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2888 Want to Graduate Too

Because Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning decided to get married this year, they chose a date next year.

Gu Nings birthday was several days later, so they could get their marriage certificate then.

When the weather became slightly cooler in a few months, they would hold the wedding.

Although Gu Ning was only twenty-two years old, Leng Shaoting couldnt wait any longer, and everyone agreed to let him hold the wedding first.

After all, Leng Shaoting had waited for a long time till Gu Ning reached the age of consent.

It had been years!

Now the Leng family was full of happiness and harmony.

Because of the good mood, Master Leng was getting much healthier.

After having a meal, they returned to the living room to chat.

Except for Shangguan Yang, Jiang Liluo, and Si Jin, everyone stayed in the Leng familys house.

Anyway, there were enough rooms.

Although Gu Nings birthday was three days away and she was going to get a marriage certificate, Tang Yunfan was still busy, so he needed to leave tomorrow.

Tang Haifeng, Gu Man, and Tang Jiayu could stay here for a few more days till Gu Nings birthday.

They had nothing to deal with in the Tang family anyway.

At that time, Tang Yunfan would come over again.

The next day, Gu Ning had an appointment with Song Miaoge, Chu Peihan, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi, so she went out in the afternoon.

Tang Haifeng and Gu Man didnt feel bored when they stayed at the Leng familys house.

Gu Man was very familiar with her in-laws, so she was relaxed.

Leng Shaoting needed to deal with his own business, so he didnt stay with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning wanted to spend more time with Gu Man, so she was a little late and her friends were all present at the restaurant.

They were Song Miaoge, Baili Zongxue, Zhang Zikai, Chu Peihan, Shi Xiaoyue, Mu Ke, and Yu Mixi.

At this moment, they were joking about Chu Peihan and called her a big star.

Chu Peihan was very popular now and was among the four most popular young actresses of this year.

She was indeed a big star.

After playing a role in Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower, Chu Peihan became famous overnight.

She played a role in two other shows as the leading actress and supporting actress afterwards.

Both of the shows got a high rating and she also won peoples approval.

During these two years, many agencies wanted to sign Chu Peihan, but Chu Peihan declined.

An agency got mad at her because of that and even wanted to scheme against her, but they failed.

Afterwards, a piece of news broke.

It turned out that Chu Peihan had her own entertainment company.

Although it was located in City D, it wasnt small and had over a billion yuan in assets.

After that, no agency proposed to sign her.

Chu Peihan was a boss, so it would be a joke if they still wanted to sign her.

Actually, the entertainment company was owned by the Qing Gang at the beginning, then Situ Ye gave it to Chu Peihan.

Chu Peihan didnt need to manage it by herself.

She just directly benefited every year.

In addition, Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin were in a stable romantic relationship now.

It was no longer a secret.

Although some people thought Chu Peihan didnt deserve Han Chenglin, the majority believed they were a perfect couple.

The Han family liked Chu Peihan as well, and Chu Peihan visited them often.

The Han family was aware of her relationship with the Qing Gang, but they accepted that.

They didnt think it was a big deal.

After all, gangs nowadays were different.

They used to do illegal things all the time, but now they were involved in legal businesses too.

Sometimes, they might still break the law, but they normally did it for a reason.

Chu Peihan was famous now, but she stayed modest, because acting was just her hobby.

She didnt join the entertainment industry for fame or money.

Only people who chase fame and money would become arrogant after becoming famous.

Shi Xiaoyue had also gained some fame during these two years, but she wasnt comparable to Chu Peihan.

She also didnt join the industry for fame or money, so she didnt think it was a big deal after she succeeded.

After all, she was born in a rich family.

If she wanted to be more important than other people, she could have done that earlier on.

Once Gu Ning arrived, they started to talk about Gu Ning.

After all, Gu Nings birthday was just around the corner, and they wanted to ask her about it.

Gu Ning would get the marriage certificate on her birthday, so she informed Hao Ran and her other friends.

She decided to hold the party at Xiaoyao Mountain Villa because it had a good environment and was very large.

It was her place too.

At that time, they could have a barbecue.

“Oh, I want to graduate too, but I have to study for one more year,” Chu Peihan said enviously.

She needed to study for four years in the academy, so there was one year left.

“You spend most of your time on shooting.

You dont need to have classes every day, but I plan to write the postgraduate qualification exam,” Song Miaoge said.

“Me too! I dont want to study any longer, but my family wants me to,” Zhang Zikai joined in.

She honestly didnt want to study any longer, although she could easily pass the postgraduate qualification exam.

She got bored in school.

“How about you two” Chu Peihan looked at Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

“We wont study longer, because we decided to get married after a year or two as well.

We need to fight for our future together after we graduate,” Mu Ke said.

“Right, Im already used to the work at Shenghua Real Estate.

I can formally join it after a few days.

As long as Ningning doesnt have a high standard of academic qualification, I dont think I need to study further in school.

Anyway, I still need to find a job after leaving school.

I think practice is more important,” Yu Mixi said.

“No, I dont have any requests for academic qualifications, as long as you can do the job well.

I think Mixis academic degree is enough,” Gu Ning replied.

If Yu Mixi wanted to be a postgraduate, Gu Ning wouldnt disagree, but she wouldnt continue studying.

She was happy that she had finally graduated.

Honestly, she didnt know what she could do with the degree!

In the blink of an eye, it was Gu Nings birthday.

The day before that, Mu Ke and her other friends arrived.

Gu Ning took them to have a meal and have fun then she arranged for them to stay in her hotel.

Because everyone wanted to watch her get the marriage certificate, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau early in the morning.

They were even earlier than Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

When they arrived, the Civil Affairs Bureau wasnt open yet.

When passers-by saw them standing outside, they thought the young group of people were going to get their marriage certificates!

They were in their twenties after all.

They werent kids, and they had grown up a lot.

“Ningning is getting married.

Mu Ke and Mixi are a couple.

Peihan also has a boyfriend, but were still single,” Hao Ran said.

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