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2887 You Scared Him

Hearing Leng Shaotings words, everyone laughed again.

Tang Yunfan and Gu Man were now able to accept the reality that their daughter was going to marry into another family.

During these two years, Leng Shaoting treated them as his own parents.

Leng Shaoting had fewer tasks to do these two years, so he went back to City B to visit the Tang family with Gu Ning once in a while.

He also called the Tang family when he had time to exchange greetings, so they felt his care and love for them.

He was like another son for the Tang family.

At the graduation ceremony, Gu Ning went on the stage to give a speech as the representative of the students.

She wasnt just the most outstanding student of this year, but throughout history.

She had the highest scores and even became the youngest successful businesswoman.

Everyone looked at her with admiration, and only a few were jealous of her, but no one could deny the fact that she was extremely impressive.

That was the reason why some people were jealous of her.

After all, nobody would be jealous of an ordinary person.

When the graduation ceremony was over, they left together.

The romantic story between Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting was soon spread among the other students.

After rapid development, the Shengning Organization was totally different after two years.

Everyone witnessed its fast and steady uprise, and Gu Ning had already become a legend in the business world.

Two years ago, shopping malls, hotels, and real estate owned by the Shengning Organization were still under construction.

They were finished a year later.

After being managed and sold, they made profits and enriched the Shengning Organization.

Her other companies in other industries also expanded all over the country and even the world and were extremely profitable.

Moreover, after half a year, the Dai family had completely replaced the Chang family.

The Yuan family was heavily hit, so they kept a low profile these two years.

Anyway, they were still one of the four major families in the capital, but they ranked after the Dai family.

The Dai family had received a lot of help from the Leng family.

The Leng family had helped them gain many interests and had even saved their lives.

Therefore, although the Dai family hadnt joined the Leng familys faction, they quickly formed a close relationship with them.

Accordingly, the Leng family was much more powerful than before although they kept the same status.

In addition, Wei Lingfeng won the new election and was still the president.

When Gu Ning and the others were back at the Leng familys house, the Leng family and Tang family, as well as Shangguan Yang, Jiang Liluo, and Si Jin were present.

They came to congratulate Gu Ning on her graduation.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked inside, they greeted the seniors, then sat down and chatted with them.

Once they were seated, Tang Jiayu got rid of Tang Yunfans arms again and ran to Gu Ning with his arms wide open.

“Ningning, give me a hug.”

He needed to walk by Leng Shaoting towards Gu Ning, so he suddenly stopped before Leng Shaoting.

He stared at Leng Shaoting with his round, beautiful big eyes, and seemed scared.

Leng Shaoting reached his hands to Tang Jiayu and asked, “Do you want a hug”

Tang Jiayu immediately turned around and ran back to Tang Yunfan.

He didnt dare to ask Gu Ning for a hug again.

Seeing that, everyone laughed.

Gu Ning joked, “You scared him!”

Leng Shaoting felt innocent.

“I didnt shout at him!”

“He knows that you stole me away from him, so he dislikes you.” Gu Ning joked again.

“Ha-ha, Ha-ha.”

Everyone was amused.

“Its possible.

Hes little, but he knows a lot.”


Maybe he feels stressed in front of you.

Hes too little to bear the pressure, so he dislikes you.

Kids are sensitive.”


They talked about the reason, but Leng Shaoting didnt know what to say.

“If so, will Shaotings kids dislike his hug as well” Jing Yunyao asked all of a sudden.

Upon hearing that, Leng Shaoting was displeased.

If his own kids didnt want him to hug them, he would be unhappy!

“Perhaps his own kids are different.

After all, theyre related by blood!” Yu Yin said.

“Thats hard to say.

Shaoting is so busy.

Hes rarely home and kids might think hes a stranger,” Jiang Shuyuan said.

After two years, Jiang Shuyuan gradually joined them, and now she could get along with the other members.

“Youre right.” Jing Yunyao agreed.

Leng Shaoting was even more upset.

He was indeed very busy and could seldom see Gu Ning normally.

In that case, their kids would really regard him as a stranger.

Suddenly, he wasnt so eager to have a kid right now.

At this moment, Leng Shaoming walked in with Zhan Zhiyin.

About half a year ago, they got married and Zhan Zhiyin was already three months pregnant.

Seeing Zhan Zhiyin, Jiang Shuyuan stood up to support her at once.

Jiang Shuyuan really had a big change.

In the past, she wouldnt be so kind even if she liked her daughter-in-law because she was too arrogant, but now she cared about Zhan Zhiyin and wouldnt interfere in their life.

If there was anything she didnt approve of, she would just keep her distance.

No one was perfect.

It was very normal to have disagreements between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or mother and daughter, only Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao got along with each other as friends.

They had basically the same character and both were very smart and considerate, so it wasnt difficult for them to have a good relationship.

Because they shared the same values, they wouldnt argue even if one of them did something bad in other peoples opinion.

At the end of last year, Leng Shaoming was transferred to work in the capital, so now Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin spent most of their time at the Leng familys house.

Though they would sometimes go to stay in their own apartment.

As a young couple, they needed their private time.

In the Leng familys house, there were too many people.

It was full of activity, so it was sometimes noisy.

During these two years, not only did Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin get married, Xu Qinyin and Tang Qingyang also got married about a year ago.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying, and Si Ming and Qiu Yuxin were engaged too.

They planned to get married next year, but the date wasnt settled yet.

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