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Seeing the gun, Yan Shuyas face immediately turned pale with fright.

Although she knew kung fu and wasnt afraid of fighting at all, she didnt want to be killed by a gun.

However, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting stayed calm, but they were both displeased, staring at Wang Zhilin coldly.

“I think that you better put the gun down.

Otherwise, you could be sentenced to jail,” Gu Ning said icily.

Wang Zhilin didnt know that Leng Shaoting was a military officer.

If he knew it and still held a gun aimed at him, he could be shot without doubt.

“Gee! Do you think that you can throw me into jail I have the Wang Familys support, and I can throw all of you into prison because you attacked policemen!”

At this moment, three policemen outside ran into hearing room after hearing all the noise.

They were all surprised when they found out that four of their colleagues were beaten on the ground.

Did the man do it alone They looked to Leng Shaoting.

Wang Zhilin ordered without delay, “What are you looking at! Take them to the prison right now!”

Wang Zhilin thought that Leng Shaoting wouldnt dare to resist this time, but unfortunately, he had the wrong idea.

Just as the three policemen walked near, Leng Shaoting beat them all down within seconds again.

Wang Zhilin was mad and shocked.

He immediately thumbed off the safety catch of his pistol, and was ready to shoot Leng Shaoting.

However, before he could do it, his wrist was caught and the gun was removed from his hand.

Seeing Gu Ning standing right before his eyes with the gun in her hand, Wang Zhilin was terrified and stepped backwards unconsciously.

“How did you…”

He was shocked by Gu Nings agility and sudden movement.

“How dare you grab my gun! Youll be sentenced to death!” Wang Zhilin threatened.

“Really Can you do that” Gu Ning sneered like he was nobody in her eyes.

“You…” Wang Zhilin didnt believe that Gu Ning dared to shoot him, but he was worried that she would do it accidentally, so he was scared now.

“Im a member of the Wang Family! If you dare to hurt me, the Wang Family wont let you get away with it!”

“Thats interesting, because I wont let the Wang Family get away with it either!” Gu Ning said coldly.

Right at this moment, Wang Zhilins phone rang.

The caller was the head of the Public Security Bureau in City Teng, Zhang Yuancheng.

Wang Zhilin immediately answered it, “Hi, boss, what can I do for you”

The minute Wang Zhilin finished his sentence; Zhang Yuancheng roared at the other side, “Wang Zhilin, did you arrest a male and two females today If you did, let them go right away, or youll be fired!”

Wang Zhilin trembled in fear, and looked to Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning and Yan Shuya abruptly.

Zhang Yuancheng roared into the phone, so everyone in the hearing room all heard his order, and they were all confused as well as amazed.

Who are they And why is the head of the Public Security Bureau calling in person to release them

Gu Ning also gave Leng Shaoting an inquiry look.

She thought that the call had something to do with him.

Leng Shaoting understood what was in Gu Nings mind, so he nodded as the answer.

“Bo-boss, may I ask the names” Wang Zhilin asked while his voice was trembling.

Although he was a member of the Wang Family, he was just a distant cousin, so he had no position to be arrogant before anyone.

Besides, Zhang Yuancheng wasnt only his boss, but also had powerful support.

If Zhang Yuancheng was going to fire him, the Wang Family wouldnt help him out.

Wang Zhilin was snobbish, but he knew when to give in.

“Did you arrest anyone else today” Zhang Yuancheng roared again.

He actually had no idea about their names, because his boss didnt tell him the details, but just ordered him to let them leave right now.

A fight wasnt a big deal in actual fact, but this time Wang Xinyan, who was the daughter of the Wang Family was involved.

And the Wang Family was determined to punish Gu Ning.

Nobody dared to stop them.

However, am important figure from the military region demanded that he should let them go.

“No-no, we didnt,” Wang Zhilin denied in a hurry, but he still reminded Zhang Yuancheng in a low voice.

“Boss, they annoyed the Wang Family!”

“So what Let them leave right now!” Zhang Yuancheng lost his patience.

Wang Zhilin immediately realized that the three people that he had arrested today had to be more influential than the Wang Family.

Although the Wang Family asked him to throw them into jail, he had to follow Zhang Yuanchengs orders now.

The Wang Family would abandon him when the situation changed anyway.

After he hung up the call with Zhang Yuancheng, Wang Zhilins attitude towards Leng Shaoting completely changed.

“Well, Im so sorry about what weve just done and said.

Please leave now as you like.”

Gu Ning didnt pick on Wang Zhilin, but left directly.

Once they were gone, Wang Zhilin called Wang Hongming without delay.

“Uncle Wang,” Wang Zhilins voice still trembled in fear.

“How is it going Have you settled it” Wang Hongming asked airily, like it was merely a piece of cake.

In his eyes, nobody should or could act against the Wang Family in City Teng.

“Im so sorry, Uncle Wang.

The head of the Public Security Bureau called in person and demanded that we let them go,” Wang Zhilin apologized.

“What Zhang Yuancheng called you in person to let them go Whats their relationship with Zhang Yuancheng” Wang Hongming was mad at once.

“I-I have no idea.” Wang Zhilin wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Does Zhang Yuancheng know that they annoyed us” Wang Hongming asked arrogantly, like the Wang Family was inviolable.

“He is aware of it, but he doesnt care! I think that there has to be an influential figure among them,” Wang Zhilin said.

Hearing that, Wang Hongming was displeased, but his hands were tied too in that case.

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