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2896 A Python

“Um…” The girl hesitated for a while, but she understood that she must satisfy Silos needs if she wanted to be his mistress.

Otherwise he would change his mind once he was mad.

Thinking of that, she agreed.

After that, they had sex on the desert island.

At the beginning, the girl had all kinds of worries, but she soon devoted herself to it after she was aroused.

Silo was a sex expert! He could easily make a woman lose control.

A certain part of the girl was still very tight because she hadnt had much sex before, which made Silo more excited.

However, while they were enjoying the sex, they didnt notice that a giant python was approaching.

Silo didnt turn around until the python slithered onto his body and put a lot of weight on him.

The moment he saw it clearly, he was scared and almost passed out.

In an instant, his manhood lost its energy.

“Ah!” Silo screamed and immediately got up from the girls body.

He got rid of the giant python, then quickly ran away.

Hearing Silos scream, the girl opened her eyes and saw the giant python.

The next moment, she screamed too and wanted to escape as well.

Unfortunately, the giant python turned to press on the girl after Silo ran away.

The girl wasnt strong enough to get rid of the python.

She was even wrapped up by it when she struggled.


Silo, help!” She shouted to Silo who was running away, but Silo didnt even turn around to give her a glance.

He was afraid that the giant python would attack him.

Both Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting heard Silos and the girls screams.

Although they agreed not to bother each other, they went onto the island together, so they felt it was necessary for them to help the group of people if they were in danger.

Therefore, as soon as they heard the scream, they ran over.

Within ten seconds, Gu Ning had arrived.

When Gu Ning was close, she used her Jade Eyes to see what was happening, so she stopped Leng Shaoting from coming because she didnt want him to see another girls naked body.

Only a dozen seconds had passed, so Silo wasnt far away, so Leng Shaoting went to chase him.

There was no need to ask.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting figured out what had happened.

The man and the girl were probably having sex outside.

Even before Gu Ning reached the giant python, she released magical energy to hit it.

The giant python wasnt a monster, so it could not bear the impact of Gu Nings magical energy.

It was hit heavily and stopped moving.

The girl was wrapped by the giant python, but luckily she survived because Gu Ning quickly came to help her.

Gu Ning went ahead and removed the giant python with a branch.

Afterwards, she helped the girl take a power crystal to get back some strength.

After all, Gu Ning was unwilling to touch the girl.

The girl quickly went back to normal after taking the power crystal.

When she turned to look at Gu Ning, there was no jealousy left in her eyes, only gratitude.

Although she was extremely embarrassed that Gu Ning caught her doing that, she felt very grateful to Gu Ning.

“Thank you.”

“Get dressed and leave now!” Gu Ning said, then directly walked away.

Anyway, the giant python was too weak to hurt anyone now.

The girl hadnt undressed all her clothing.

She was wearing a sundress, so when she had sex with Silo, she only rolled the bottom up and put off the straps, so the dress was folded on her waist, and she quickly dressed herself again.

Without hesitation, the girl stood up and got dressed, then left with Gu Ning.

She had gotten a lot of strength back, but she was still horrified, so her body was still shaking.

She walked and stumbled along the way, but it wasnt too bad since she could still walk.

Leng Shaoting quickly caught up to Silo.

Silo was totally naked.

Because Leng Shaoting didnt want Gu Ning to see another mans naked body, he took out a towel from his Qiankun Bag and told Silo to put it on.

Silo was scared when Leng Shaoting suddenly appeared, but he took the towel in case other people saw him.

After giving Silo the towel, Leng Shaoting walked away and left him behind.

Because Silo disliked Leng Shaoting, he didnt thank him.

After a while, Gu Ning walked over and Leng Shaoting held her hand, then they left together.

When Silo saw the girl again, he was shocked that she was completely fine.

He realized that she must have been rescued by Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Although he abandoned the girl in the crisis, he didnt feel guilty at all.

She was merely a sex toy in his eyes after all.

After going through what just happened, the girl lost all her interest in Silo.

Even though she clearly knew that she was just a sex toy in his eyes, she suddenly found out that it was extremely dangerous and risky to be in a sexual relationship with him.

She could die.

As a result, she decided to keep a distance away from them.

However, she didnt dare to blame Silo for it.

Although she was filled with hatred, she still didnt dare to show any of it on her face because she couldnt mess with Silo.

Therefore, when she saw Silo, she avoided his eyes.

Silo wanted to get his clothes back, but he didnt dare to go there again.

He had to wrap himself in the towel and walk away.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting returned to the island side first, then they went into the sea to catch seafood.

They decided to have a meal outside mainly because they wanted to have a picnic.

A while later, Silo and the girl were also back to the side.

Neither of them looked at or talked to each other.

They sat separately and waited for the others to come back.

Before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting came back out of the sea, the others were back.

They didnt see Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, so they thought that they were still gone.

They were also curious about why Silo was only wrapped in a towel.

Although they knew Silo and the girl came back earlier to do something without them, they were still confused about why his clothing was gone and he was in a towel.

“Silo, what happened” one man asked.

“Nothing,” Silo said.

He didnt want to tell them.

Since he was unwilling to talk about it, the others stopped asking.

They guessed that something must have happened while they had sex.

Suddenly, Silo walked up to one of the girls, wanting her scarf, because the towel was too big to fasten around his body.


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