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Chapter 369 Shop for the New Year Festival

An Guangyao, on the other hand, was quite shocked by the news.

He thought that Hongyun Real estate would cause them trouble when Zhengyang Street was under construction, and he was even mentally-prepared to fight against Hongyun by then.

However, to his astonishment, the whole Hongyun Group was in big trouble now before they were even going to develop Zhengyang Street.

Besides, Fang Zhangsheng certainly would be sentenced to jail, and nobody was able to run Hongyun Group in that case.

An Guangyao didnt know whether Gu Ning was aware of it yet, so he called Gu Ning without delay.

Gu Ning told An Guangyao that she had already heard the news and invited him to dine together this afternoon along with his secretary, Zhang Shunjie, and his lawyer, Li Zewen.

They would meet at 6 pm, so Gu Ning along with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya arrived at the restaurant when it was just past 5 pm.

Within minutes, An Guangyao together with Zhang Shunjie and Li Zewen came inside too.

They didnt know Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, so they had no idea of their relationship with Gu Ning.

Thus they called Gu Ning “Miss Gu”, instead of “Boss”.

“Please have a seat!” Gu Ning said to them.

After they were all seated, Gu Ning introduced them to one another, “This is Gao Yi and she is Qiao Ya.

Both of them are my bodyguards and work for me.

An Guangyao is the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate.

This is his secretary, Zhang Shunjie, and his lawyer, Li Zewen.”

They nodded to each other after Gu Nings introduction.

“The thing is that Im going to acquire some of the Hongyun Groups properties, because Hongyun is doomed after the big scandal.

We are gathering here today to settle the deal,” Gu Ning said.

What Acquire some of the Hongyun Groups properties Hearing that, An Guangyao and the others were amazed.

It was a highly profitable deal if anyone could get some of the Hongyun Groups properties, but it required a considerable amount of money.

Shenghua Real Estate couldnt provide a lot of funds.

And although Jade Beauty jewelry had a lot of assets, most of them were immovable property.

Meanwhile, they also understood that Gu Ning had to be prepared for it since she said so, thus they didnt doubt the possibility.

Gu Ning then added, “Hongyun Group has a new construction site in City J.

Its a big living area.

And they have a new shopping mall under construction.

Its quality isnt bad, so I think that we can acquire both the new living area and the new shopping mall.

Other than that, there are seven more shopping malls, six four-star hotels, and five restaurants under the name of the Hongyun Group in three second-tier cities in Province D.

We can take over all of them.

Apart from the shopping malls, we need to redecorate all of the hotels and restaurants, which may take a long period.

Time is money, so we have to be quick and efficient.

However quality is still the most important thing that we should always make allowances for.”

Everyone was surprised again by Gu Nings thorough investigation of Hongyun.

It seemed that she had known Hongyun Group would be in a mess earlier on.

Although they were all confused about how Gu Ning was able to find out about it, no one asked the question.

“Ive already gotten permission from an important figure in politics.

Thus if no accidents happen, those properties will be ours soon,” Gu Ning said.

Yan Zhenglin had promised her, and Gu Ning wouldnt doubt it.

Even if any accidents happened, she could turn to Leng Shaoting for help.

Anyway, she made up her mind to get those properties of Hongyun.

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An Guangyao and the others had known how powerful Gu Nings network was ever since they had found out that Jade Beauty jewelry was Gu Nings brand.

With the support of the mayor, several of the richest families, and the Qing Gang, it was hard for Gu Ning to fail in City G! Therefore, they now completely believed in Gu Ning.

In their eyes, Gu Ning wasnt a teenager at all, but a shrewd businesswoman who had been involved in business for at least dozens of years.

Once Gu Ning made a decision, her staff would be occupied with work 24/7.

Luckily, the New Year festival was just three days away, and they would be on vacation the day after tomorrow.

Moreover, they were willing to be busy, because it meant that they were making money!

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya moved into Fenghua Luxury Mansion that night.

They sent Gu Ning back to Zone G and didnt go to Zone F until Gu Ning disappeared from their sight.

Gu Man ate along with Gu Qing and her family.

It was a busy day for them too, and they were both exhausted.

The first thing that Gu Ning did when she got home was to massage them and secretly put her power into their bodies to allay their tiredness.

It wasnt the first time that Gu Ning had massaged them, so they were used to it.

Although they were tired today, they enjoyed it, because many of their VIPs renewed their membership and they had also gotten many new VIPs today.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, didnt think that it was a great success.

Kamei Beauty Salon provided good service and products, but its effects werent very obvious, because there werent many effective skincare products in the market yet.

Thus Gu Ning planned to replace all the skincare products in Kamei Beauty Salon with her own, once her medicine company was established.

As long as the skincare products were obviously effective, people would be willing to pay for it.

“Oh, weve been so busy these days, and we havent shopped for the New Year festival at all! Why dont we go shopping together tomorrow” Gu Qing proposed.

“Oh, I totally forgot about it!” Gu Man suddenly realized after Gu Qing brought it up.

Gu Ning had the same reaction.

“Xu, are you free tomorrow Can you help us deliver the goods that we buy for the New Year festival tomorrow” Gu Qing asked Jiang Xu.

“I need to wait for a client tomorrow morning, but I can help you with the goods in the afternoon,” Jiang Xu replied.

“Dont bother, uncle,” Gu Ning declined.

“I can make a call and let my staff help us.”

Gu Ning then said to Gu Man, “Mom, I have two people who work for me as my secretary, driver and bodyguards.

They are a couple and both are orphans without any family.

I am probably the closest person to them, so I invited them to spend the New Year festival with us.

So we can shop with them tomorrow.”

Hearing that, Gu Man had deep sympathy for them, and agreed at once.

“No problem, theyre welcome!”

Gu Ning went back to her home later, while Gu Man kept chatting with Gu Qing in Gu Qings place.

When Gu Ning got home, she called Gao Yi and told them that they were going to shop together tomorrow.

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