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Chapter 361 Do You Want to Fight

However, before they could realize what happened, Chu Peihan said angrily, “Do you want to grab the house from Mixis family Impossible!”

“Peihan, Hao Ran, Zixun, Tianping!” Yu Mixi abruptly stood up with excitement, as if she saw her lifesavers.

Yu Mixis parents also relaxed seeing that Chu Peihan and the others came.

Although they werent clear about their family background, they knew that all of them were from either rich or powerful families.

Their arrival made Yu Mixis family feel safe.

However, Yu Mixis oldest uncle and aunt had the opposite idea.

In their eyes, Chu Peihan and the others were merely a bunch of students.

Yu Mixis aunt snapped at them, “Its our family affairs, and its none of your business!”

“It is our business, and we will support Mixi!” Hao Ran said affirmatively.

“You…” Yu Mixis aunt as annoyed.

“Youre just a bunch of kids!” Yu Mixis oldest uncle said with disdain.

“So what I think that you better leave now, and disappear forever.

Otherwise, you cant bear the result!” Qin Zixun threatened.

“Thats interesting! Who do you think you are to threaten us” a woman who stood beside Yu Mixis oldest uncle said with disdain.

She was Yu Mixis oldest aunt.

“Were enough to make you pay for what youve done,” a cold female voice suddenly sounded from outside.

And Gu Ning walked in their sight.

“Boss!” Hao Ran and the others called her.

“Ningning!” Yu Mixi immediately ran to Gu Ning, and felt like crying.

“Its fine.

Ill handle it,” Gu Ning comforted her and held her hand, stepping towards them.

Seeing that it was another young girl, Yu Mixis uncles and aunt didnt care about her either.

Gu Ning just gave them a cold glance before her sight fell on Yu Mixis father.

“Uncle Yu, may I know what the demolition compensation for your house is”

Yu Mixis father respected Gu Ning, so he was willing to tell her the truth no matter what her aim was.

“Our house is only 70 square meters in size, so we can get seven hundred thousand yuan for it.

And we can then use the money to buy a bigger house.”

Hearing that the house was worth seven hundred thousand yuan, Yu Mixis uncles and aunts couldnt wait to have the money in their pockets.

Their greedy expressions were really disgusting.

“When is the house going to be demolished” Gu Ning asked.

“Well finish the procedure after the New Year festival, and we then need to move out within two months,” Yu Mixis father answered.

“Great, why dont you sell this house to me, and Ill give you a simply-decorated house which is 120 square meters in size in Jiahua Garden Jiahua Garden is a living area being constructed by Shenghua Real Estate,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

Jiahua Garden was a medium-high level living area.

And a 120 square-meters house was worth at least two million yuan.

Gu Ning must be insane to exchange a much cheaper house with an expensive one!

Yu Mixis uncles and aunts were jealous of Yu Mixis father now.

They all wished that they could live in such a great house.

In fact, Gu Ning had always wanted to help Yu Mixis family, but she knew that they wouldnt accept it because it felt like alms.

And Gu Ning didnt want to hurt their feelings, but now it was different.

Yu Mixis family was in trouble now and it was a perfect time for her to help Yu Mixi.

Although there were many vacant houses from Shenghua Real Estate, they were all ordinary living areas.

And Gu Ning decided to give them a better one.

“Miss Gu, I dont think that its a good idea.

My house is only worth seven hundred thousand yuan, but the houses in Jiahua Garden are worth at least two million yuan!” Yu Mixis father declined.

He wasnt a man who would take advantage of others, and Gu Ning had already helped them a lot.

“Exactly, Miss Gu!” Yu Mixis mother echoed.

Yu Mixis uncles and aunt were irritated by Yu Mixis parents.

They were more than willing to accept the house in Jiahua Garden.

“Dont forget that Mixi is going to work for me in the future.

Im Mixis boss.

Please just take this as her advanced bonus,” Gu Ning said to calm their anxiety.

Yu Mixis parents were aware of that, but Chu Peihan and others didnt know that, so they were all surprised, looking to Gu Ning puzzled.

However, it wasnt the right time for them to ask the question.

“Well.” Yu Mixis father still thought that they shouldnt accept it.

“Dont worry.

Were all Mixis good friends, and friends always help each other.

Mixi will work for me in the future and shell get housing benefits after all.

Please just take it as the advance.

Its the same!” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Yu Mixis parents changed their mind.

They knew that Gu Ning was persuading them to accept her kindness without feeling guilty, but if they didnt solve the problem, their shameless relatives would keep annoying them, and they were unwilling to argue with them all the time.

“Wait, even if you sell this house to her, we still can share the new house with you!” Yu Mixis aunt argued.

It seemed like they wouldnt leave just because Yu Mixis father sold the house.

“Exactly!” Yu Mixis oldest uncle echoed.

“Youre indeed crazy people,” Gu Ning sneered.

She looked at them coldly, which threatened them and made them feel greatly stressed.

Even so, Yu Mixis oldest uncle still retorted, “The house is our fathers property, so of course we should share it together!”

“Is you name on the Premises Permit” Gu Ning asked.

Yu Mixis oldest uncle panicked but still argued, “No, but it doesnt matter! I still can share the house!”

Everyone was amused by his reply.

Chu Peihan even swore at him, “What the f*ck! Ive never seen such a shameless person before! I really want to punch you!” Chu Peihan rolled up her sleeves.

It seemed like she was going to fight with them.

“I had the same idea!” Hao Ran agreed with Chu Peihan.

Right at this moment, An Yi and Mu Ke arrived.

They knew Yu Mixis parents too and were also willing to help.

However, Yu Mixis uncles and aunt were slightly scared.

If they were really going to fight, it was possible that they would lose because there were only four of them.

“Sorry were late.

Are we going to fight” Mu Ke asked and rolled his sleeves up.

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