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2895 Im Not an Idiot

“Gano, they…”

The two men were still displeased and wanted to complain about it.

“What do you want to do Was I not clear enough Its their freedom and right to choose what they want to do.

You have no right to interfere.

Did you care about their feelings when you said that they embarrassed you” Gano snapped at them.


The two men were struck dumb and no longer said anything.

Although they knew Gano was right, they still felt reluctant to accept it.

They were mainly so displeased because they disliked Leng Shaotings arrogant attitude.

Anyway, they didnt dare to say anything further.

Gano snapped at them, which aroused their dissatisfaction, but they didnt dare to vent anger at him.

Afterwards, they ambled around on the island, and decided to catch seafood for a while.

They were born in rich families, but they loved adventures and did it very often, so they were happy to go on adventures on the ocean and island.

However, the ocean was too wide and they were afraid of getting lost, so they dared not come here without a guide.

This island wasnt very large, but it still took a day to walk from one end to the other.

The ground wasnt even either, so they didnt plan to go farther in.

They would leave after a while.

Walking ahead, the men werent scared, but the girls were nervous.

“How long do we need to walk far” one girl asked.

“Till we lose interest,” Gano replied.

He didnt know how long he would walk for, but he would stop when he didnt want to continue.

“If any of you dont want to go on, you can return on your own.”

Hearing that, the girls subconsciously exchanged a glance.

They were asking each other whether to return.

In the end, no one went back because the boys didnt want to leave.

If they did, the boys would disdain them.

At that moment, one of the men who had the intention to hurt Gu Ning said, “I can walk you back.

I dont want to go ahead any longer either.”

The girls eyes lit up at once and she immediately thanked the man.

“Thank you so much, Mr.


After that, Silo walked the girl back and nobody stopped them.

After all, this girl was brought here by him, so he ought to take care of her.

Nevertheless Gano and the other men were aware that Silo didnt walk the girl back because he didnt want to go further.

He wasnt that nice.

On the contrary, he only wanted sex.

That was Silos trick, so the other men wouldnt get involved.

Although there were four men and four girls, they werent couples.

Some of them were acquaintances, and they felt it would be boring without girls.

Anyway, those girls also had the dream of having a rich boyfriend.

All of them had their own purpose, but till now, nothing had happen yet, and they hadnt had sex.

As Silo took the girl back, he suddenly hugged her from behind and placed his hands on her breast.

The girl was scared and immediately struggled, but she failed to get rid of Silo and asked in horror, “Mr.

Silo, what do you want to do”

She clearly knew what Silo wanted to do.

Although she formed a relationship with Silo for a purpose, she was unwilling to have sex with him.

“What Didnt you want to be my girl when you tried to build a relationship with me Now I can give you a chance.

What do you think” Silo mocked.

He clearly knew why these girls wanted to be close to him, but he wouldnt sleep with all of them.

Even though they played around, they would still choose to have fun with beautiful and sexy girls who hadnt slept with too many people.

Although they lived a life full of wild abandon, they didnt want the girls to do the same.

This girl had two ex-boyfriends, but she didnt have sex with everyone.

She only wanted more money, otherwise she wouldnt have joined them.

So he was willing to be in a sexual relationship with her for a while, then he would dump her.

The girl was embarrassed when Silo pointed it out so she argued at once.

“I-I dont…”

However, she lacked confidence.

“No I dont believe it.

Im not an idiot!” Silo sneered.

“I…” The girl was struck dumb and didnt know what to say.

It was impossible for her to say that Silo was an idiot.

She was reluctant to annoy him.

Even if she couldnt be his girl, she didnt dare to mess with him.

At this time, Silo let her go and said, “I wont force you.

You should know I dont lack girls, but I dont have sex with all of them.

Its your honor that I would choose you.

To be honest with you, I wont fall in love with anybody.

Ill marry a woman who is chosen by my family.

You can never be my wife, but I can give you bags, expensive clothes, and other luxuries if you can be my mistress.

You can live a luxurious life when youre with me.”

The girl was humiliated.

In fact, she knew that she could only get money from Silo, and it was impossible for her to gain his love.

There was no way that he would marry her, but she had always hoped that she could be different, but now Silo had broken her dream.

Nevertheless, she was still persuaded when Silo said that she could get any luxuries that she wanted while he kept her as his mistress.

She wanted to accept, but felt that it was very humiliating.

She decided to sell her body for money, but she still wanted to keep a good reputation.

“If you dont agree, Ill leave right now,” Silo said.

He wouldnt force her to accept, but that was also his trick.

He was sure that the girl wouldnt refuse.

“I…” The girl instantly became anxious.

She honestly didnt want to miss this chance, so she agreed after hesitating for a moment.

Silo showed satisfaction, then hugged the girl again.

“If I f*ck you right here, right now, do you agree”

“Right here I dont think thats a good idea.” The girl was slightly surprised.

If anyone caught them, it would be humiliating.

And she had never had sex in such a wild place before! How should they do it

“Itll be exciting.

Dont you think” Silo said, “No one will see us.”

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