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2905 No Need to Doubt

“Its about three hundred meters to the right, but there is a cliff about a hundred meters ahead.

So if you want to go there, you have to go over the sea, or climb up the mountains,” the black flood dragon said.

“The entrance of the cave is at the bottom of the cliff on the other side, where the waves are very strong.

Its very dangerous for ordinary people,” the female flood dragon chimed in.

Gano and Billy were ordinary people, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting werent, so they wouldnt think that it was dangerous.

“Sure, you can go over and have a look first.

If there are any monsters, kill them.

Ill be there soon,” Gu Ning said.

“Yes, master,” the flood dragon replied, then left.

Gu Ning also returned to Leng Shaotings side.

Leng Shaoting heard Gu Nings conversation with the flood dragon, but Gano and Billy didnt.

After Gu Ning came back, they walked to the cave.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting said nothing.

They were leading the way, so Gano and Billy just followed them.

No matter where Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting took them, Gano and Billy wouldnt say anything, because they had no idea where they should go.

After walking for about two hundred meters, they saw a mountain.

The altitude of the mountain was about forty to fifty meters, which wasnt high at all, but the mountain path was rugged.

It was difficult for Gano and Billy to climb over, even though both of them were strong, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting couldnt take them over by flying, nor could they fly there before them.

As a result, they could only climb up the mountain together.

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They could take another way, but it would cost them more time.

They might spend too much time on the way, so they decided to climb up the mountain in the end.

This place was covered in fog and it was night, so although Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, she still couldnt see far ahead.

Leng Shaoting used a rope to tie his waist, then fastened it to their waists.

In that case, even if their feet slipped, they wouldnt fall off the mountain.

At most, they would just hit themselves a little.

“Do we need to climb up from here” Gano asked in front of the mountain.

He couldnt see how high it was, but he could see that it was a mountain.

“Right.” Gu Ning replied.

“Is it high Will it be dangerous after we climb up” Billy asked worriedly.

“It was a dangerous adventure to find the treasure.

Where will you hide your treasure, if you have any, to prevent other people from finding it And to make sure that even if anyone finds it, he cant take it away,” Gu Ning replied.

“Somewhere dangerous,” Billy said subconsciously.

Since he was going to hide the treasure, he would do his best to stop other people from finding it by storing it in a dangerous place.

“Right, normally, treasure is hidden in a dangerous place so that it is impossible for ordinary people to find.

Ordinary people might not dare to go there either.

But I think it would still have to be accessible otherwise the treasure cant be hidden there.

I once searched for treasure on a small island as well.

The treasure was hidden under a dangerous cliff, while the entrance was at the bottom of the sea.

So, I thought it might be the same case this time.

Because the waves under the cliff are relatively large, its difficult for ordinary people to go in, but it still allows people to get inside.

Its just that people who dont have enough abilities cant go in.

And most people would not imagine that the treasure would be hidden in such a precipitous place.

In most peoples eyes, where they cant go, others cant go either,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Gano and Billy agreed.

At the same time, they were surprised to know that Gu Ning had searched for treasure at such a dangerous and unobtrusive place before.

Anyway, since she had succeeded once, she must have the skills to do so.

Their intuition also told them that if there was really treasure, they would definitely find it.

“If so, well continue to follow you.

We wont say anything again,” Gano said.

They invited Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to come with them, but they found that they themselves were useless after coming here.

They relied on Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to do everything.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, they could have gotten lost or starved to death even if they could successfully get here.

They could handle one or two pythons, but it was impossible for them to kill more.

After that, Gu Ning took out ropes from her backpack(telepathic eye space).

Seeing that, Billy asked curiously, “Mrs.

Leng, what are you doing”

“This mountain is very rugged and dangerous.

In case any accidents happen, you should both tie a rope around your waist, then tie the other end around my husbands waist.

If anything happens to you, he can help you,” Gu Ning said.


Hearing that, Gano and Billy were surprised.

They glanced at Gu Ning, then at Leng Shaoting.

They couldnt believe their ears.


Leng, did you say that we can tie the end of this rope to our waist, while the other to your husbands waist” Gano asked.

“Right, you heard it right.

My husband can easily beat a giant python with a punch, and youve witnessed that, but my husband can do more than just that.

Hes much more powerful than you can believe.

Never doubt his abilities,” Gu Ning said seriously.

Gano and Billy nodded and realized that Leng Shaoting was stronger than they could imagine.

They didnt doubt Gu Nings words.

Therefore, they listened to her in the end.

They tied the end of the rope to their waists, and the other end was fastened to Leng Shaotings waist.

Afterwards, they set out.

Gu Ning climbed up by herself because it was very easy for her.

At the beginning, Gano and Billy were worried about Gu Ning, but they were relieved after seeing that she was more relaxed than them.

At the same time, they had great respect for Gu Ning.

They never thought highly of women.

Although there were outstanding women, they were very few.

However, now they had to admit that Gu Ning was really unbelievable.

The mountain was more difficult to climb than Gano and Billy had imagined, so they used a lot of effort.

Halfway through, Gano and Billy had each slipped once.

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