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2898 Doctored Water

Gano told them they could add the spices as they wanted.

If they didnt like it, they could ignore it.

Some of his friends added some spices to the seafood, while some didnt.

Those who added some spices felt that the seafood became tastier, but it was a little spicy.

Anyway, it tasted good, so they accepted it.

“Wow, its so delicious.”

“Yeah, although its spicy, I think it helps my appetite.”

“Right, its so good!”

Even though some were afraid that they might get sick after eating the spices, they couldnt help trying it.

Finally, they fell in love with it too.

A while later, a man, who had the same bad intention towards Gu Ning as Silo, picked up two bottles of water, then walked towards Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

However, the two bottles of water were actually doctored.

The others didnt notice, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting did.

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Therefore, when the man walked over with the doctored water, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were mad, but they stayed calm on the surface.

“Its spicy.

I dont see you having any water so I can give you two bottles,” the man said, standing in front of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

“No need,” Gu Ning said in a flat tone.

The man felt embarrassed and said, “Miss, I have no bad intentions.

Why do you have to embarrass me”

“I embarrassed you” Gu Ning sneered and stared straight at the man.

The man felt as if she could see through him and subconsciously avoided her eyes.

The next moment, Gu Ning turned to look at Leng Shaoting.

Only Leng Shaoting understood her signal.

Afterwards, Leng Shaoting stood up and took the two bottles of water from the mans hands.

Right when the man felt happy, the situation suddenly had a big change.

Before he could fight back, Leng Shaoting had already poured the water into his mouth.

Seeing that, Gano and another man immediately ran over.

Although they didnt know what happened, they couldnt just watch them fight.

Normally, Silo would run over first, because the man had a close relationship with him, but now he did nothing.


Leng, what are you doing” Gano asked in a deep voice.

It was his friend, so he was angry that Leng Shaoting was so rude.

However, he still wanted to know the reason.

When Gano and the others came over, Leng Shaoting had finished pouring a bottle of water into the mans mouth, so he let him go.

“He wanted to give us these two bottles of water, and youll see what happens in a few minutes,” Leng Shaoting said coldly.

The man, who was forced to swallow a large amount of water, kept on retching, trying to get the water out of his stomach.

Hearing Leng Shaotings words and witnessing the mans reaction, they immediately figured the situation out.

Obviously, there was something wrong with the water, or the man wouldnt try to vomit.

As a result, Gano and the other men were angry.

“Iko, whats in the water” Gano directly questioned the man.

Iko said nothing, because he didnt know what to say.

He couldnt believe that his trick was exposed so easily.

How did Leng Shaoting know that the water was doctored He was so careful!

“Iko!” Gano got angry when Iko remained silent.

Although he wasnt an upright man and had played dirty tricks before, he knew what he could and couldnt do.

It couldnt be more obvious that they shouldnt mess with Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting,

Even though his family, the Tilar family, had a high status in Sashi, the capital city of Niguli Island, they couldnt do whatever they wanted.

His family wouldnt allow him to cause trouble for the family either, so he knew how to do things.

Therefore, even if he was a playboy, he had never caused serious trouble.

“Alright, thats enough.

Take him away!” Leng Shaoting said.

He didnt bother to punish them.

Anyway, he and Gu Ning werent hurt.

“Im really sorry.” Gano apologized.

He didnt make the mistake, but his friend did.

Since Leng Shaoting was willing to let them go, he should make an apology as the head of their group.

Gano actually wanted Iko to apologize to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, but he didnt want him to annoy them further.

As a result, he pulled Iko and walked away.

“Iko, what did you do” Gano asked seriously.

“I…” As soon as Iko opened his mouth, he suddenly fainted, which was the result of drinking the doctored water.

It was really bold of Iko to dare to drug Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting right in front of Gano.

It proved that he didnt really know Gano and believed that Gano was the same kind of person as him.

Among them, Gano had the highest status, so the others wouldnt say anything as long as Gano accepted it.

When Iko passed out, Gano became even angrier.

How could Iko have the idea of drugging the two people from Country Hua

He was so stupid!

Silo knew what Iko wanted to do when Iko walked to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting with the water, so he wasnt surprised when Iko fainted.

He didnt stop Iko, because he had the same idea.

The girls were also shocked by that scene, and realized what had happened.

Suddenly, they were scared of Iko.

They knew that these rich heirs loved playing around, but they didnt expect them to use drugs too.

It was frightening.

Because Iko fainted, Gano and the others lost interest in having fun outside.

They packed up and left at once.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting werent affected so they didnt rush to leave.

Both of them ate a lot, so they finished all the seafood that they had caught.

Actually, they had planned to save some for when they went back.

“Why dont we catch some more after we finish all of these” Gu Ning suggested.

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting said.

He rarely said no to Gu Nings requests.

They were full after eating all the seafood, so they took a walk for half an hour before catching more seafood.

Within ten minutes, they had caught a large bag full of seafood, which was enough for a day so they could eat it tomorrow.


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