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891 Jancis

Gu Ning was much more famous than before, so many more people remembered her face.

Some of them even came over to ask her whether they could take photos together.

Although Gu Ning had no interest in that, she wasnt arrogant and didnt put on any airs.

Therefore, she agreed to take photos with them.

Luckily, there werent many people, so they quickly entered the lounge of the first class.

In the lounge, there were many other passengers.

Gu Ning was more famous now and more people remembered her face, but not everyone knew her.

Therefore, only a few in the lounge paid special attention to her due to her beauty and nothing else happened.

They were amazed because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were an extraordinarily beautiful couple.

In addition, they had an air of elegance.

After walking into the lounge, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting seated themselves.

A while later, Leng Shaoting went to the washroom, while Gu Ning sat there alone.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning sensed something evil entering the lounge.

She immediately raised her head and saw a foreign man.

He was about thirty years old.

He was handsome, tall, and had a pair of peach blossom eye, which was especially attractive.

Once he showed up, he attracted several women, but Gu Ning felt nothing.

The man couldnt attract Gu Ning, because Gu Nings heart was already occupied by Leng Shaoting.

The foreign man also noticed Gu Ning, so he walked towards her.

Among all the women who were looking at him, Gu Ning was the most beautiful one.

It was boring to wait for departure, so he decided to chat with someone to kill the time.

Gu Ning sat there alone, so he chose her.

When Gu Ning saw the foreign man walking towards her, she sent Leng Shaoting a message at once.

She told him that she saw a vampire and that he might want to strike up a conversation with her.

She needed to learn more about him so Leng Shaoting should only come back ten minutes later.

The foreign man turned out to be a vampire.

Whether he had a purpose or not, Gu Ning had to be careful since he was in their country.

Reading the message, Leng Shaoting decided to wait for a while.

“Hi, beauty, its boring to wait for departure.

Can I have a seat here Would you mind if we chatted for a while” The man asked Gu Ning very gently.

He spoke in the local language, but not fluently.

“Youre handsome.

Of course you can,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing Gu Nings compliment, the man was pleased.

Then he sat across from Gu Ning and said politely, “Miss Beauty, whatever you want to drink, I can pay the bill for you.”

“Thanks, but there is no need,” Gu Ning replied.

“Fine!” The man shrugged, and didnt insist.

Then he asked, “May I know your name”

“Can I know yours” Gu Ning didnt answer, but asked him instead.

“My name is Jancis,” the man said.

“Is it your real name or fake name Many men try to use a fake name to fool me.” Gu Ning doubted.

“Its my real name.

If you dont believe it, I can let you look at my plane ticket,” Jancis said, then he held out his plane ticket to Gu Ning.

The name on the plane ticket was indeed Jancis and surprisingly he was on the same flight as them to Niguli Island.

Was it a coincidence or a scheme

If the man was just an ordinary man, she wouldnt have that idea, but he wasnt.

“Now, may I know your name” asked Jancis.

“My name is Gu Ning.” Gu Ning answered.

She didnt lie, but paid special attention to the mans reaction when she said her name.

When Jancis heard Gu Nings name, he reacted normally.

“Its a beautiful name.

Where are you going Are you alone”

“Well be on the same plane.

My seat is behind you,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, I have good luck today.

Its a long journey, but I think we can chat to kill time along the way,” Jancis said happily.

“Um, my husband is with me.

Hes a jealous husband, so he wont allow us to talk once he gets back,” Gu Ning replied with a smile.

“What” Jancis was surprised.

After all, Gu Ning looked so young.

He didnt expect her to be married.

“Thats so disappointing.”

“Oh, my husband is coming back.

Jancis, you can sit here, but I need to go to sit with my husband.” The moment Gu Ning finished speaking, she stood up and went to sit down somewhere else.

Since Gu Ning said that, Jancis said nothing further.

He could only shrug again.

He met Gu Ning by accident.

Although he came to chat with Gu Ning because she was beautiful, he had no bad intentions.

He simply felt that Gu Ning was good-looking and wanted to kill some time by chatting with her.

Therefore, he didnt think it was a big deal that Gu Ning already had a husband.

Right after Gu Ning sat down, Leng Shaoting got back.

When Jancis saw Leng Shaoting, he was stunned because he didnt expect Gu Nings husband to be so handsome.

Jancis couldnt see that Leng Shaoting was actually a cultivator, but he clearly sensed that Leng Shaoting was a powerful man.

They waited for about twenty minutes before the gate for boarding opened.

On their way, Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting about her conversation with Jancis.

When they were in the lounge earlier, they were too close, so it wasnt convenient for her to talk to Leng Shaoting about Jancis.

“He is taking the same plane as us.

And his seat is right in front of us.

Although I cant see anything wrong, we still need to be careful,” Gu Ning said.

“Right, he isnt an ordinary man.

We might not be able to see whats wrong with him if hes good at disguising,” Leng Shaoting agreed.

After they were aboard, Jancis really saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sitting behind him, but he didnt say hi to Gu Ning, because Gu Ning had already told him that she already had a husband.

There was no grudge between them, and he didnt need to hurt her.

However, he complained to himself that she indeed had a jealous husband, because her husband didnt allow her to talk to other men at all.

How did she fall in love with that man

Was it just because he was handsome or was he rich

Jancis didnt know Gu Ning, so his thoughts were very normal.

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