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Chapter 349 Criminal Evidence

Yan Zhenglin took the folder and opened it to read the materials inside.

There was a thick pile of papers in the folder.

On the top was criminal evidence for Hongyun Real Estate.

Its senior management had bribed Liu Shikun, the vice mayor, and Wei Chengguan, the head of the Roads and Traffic Authority, with over a hundred million yuan, and had gotten many benefits in return.

Other than Liu Shikun and Wei Chengguan, there were other government officials involved in the bribery as well.

Although the amounts of the bribes were much less, they could be sentenced to years in jail.

Some people had died in a forced demolition Hongyun Real Estate had conducted, but it had refused to compensate them.

Besides, Hongyun Real Estate had committed illegal tax evasion amounting to nearly five hundred million yuan within three years.

And one of their construction sites had used low quality construction materials, which caused many accidents.

Apart from Hongyun Real Estate, a famous hotel of the Hongyun Group secretly provided sex services.

Among the prostitutes, there were underage girls.

Although it wasnt uncommon in a majority of hotels, it was illegal.

And once it was reported, the hotel would be in trouble.

Additionally, a person had died of food poisoning in a famous restaurant of the Hongyun Group, but it had been judged as death from a heart attack in the end.

Even though Yan Zhenglin knew that Hongyun Real Estate had many dirty secrets, he was still surprised by what they had done.

Yan Zhenglin was very furious by the fact that Hongyun had gotten away with so many crimes.

Gu Ning who was sitting on the opposite sofa also felt his great anger.

The other papers showed the criminal evidence for Liu Shikun and Wei Chengguan.

It was written on the papers that they had accepted bribes from Fang Changsheng and illegally provided aid for him to cover his crimes.

K also got videos and stored them on a USB flash disk.

There were also many amorous pictures that they had taken with their mistresses in bed.

Each of their faces was too clear to deny it.

The mistresses information was also attached, including their names, addresses, places of work, and when they had started the sexual relationship with Liu Shikun or Wei Chengguan.

Liu Shikun had an illegitimate child who was already 8-years-old.

More shockingly, they had been involved in a murder too.

Three years ago, the previous head of the Roads and Traffic Authority had died in a car accident, which had caused a great sensation at that time.

After the previous head of the Roads and Traffic Authority had been killed in the car accident, Wei Chengguan had been promoted to be the new head.

Yan Zhenglin slapped the papers heavily onto the table with a loud sound and said in great anger, “Im so shocked that they have gotten away with so many severe crimes!”

“Liu Shikun and the others have to be investigated and sentenced to jail, but I cant make the decision alone, so I first need to talk to my leaders tomorrow.

Ill contact you then.

What do you think” It concerned different groups in politics, instead of just Yan Zhenglins personal grudge, so he couldnt make the decision on his own.

“Sure.” Gu Ning understood it, so she agreed.

“However, please dont expose me, because I dont want to be involved in politics.”

“I wont.” Yan Zhenglin knew that Gu Ning would be in danger if his political enemies found out that she was involved.

However, in that case, Gu Ning wouldnt get the reward which belonged to her.

In actual fact, Gu Ning didnt care about that.


“Oh, Uncle Yan, if the Hongyun Group is going to be punished, can I get some of its properties” Gu Ning asked.

Gu Ning only wanted some of Hongyuns properties, because most of its construction sites were of low quality.

And the Hongyun Groups construction material company was notorious.

Jiang Xu was already involved in the construction material industry, so Gu Ning wouldnt bother to get involved as well.

As for the loan company, Gu Ning wasnt interested.

However, the construction industry, construction machinery leasing, construction workers, floor heating installation industry and the home appliance industry of Hongyun Real Estate Real werent bad.

There were two first-tier cities, three second-tier cities and four third-tier cities in Province D, and its capital city was City D, while the rest were small cities.

Hongyun Group had a construction project in the second-tier city of City J, which had just started construction.

It covered an area of 200 acres.

There was also a shopping mall of great quality under construction, so Gu Ning would take it over and continue to build it.

There were seven shopping malls, six four-star hotels, and five restaurants under the name of the Hongyun Group.

All of them were located in the three second-tier cities in province D.

Gu Ning also had plans to take them over.

Of course, after taking over, Gu Ning wouldnt continue to run them.

Except for the shopping malls, all the hotels and restaurants would have to be refurbished.

In other words, Gu Ning only bought the property rights, and would start the business anew.

It wasnt hard if she had the foundation that Hongyun had built.

Although its hotels and restaurants werent very popular, it was profitable.

Yan Zhenglin didnt expect that Gu Ning was so ambitious as to take over the Hongyun Group, but since she had already made up her mind, he wouldnt stop her.

“If Hongyun Group is seized due to illegality, it will be owned by the state.

Its assets will be used to offset the losses and other expenses before it is put up for auction.

Since you want it, I can promise to give you priority to acquire it before anyone else.

However, the Hongyun Groups industries arent small, so you will need a lot of money.” This wasnt a violation of the law, thus Yan Zhenglin could make the promise, but he didnt know whether Gu Ning could afford the Hongyun Groups industries.

“I think that the total price wont exceed three billion yuan, and if Uncle Yan is willing to give me a discount, it would be much better,” Gu Ning said half-jokingly.

“Ha-ha,” Yan Zhenglin was amused, but it proved that Gu Ning had at least three billion in hand.

Even though Gu Ning didnt ask him for the favor, he would also try to give her a discount given the significant evidence she provided.

After the deal, Yan Zhenglin and Gu Ning left the study.

“What are you two talking about Do you have to be so mysterious Why cant you tell me” Master Yan complained the moment they came out.

Actually, Master Yan was just kidding, because he knew that it had to be highly confidential since the two discussed it alone.

Gu Ning understood what was on Master Yans mind, but she still comforted him, “We dont want to worry you.

You can share more leisure time with Grandpa Fu and Grandpa Bai, and let Uncle Yan deal with the problems.”

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