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2900 Get More Jealous

People who were jealous of other people were normally dissatisfied with what they already had.

If she was satisfied with her life, she wouldnt be jealous of other people.

“Whats wrong, Miss Qin” Gu Ning couldnt stand it any longer and asked Qin Youyou.

She noticed Qin Youyous reactions earlier on, but didnt pay much attention to it.

However, she got annoyed since Qin Youyou wouldnt stop.

Qin Youyou was shocked when Gu Ning called her name, and felt embarrassed.

“Oh, n-nothing.

I just saw you order expensive dishes, so I was a little surprised.” She explained.

“Well, its not a big deal.

Miss Qin, if there is anything you like, just order it.

No need to hesitate,” Gu Ning said very generously.

“Thanks.” Qin Youyou nodded with slight embarrassment, then continued to read the menu, but she felt displeased by Gu Nings generosity.

She wished that she could order whatever she wanted like Gu Ning and didnt need to care about money.

Although Gu Ning said that she could order whatever she liked, she couldnt really do that.

After all, she cared about her face, so she only ordered two dishes.

After they finished ordering, a waiter took their order, then they began to chat casually.

“Shaoting, how is it Are you satisfied with the house” Ren Weiming asked Leng Shaoting.

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“Yeah, its very good,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Great, when do you plan to take the wedding photos,” Ren Weiming asked.

“The photography team will arrive tomorrow, so well do it the day after tomorrow,” Leng Shaoting replied.

“Where did you hire the team” Luo Yunze asked.

“Its not very famous.

Just a team owned by my company.

Because I already have a team in my company, I didnt hire other people.

After all, Im very satisfied with their skills,” Gu Ning replied this time.

The photographer team that served Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning was employed by Charm.

Even Gu Nings wedding gown was designed and personally made by Yu Zi.

By now Charm was an International brand and Yu Zi was an A-list clothing designer, so Gu Ning was just being modest.

It was a very famous team.

Hearing Gu Nings words, Ren Weiming and the others were surprised.

Her own company She looked so young, and yet she already owned a company

Even though Ren Weiming was aware of Leng Shaotings family background and believed that his wife couldnt be ordinary, he was still surprised that Gu Ning was so successful on her own.

“Gu Ning, you have your own company” Ren Weiming asked.

“Yes.” Gu Ning answered.

“You look so young.

Its really unbelievable that you already have your own company.” Ren Weiming complimented.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

“Can I know the name” Qin Youyou asked.

She was also surprised to know that Gu Ning had her own company, but she felt it couldnt be large.

“Its Charm and an affiliated wedding photography studio.” Gu Ning said right away because she knew what Qin Youyou was thinking.

“What Charm”

Hearing that, both Luo Yunze and Qin Youyou were surprised, because they had heard about Charm.

Actually, they almost went to Charm to take wedding photos and had visited Charm before.

However, they decided to travel abroad, so they gave up on that idea.

After all, it would be more convenient for them to find a wedding store here.

Ren Weiming lived in Niguli Island, so he hadnt heard of Charm, but he could see that it wasnt a small company from Luo Yunze and Qin Youyous reaction.

“Miss Gu, youre the boss of Charm! I cant believe that youre so successful.” Luo Yunze complimented.

He wasnt jealous at all, but Qin Youyou was filled with extreme jealousy.

Charm was a well-known International brand!

Although they didnt choose Charm, they booked gowns at Charm.

They were rich too, but they werent comparable to Gu Ning.

Qin Youyous annual salary was about seven hundred thousand yuan, so she was very proud of herself in front of ordinary people, but now, she felt that she was a nobody in front of Gu Ning.

At the same time, she became even more jealous.

She wished that she were Gu Ning.

Many people wished that they could be someone more successful, but they werent willing to pay for it.

“Im really curious about the influence of Charm now,” Ren Weiming said curiously.

“You can look it up on the Internet.

Its called Charm Gown,” Luo Yunze said.

Ren Weiming immediately took out his phone and searched for news about Charm.

After reading the information about Charm, he was shocked too.

He couldnt believe it was a first-rate clothing brand in Country Hua.

He thought that Gu Ning only owned a small company.

After all, she was so young.

So he complimented Gu Ning.

Gu Ning thanked them for their compliments.

A while later, the dishes were placed on the table, and they began to enjoy the meal.

Qin Youyou lost her appetite, not because the food wasnt delicious, in fact she loved seafood, but because she was too jealous to eat.

Especially when she saw Leng Shaoting peeling shrimp and crabs for Gu Ning, while Luo Yunze did nothing, she lost her balance.

However, she didnt dare to complain about it.

She knew Luo Yunzes character very well.

He would never serve a woman even in a romantic relationship.

He wanted his wife to be a mature, stable, and independent woman who didnt need romance.

He didnt think Leng Shaoting, a caring husband, was bad, but he wouldnt do that.

Nevertheless, women all wanted to be spoiled by their men.

Although Luo Yunze treated her well and never hesitated to give her money, he wasnt romantic.

She was dissatisfied, but didnt dare to say anything.

After all, she had changed herself to be chosen by him and now they were going to get married.

She could do nothing about that.

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