui also knew that Zhao Kanglin was mean and cruel, so he would go somewhere that Zhao Kanglin wouldnt dare to cause trouble.

After they separated, Gu Ning called Tang Haifeng.

Tang Haifeng was more than happy to receive Gu Nings call.

“Girl Gu, are you free now”

“Yes, so I called you grandpa.

Would you mind coming out to have dinner with me this afternoon” Gu Ning invited.

“Of course, but I dont feel well today.

Can you visit me at my home and we can share dinner together then.” Tang Haifeng wanted Gu Ning to go to the Tang familys house, so he lied.

He already regarded her as his granddaughter, and he wanted her to visit his home.

Gu Ning understood that Tang Haifeng was lying, but she had also had the thought of visiting the Tang familys house.

They were a family after all, and she was curious to meet other members in the Tang Family to see whether they were easygoing.

Gu Ning didnt want Gu Man to be bullied in the future.

“Sure!” Gu Ning agreed.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng was excited.

“Where are you right now I can send a chauffeur to pick you up.”

Gu Ning told Tang Haifeng her location.

Coincidentally, the horse racing field wasnt far from the Tang familys house, and it only took half an hour of driving to get there if there were no traffic jams.

While she was waiting, Gu Ning went to a hidden place to take her suitcase out of her telepathic eye space.

She was on a trip, and it would be strange if she didnt have any suitcases.

She also needed to take something out in the Tang familys house, and it wouldnt be convenient to do it there.

Half an hour later, a car stopped in front of Gu Ning; the person who came to pick Gu Ning up was called Tang Wen.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you!” Tang Wen got out of the car and greeted Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you too, Uncle Tang,” Gu Ning said.

Tang Wen was 35-years-old, so she called him her uncle.

Tang Wen went to open the car door for Gu Ning first, and then put her suitcase in the trunk.

The Tang family was the No.

1 richest family in City B, and they lived in an old house with a long history.

Although the old house was located a little far from downtown, it was priceless because of its history.

There were many high-end villas around it too.

The Tang familys house was old, but it had already been rebuilt and expanded.

Now, the Tang familys house was nearly 2000 square-meters, and most of it was covered by green plants.

The main living building in the enormous house was around 600 square-meters.

Such a priceless house with a long history was rare, but not the most luxurious one, because not every rich person would live in a luxurious house to match his identity.

Some rich people loved to keep a low profile.

When the car had just driven through the gate of the Tang familys house, Gu Ning saw Tang Haifeng waiting outside the main living building.

The car passed the front garden and stopped in front of the main living building.

A domestic servant went to open the car door, and Gu Ning stepped out.

Seeing Tang Haifeng, Gu Ning teased.

“Grandpa, I thought you werent feeling well Why did you not stay inside, but instead came out to welcome me”

Master Tang understood that Gu Ning was joking, but he didnt feel embarrassed at all.

“Well, you caught me, but I simply wanted you to visit me at home!”

Gu Ning smiled gently, but didnt say anything.

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